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lets do 7 days SS-ing together!!


has started again!!
With apologies to Mrs Roch over on the CD forum (I pinched her idea!!), lets all of us who are struggling on this diet tryto keep each other ging, if just for the next seven days.

I have had another lousy day today, & hating myself for it, so if anyone wants to join me from tomorrow I'd be happy to hear from you!

I will post as soon as I get home from work, and try to keep you all in moind during my danger "fixing the kids meal" time.... Thats what did me in yet again today. I feel a gain will be evident onthe scales this Thur at my WI and am dreading it...
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Talks too much
great idea, i have been 100% since yday morning but im really struggling now. im at work and there is a pizza shop right across the road, and im kinda hungry and i would love a pizza but im on minimins to help me resist!
Good luck girls! I would be in but will be away from Friday to Monday so will not be able to get online for support. Going away for a girlie weekend... Have already packed my foodpacks and plan to abstain but a little worried I'll cave in. Will definitley let you know how I got on when I get back though!
What a great idea

Count me in please Sez. I am really struggling. Went out for a chinese last night! All you can eat buffet but I did not well could not actually eat as much as I used to.

What a great idea - just what I need.

So are we to post on an evening to let everyone know how we are doing?

Sounds great to me guys! I met up with a couple of the girls from my class on Saturday and a "do" and we had all lapsed! My class is tonight, and my hubby is away tonight in Bristol, the first thing on my mind was, "What can I have to eat when he's not around?" - Nooooooo!!!!

Just come in to work and the lady on reception was soooo complimentary, she said she didn't recognise me, so why do I want to sabotage it by eating everything in sight??!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:


Taking it Day by Day
Hi Sez!
I would love to join you on this challenge. I have been lurking and following your threads as I am struggling myself lately (as I have posted in my diary, which I started exactly for that reason...).

So here goes, today I have had one coffe and a litre of water, no packs yet. I will wait for as long as possible until I have my first one, as afternoon and evenings are my worst times so the more I can have then the better...


Taking it Day by Day
Hi Greenockgal!

That is exactly what I want to do lately everytime someone mentions the "new me". It really hurts me when people say "oh, you're a completely different person" and I just want to shout "NOOOO, I am still me, only slimmer" and the weird feeling of wanting to eat because of it. Maybe the underlying signal I get is "sure it must be ok to eat now, as I am a "new person". The mind is a strange thing indeed.

Makes me wonder how people did perceive me before. I am working hard at just taking it for what it is meant to be "a compliment". I suppose people eventually will run out of things to say, as the new me will become the normality.


has started again!!
Hi everyone! Just in from work & so far so good today. One pack, 2.5 litres water, and one Bouillon so far. About to have a cupn of Red Bush and a bar, before I take Sadie to her swimming lesson. Then when I get back, about 6.45, I will have two packs left!

now is my danger time, so wish me luck!

Great to have you all one board!


Taking it Day by Day
great to hear you're doing well so far Sez!!
I actually did it today!!! I am currently (11.00pm) on my last pack, had 4.5 litres of water and will very well just go to bed after posting here, so i actually did it!!!!

I had a little wobble in the afternoon, as like you Sez I find this the hardest time to deal with, preparing dinner, homework, stress, noise and so on... but today I just managed to hang in there for one more hour and eventually even forgot to have my third pack until way after 6pm.

Hope everyone else managed today and all the best for tomorrow!!
Is this starting today, if so count me in - if it started yesterday whoops! - I did go to the shop on my way to work this morning to get a chocolate cornflake bar but they hadn't got any so that's good - my excuse? my blender was in the dishwasher being washed so couldn't have a shake this morning, but got to work and used my hand blender and had a vanilla shake!



Taking it Day by Day
How is everyone doing??
I managed to abstain yesterday, probably helped by my tummy bug. i actually for the first time since doing LL almost forgot a foodpack, and had to climb out of bed at 10pm to make myself a soup...
I am drinking like a bucket with a hole today (almost 3 litres down), I must have dehydrated yesterday even though I did have the 4 litres and had one foodpack so far.
Hope you're doing ok!!


has started again!!
Whoops forgot to log on yesterday! Bl**dy awful day, emotionally & food wise....

Today better food wise, so far ok. Been very teary & unhappy to day. Just about as low as I can be.

I just hate this diet so much.