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  1. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Hello everyone,

    The first time I did this diet the forum was very busy and we all got to know each other. The forum kept us going. So please introduce yourself and I'm sure we will all have other things in common and can support each other.

    My name is Jesi, I'm 33 years old mother of one. I've just started, Day 3 today and it's a restart for me. I first started this diet when I was waiting for my fertility treatment and needed to lose 10kgs. I started at 78kgs and went down to 68kgs and was able to start my treatment. After several months on treatment I finally got pregnant and had a little girl April 2012. She will be 2 years old in 2 months. Now I'm due to start fertility treatment again and I weigh 81kgs. I need to go down to at least 75kgs in 3 weeks. Hospitals have rules about BMI's for fertility.

    I wanted to tell you all a bit about me because it helps to know someone from the forum so it's all familiar when posting on same pages. Last time I was on here it was very busy and there were lots of us and we all knew each other. My closest buddy was on this diet for 6 months and she lost 2/3 of her body weight. My tips for success on this diet is, keep busy, post on the forum and don't let your mind sabotage you. Once you stop don't think you can come back to it as restarting is 10 times harder then the first time. Once you get going and your in ketosis and fat is being burned just keep going. It gets easier as the days go on. I've always found that I was more energetic when I was on this diet. My only problem is water, I think it's the key to the diet but I struggle with it. I did try other diets but nothing compares to Lipotrim. It's what works for me.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. Please don't read and go without saying hello. I hope the diet is treating you all good :)))

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  3. jackie4

    jackie4 Member

    Hi my name is jackie .I'm married and have 4 kids. The reason I'm on lipotrim is i stopped smoking and put a lot of weight on. I'm now on day 3 x
  4. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Hi Jackie, I'm an ex smoker too. I actually gave up at the same time as starting Lipotrim so I was battling two things. It worked out so I know it can be done. Well done on giving up hun that is great. You will struggle in the next 2 days so keep strong xxx
  5. jackie4

    jackie4 Member

    Thank you jesi it was really hard the first 2 day's but today I'm actually fine and have energy which is a surprise lol. You must have a very strong will power to do both things at the same time xx
  6. LindaWms

    LindaWms Full Member

    Hi Jesi & Jackie,
    I am Linda aged 63 but very young at heart and feel 33. I have one son who is married and has 3 children. Ashleigh 14, Eloise (Ellie) 10 and Stanley 4.
    They are the centre of my universe. I am day 8 of starting Lipotrim. I too struggle with drinking so much water but have devised a plan. I have 250ml water before a shake, the shake, and then drink 500ml (in a bottle) between each shake which gets me to 3 litres. Any tea/coffee in between is a bonus. It would be lovely to keep in touch to see each others progress
  7. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Hi Linda, well done on getting past your first week, when I tried to restart before I didn't drink much water and in 2 weeks I only lost 1.5kg. So I now know that water is vital. I think I will try to do what you have devised with water consumption. We only drink bottled water at home and to my surprise my husband came home with small bottled water last night saying the shops were out of the larger ones. I think this is going to be good for me. As for your age, my diet buddy before was near to your age and she did this for over 6 months and lost 2/3 of her body weight. She ended up being a petit slim gorgeous woman. All we need is motivation and support. Nice to meet you hun xxx
  8. jackie4

    jackie4 Member

    Hi lindawms your doing great I'm not doing to bad with the water atm i buy a 5 litres of water and manage half of it plus I am a big tea aholic lol x I'm finding it hard with food cause I still have to cook for the family but so far been able to resist lolx
  9. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Another thing I find hard is feeding my 2 year old. I have the plate in my hand and it takes ages so I have nice smelling food in my hand under my nose for ages lol. I don't need to cook for my husband as he is a waiter and eats at work before he comes home. I think that's been a life saver.
  10. chunkychops

    chunkychops Silver Member

    Welcome back Jesi xx

    Good luck with wk 1 - it is harder when you've got little ones to look after...although the start of this wk (2) I think im becoming a feeder lol

    And also good luck with the water intake...hardest thing about this diet but we know it works and you've got a lovely goal to aim for :D

    Happy shaking, look forward to following your progress (you are right..forum is much much quieter now :sigh:)

