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Let's Get Skinny

I've decided to bite the bullet, and yesterday I ordered a bumper pack of shakes and bars.

I signed up to WW back in March, and although I technically lost 1/2st, it was the same couple lbs I kept losing. So I decided to cancel my account. Really wasn't impressed with the Pro Points system!
I was hoping that spending £30 on a membership might spur me on to stick to the diet but that idea failed miserably.

So I'm really hoping that spending £100 might make me commit to the diet. For me, I'll only initially be doing this diet for 23 days, as I'm allergic to beetroot colouring which is in the Strawberry milkshake. Kind of annoying that I can't switch them, but I emailed Exante, and they didn't offer a substitution. Booo! :sigh:

All in all, I'd like to lose 3.5 stone, which would take me to the thinnest I've ever been. Judging by the losses on here, I reckon that it's rather do-able!!

I won't be starting til Wed as my parcel won't arrive until Tuesday.

I'm very excited about doing Exante, but also slightly apprehensive.
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This website is not good for my degree! I'm that wrapped up in reading all your comments and success stories, that I'm completely neglecting my uni work. :eek:

Oh well. At least it's keeping me enthusiastic for when I start Exante :D


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Easy to get on here and get completely lost in threads but that's the joy of it.

Congrats on the decision to jump on the exante wagon you won't regret it! x

(Pop the strawberry ones on a well known auction site they'll soon sell x)
Exante is coming tomorrow!! Woop woop! Bring on Wednesday! (Although I'm supposed to be getting my feet eaten by fish on Wednesday, so that makes me a little less excited lol)
good luck with it all! i hope you do fantastic, were both wanting the same goal just lucky your at a smaller start weight then me! xxx
Thanks thisdelicatebalance! Hope your diet is going well too :)

My packs arrived :-D My brother pulled a sicky so was able to answer the door. (He didn't ring in sick just so he could answer the door by the by) Woohoo!

The strawberry shakes are already up on the 'well known auction website' as well, so hopefully they will be out of my life forever in a weeks time. Yay!

Tonight is my last night of food. I'm quite relieved if I'm honest. Going to be nice not having to think of what to eat.

I have to say I'm quite impressed with the size of the Exante bars! They actually look substantial. Going to have that for my lunch me thinks. Easier than negotiating a shake.

So all I have to say is bring on tomorrow!
good luck mrs! ill warn you now the first few days the bars taste like crap, but then you get into them, i really like them now, just drink lots and lots of water, the first few days are the hardest, but everyones in the same boat! xxxx
So it has begun. First shake done. I had the vanilla. Wasn't actually that bad, although i think i'll need ice in it in the future! Not that dissimilar to slimfast - just a little less sweet.

I actually feel rather full.

Right, need to get ready to go to work!


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Welcome.....How's your first day going? :)
It's actually going quite well! I have to say that the chocolate and orange bar is quite yummy!

I'm way behind on the drinking aspect, but that's because I haven't had chance to! So that's tonight's task.

I have to say my tummy is rumbling at the minute, but it's not uncomfortable. Going to have a shake in the minute. I forgot to put water in the fridge, so it's in there now cooling. Wasn't 'down' with the not very cold shake this morning. lol. Might need to make some ice cubes...

How's your dieting challenge going?
After 5pm is definitely a lot more tricky. I almost caved, but managed to resist. My parents are on holiday, and my brother was clearly trying to hint at me to suggest a McDonald's or something for tea, and that I'd have to pay. But I managed to resist (just!)

Even after my shake for 'tea' I still felt really hungry. But I had a Coke Zero, and the hunger pangs have subsided.

Just need to remember that this isn't forever... Can't believe I'm saying things like this, and day 1 isn't even over yet!
So day 1 is done. Ended up having a 4th shake (well 3 in toal and 1 bar). It got to 9 pm and i was ravenous. Thought it was better to have an exante shake rather than a proper wobble and eating something i shouldn't.

I've heard that the chocolate shake is a bit icky, so this morning i used half a sachet of vanilla and have chocolate. MUCH better. Found it quite yummy!

Going to have a sneaky WI tomorrow to keep me on the straight and narrow. Don't think i've lost anything yet, but it has only been a day!

Anyway, work time. Booooo!!
Oh dear :-(

I've slipped up. Grrrr!! How can you slip up on day 2?!

I am of course going to make excuses. This includes the fact that I've lot a going on at the moment. The little boy I work with has been acting up a LOT, and I received a nice headbutt on Tuesday :-(
I had an essay for my MSc due last week and another one due next Tuesday. I then received an email from my tutor today saying I hadn't contacted him about my proposed field work (the study isn't even being carried out!) and I was like 'I HAVEN'T HAD TIME'!!!!!!

In addition to this, I received a letter from Canterbury Christ last week inviting me for interview for a PGCE course. As I hadn't had any decent results from my application at the end of 2010, I'd moved on from the idea of going to uni in September, and now it might be a possibility again. I am also desperately trying to avoid signing a contract with my current job. I don't want to tell them about the interview as it's so close to the end of term and I don't want to say no the job just in case I don't get in to uni. It's a very complicated situation! This is only a little bit of the whole job/uni saga.

My parents are on holiday, so my brother and I have been left to run the house.

So basically, as you all know, you have to be in the right head space to diet, and frankly I don't even have time to think about losing weight (the time I have been using is just a result of procrastination from uni work). Of course, I won't be giving up, but might just have to wait a week or two. I have friends from uni coming down at the end of next week as we're going to see Glee in London :D, so that will entail 2 days of meals with them.

After spending £100 on the products, I don't want to use them half-heartedly as it's money down the drain.


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That's a shame but you are right..... you need to be in the right frame of mind for such a drastic diet. Sounds like you have a lot of important decisions to make and loads going on......... good luck and we'll all be here to welcome you back when your Exante head's back on :)
That's a shame but you are right..... you need to be in the right frame of mind for such a drastic diet. Sounds like you have a lot of important decisions to make and loads going on......... good luck and we'll all be here to welcome you back when your Exante head's back on :)
Life resumes normality on 15th July, so that's D-day I reckon. In the meantime, I'm going to start cutting down my food, so it's less of a shock to the body :)

I'll keep watching everyone's amazing progress on here to keep me going :D
In such Exante turmoil lol.

I see all your amazing losses, and I know that I have all the stuff sitting right there that can make me lose weight, yet I'm not in the right headspace at the moment to go through with the diet. It's very frustrating. Although on the plus side, I've lost 1lb lol.
Woop woop! Strawberry shakes sold :)

Well my 1.5lb weight loss was brief. Think I got carried away with the eating.

So frustrating. Why can't I just find the motivation to lose weight?! I feel like the size of a whale this evening. Grrrr!!
Hey Csl... I'm in a very similar position to you... I started exante way back in March I think and I managed 1 day 100% before falling off the wagon. Was so annoyed at myself and the products have been sat there for months now - think of all the weight I could have lost in that time - grrr!! Anyway, I'm really ready to get back to it now but lots of social events keep coming up (which I've decided I will be driving to and drinking coke zero) but work are now also sending me off 2 days next week to places where lunch is provided and I'll be expected to do some networking... Not sure that sitting with a bar (or nothing if I munch my bar in private) will look too great. So that will be another week gone for me when I can't see 7 days easily for 100%

I'm thinking I just have to make it a priority and get on with it - social events will just have to be a bit different for a few months, but with the losses we can achieve we could be looking and feeling amazing in that timescale! I think it's great that you've identified a date - wishing you lots of luck for when the time comes and keep us posted on your progress!! xx

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