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I Know I am not alone in valuing Debbie's posts, advice and support as some of the very best around. I also know she is very down tonight. So, come on WeMITTS, lets show Debbie just how much she really means to all of us. Lets let her know that we have absolute faith in her. She is going to reach her goal,she has worked so hard and we are all so proud of her. So lets have a shout out for debbie - ' you can do it Debbie, don't lose heart, you are an inspiration'!:)
Please cheer up you are such an inspiration to us all and we are all sending you our love.
If i was a techy i would send you a huge smiley but you will just have to picture it in your head (sorry)
It will pass as soon as it came so hang in there and use some of that invaluable information you have.

Sending you (((((((((HUGE)))))))))) debbie, you really have come so far and as barb says you're a great inspiration for everyone here
What's up with Debbie?? Hope she's ok!

I must say.. her before and after photos are soooo inspirational!!! as is her acheivements as far as education go!! I wish more people "lived for the day!!!"
Hey honey - what's up? Been out at class this evening. Anyway, just wanted to say what a valued member of Minimins you are, and an major inspiration to many. Let us support and encourage you the way you have us xx
Debbie, I have posted on the general thread.
I put a pound on, in week 22, and I can remember how I felt - like you do now probably. Then, the next week, I lost 6lbs - doing exactly the same. It's not fat, it's water, Debbie. PLEASE come and "talk" to us tomorrow.
love and hugs,
Ann xxx
Hi Debbie,

Cheer up hon! - Just think of all the amazing things you've done since you started this diet! Your course, the theme park & merry go round, the walks down the beach and all the great things you're doing now because of the weight you've lost. You'll never stand & watch from the sidelines EVER again. Staying the same can ONLY be water retention, on the calories you're on IT ISN'T POSSIBLE it's anything else!

Chin up & smile for all your friends on here!


Love Anja xxxx
OMG just seen this :eek: . Debbie hope your feeling better today. You've done so well since I saw you last and before. Your a truly beautiful person chin up chuck.

Kamilla xxx
Debbie - you are always there for anyone who is feeling down - now please - let us be there for you now it's your turn!

We all have low points in the diet - it's entirely normal - and they will disappear as soon as they arrive. Just relax and go with the flow of your emotions, darling!!

I really hope that you feel loads better today!

Lots of love
Hi everyone
I first read this response to my 'down' post last night and couldn't reply because I was in tears ... but after the earlier tears of disappointment, these tears were because I could see people cared about how I was feeling and that's a very humbling experience. I can't believe how fantastic you wonderful people are and I'm honoured and privileged to 'know' each and very one of you.

To fill you all in, I only lost 1lb this week after having only lost 2lb last week and 2lb the week before. Coupled with some other stuff that's going on in my life right now, it was literally 'the last straw' and I plunged down to a very low point.

You're so right Mini when you say this is such a head game and my head was telling me some pretty awful things last night. But I've managed to pull myself up (a little) with the help of my wonderful buddies here on Minimins and will plough on .... I mean, what's the alternative anyway? :)

I've nervously decided to have a go at my first ever AAM week in the hope that it'll give my metabolism the kick it needs to 'do something' again as it seems to have gone to sleep! I'm hoping it won't do something awful: I have this horrible image of getting on the scales next Thursday and seeing a half a stone gain!! That would really be the cherry on the low-fat cake!!

Anyway, Russiandoll is back - a little emotionally bruised - but ready to blow her nose and carry on.

Many, many thanks to you all for your kind words of support. Huge hugs all round.

Hi debbie,hun u r such an inspiration to me and so many of us,u have done so well and always got a smaile on your face and always around to offer help and support to everybody.
Now its your turn for us to show u how much we appreciate u and for us to be there for u.
Sending u ((((((((((((((((((((((((bighugs)))))))))))))))))))))
and loads of positive vivbes,enjoy your aam week,have agood day xxxxxx
Hooray! I knew you wouldn't be down for long! I think the AAm week is a really good idea, even on conventional diets the bod seems to get used to the reduction of food and plays silly buggers, then if you ring the changes the weight loss often gets going again. I am so glad you feel a little better, I know you aren't quite your usual self but you have made SUCH progress Debbie, you must not lose sight of it. And I know it was only a lb, but it is still a loss - it isn't a gain or a staying still.
Anyway, great to have you back, loads of love and hugs, Barb xxxxxxxxxx
I've only just caught up with this thread too - and just want to send the lovely Debbie lots of love and mega-hugs too. I know how often you've said what an inspiration I am to you .. but that can't even come close to the way I feel about you!

Your wisdom, love and thoughtfulness to others when they need your support leaves me feeling humbled .. and just damn grateful that there are people like you out there!

Doing an AAM week is a good idea I think, even if it is scary to you. I just hate to think of anyone being 'scared' of food when none of us will have the SS protection blanket around us indefinitely and have to adjust to 'real' food someday - and sooner rather than later in my opinion. After all, you have the rest of your life to think about - and I truly believe you can enjoy life, good/sensible food and still be slim :)

My experience of both AAM week and the odd diet break is that it DOES kick-start my metabolism and I find I lose more in the following week than normal. I don't know how that works, or whether it's the same for everyone, but just maybe the body gets used to 'starvation mode' and the weightloss slows down accordingly.

I lost 2 lbs last week, just 1 lb the week before - but this week has been 3 lbs. There's no rhyme or reason to it .. it just the way your body functions I guess - but the diet will always work if you trust it and let it do it's job (and that includes AAM :) ).

Much love to you, darling
Just seenthis post and wanted to send all my love and support. Good luck with your AAM week - it is probably just what your body needs. And you wont put lots of weight on so dont worry :)

Glad to have you back - maybe a litle bruised and battered but ready to get on with things. :) xx
Hiya Debbie

Just wanted to throw all my support to ya girl... you really are a true inspiration, every time i look at your before and after pics i am amazed... you have done brilliantly so keep it up... ya know you want to :) :) :) :)

lots of love

Gen xx
Debbie I hope you are feeling a little less down today, Im sorry I didnt catch this post earlier to SHOUT OUT MY APPRECIATION TO YOU.

You helped me so much in the early days and your photos are such an inspiration to me.

You can do this, its probably them bluddy hormones thats slowing everything. AAM week will be scary for you at first but I have come to look forward to mine, I dont lose as much that week but the week after Im rocking, as much as 6lbs off. Im sure this will kick start everything again.

Much Love to you, and will be thinking of you always x