    Take Care
    Sally xx
  11. jackie4

    jackie4 Member

    Hopefully as the days go on it will get easier lol x
  12. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Hi Sally hun, Thank you for joining us. Great to have you here too. Let's hope we can all stick together and get rid of some extras lol
  13. tigger22

    tigger22 Silver Member

    Hello girls ,
    Welcome to all , my name is cathriona I'm 40 . I am also married and I have 2 boys age 14 and 12 , my second boy has special needs and is also a wheelchair user, I had my 5 the weigh in today and lost a measley 1 lb. ,,that said I'm badly constipated , t.m.i, lol . I did this diet 3 years ago and lost 4 .5 stone And I felt great , unfortunately I gained about 2 stone again , so far I've lost 20lb so I'll be here for another 4-5 weeks all going well. I'm doing this diet for me and my children, I firmly believe that if mammy is happy so are the kids , plus my little boy is getting older so I'll have to be fitter to be able to lift him etc ... I'm always checking on this , so if anyone has a question or just feeling at breaking point I'm here , we can do this ha
    Tigger xxx
  14. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Hi Tigger hun nice to meet you, your an inspiration as a mum because you know that being fit and healthy is also benefiting your children because you need to look after them. I totally agree that being happy in yourself also positively effects our children. I'm hoping we can all reach our goals xxx
  15. jackie4

    jackie4 Member

    Hi tigger as jesi said it's nice to meet you. I have been on this site for only a couple of days but this post seems to be the busiest lol x
  16. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Another thing that keeps me busy and my mind off food is the Arcade on this site. I play the games a lot, there are some good ones to get hooked on lol.
  17. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Hi I'm Allanah,

    I'm a 22 and a social work student at Salford University, doing my masters and currently on placement. I am in the middle of week 7, and I'm about 3lbs off loosing 3 stone! Unfortunately I went out for my birthday last week. Was picking Monday and I'm still not in ketosis even though we are almost at Friday. Don't think I am going to loose and to be honest think I will gain because of Monday and stuff... BUT am determined to loose. I plan to come off about a week after Easter and reefed and maintain by mid May :) hopeful thinking! I have a goal weight but thats more of a guide, it really depends on how I look when I come off. I need to loose it on my arms, middle and thighs the most. I begin exercise next week. The reason for me wanting to loose is because I have seen a wedding dress I LOVE!! I also go to Florida for three weeks in August this year so I want to be fit, healthy and look good in pictures :p
  18. tigger22

    tigger22 Silver Member

    True this does seem to be the busiest post I have to say only for this forum I don't know if I'd last the pace ,lol my hubby is doing this diet too and his lost 2stone 2 lb in 5 week, , and I really can see the difference in him as my said today 2 stone is a lot to lose
  19. tigger22

    tigger22 Silver Member

    O allanah you will love Florida we went last year for my sons make a wish and we really enjoyed , but it was really hot , thank god I lost the weight , I hope I don't take to long to get into ketosis , I tried to make wise choices only had veg & protein and 1 slice of low gi bread tonight but I'm straight back on it in the morning , I need to focus lol
  20. miss_VCG

    miss_VCG Member

    Hi Fellow Lipotrimers!
    My Names Victoria, I live in a seaside resort called Southport, Not too far from Liverpool. I'm 24 and i'm a manager for Boots. I'm a mum of one, he's a four legged, four month old pup! This is my third week on lipotrim. I lost 8.5lbs the first week and 5.5lbs the second.
    This week has been the hardest for me, fed up with it all, I get weighed at the Pharmacy tomorrow but my scales at home say i've only lost 2.5lbs and I really need to go to the toilet but I can't!!
    I started at 17st 12.5lbs. I am currently 16st 12.5lbs. I am going on a fab holiday to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bali and Thailand on the 29th of May and I will be seeing my sister who lives in Australia who I haven't seen for a year so I really want to be 13 stones but Not sure if I am going to be able to do that! Might be more like 14 stones but hey, its better than what I started at! I haven't told my sister I am on lipotrim so I would love her jaw to hit the floor when she see's me! haha.
    If anyone has any tips on the toilet situation I would be very grateful!
  21. LindaWms

    LindaWms Full Member

    Hi everyone, had quite a busy day yesterday but feel much better for it. I am definitely a feeder. I love cooking for hubby when on a diet. I seem to get satisfaction just cooking, whilst he gets the rewards. He is one of those people I hate who eat like a horse and never put weight on. Lately I only have to think about food and I put it on. Still I am feeling quite chirpy today. It is lovely to hear from you all. Hope we can inspire and support each other in achieving our goals.
    Good luck for today folks. Linda

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