Failure is not an Option
Hi everybody doing Lighterlife.
Just introduced myself in New Persons category so Ive come across here to the right Forum. It's quite confusing at first isn't it.

I have come across to this Forum from DH on the insistance of another of my Group members who says it is better.

Got weighed at last night's meeting and lost another 3lbs making it 40lbs in 9 weeks it would have been nice to have got to my 3 stone mark but hey ho we are never satisfied are we?

It was interesting at last night's meeting because after watching the DVD, our Counseller goes round the room person by person to see how they have done. There was three people who had slightly lapsed on the programme by going on holidays and it was thought provoking and frightening at the same time but alot of what was said has stuck in my head. So hopefully if this happens to me on my holiday in October I will know what to do and tackle it.

Hope I can get to know you lot out there pretty well now and I also hope to get inspiration and also offer it to other people for the remainder of my journey with Lighterlife.

Toogle Oohhhhhhhhh


Hi Carolyne

I'm at a very similar point to you - I've been doing LL for 7 weeks and have lost 42.5lbs (isn't it crazy how important the 0.5 is?).

Its the same in my group - lots of people have been on holiday and all have eaten, although some have stuck to LL better than others. I'm going on my hols in just under two weeks and since the start have been determined to SS whilst away.........however....... just recently my chatterbox has been having a right go at why I should be able to eat. Its really only the feedback from the group that keeps me being determined to do it (today anyway!) - not one of them has said "I ate, I controlled it, I got straight back onto SS easily". All have at least found it hard to get back onto. I just keep trying to tell myself that I'm not going on holiday to eat - sometimes this appears to work better than others!

Hi Chobe
Pleased to meet you. I'll look out for you.
Yeah I understand your dilema for your holidays, Im quite lucky in that we're not going away this summer term but are having a later holiday instead on 19th October in Egypt. I should have done the 100 days then, although I think I won't have lost all my weight by then so I might have to go on development. It is an all inclusive hotel so Im going to be wasting alot of money by not eating. I'll have to review it beforehand and evaluate what I have lost upto then. If it is around 4 stone, I might just come off the programme for 2 weeks and eat plenty of salads and protein like fish.

Although the people who came back last night from holiday who have ate, 1 lost 11lbs, 1 gained 1lb from being away 4 weeks, and the other one lost 2lbs I think so I don't think it is the end of the world if you eat. The problem is when you get back home is getting back on the Plan and being SS.

Ive also got my brother's wedding on 22nd September which I am going to have to eat otherwise I will stick out like a sore thumb on the top table with my little foodpacks and blender.

I have found if you know the event is coming up think ahead of what your going to do and if you keep to you plan you are so proud of yourself.

Take care.


I had half a day off work yesterday and went to choose an outfit to wear for my brother's posh wedding on 22nd September. Under normal circumstances this would have been a trip I would dread, trudging around all the "Big Shops", making do with a tent shape dress, getting all hot and sweaty in the changing rooms.................. not this trip.
I went into a posh local department store in Bolton that stock all the designer makes. I started off trying on 20's but they drowned me. Then started to go for the 18's and they too drowned me, so I had to start on the 16's. There was absolutely loads of choice and tried on 8 possibilities all £300+ but once I tried the outfit on from Calvin Cleine I just knew that was the one. I felt a million dollars. Don't get me wrong I still didn't like what I saw in the long mirrors in the changing rooms but it was better than I was before I embarked on Lighterlife and the fact Im in a 16's dress is an achievement in itself. It was a shopping trip that I will always remember and it was a pleasureable experience.

After me and my Mum purchased the outfit we went to a local hat hire shop and finished the outfit off with a dark chocolate huge hat with a big bow on it and tall delicate feathers.

I am on cloud 9 this morning so pleased that I have got this outfit off my mind. I left it to the last minute just in case I fell by the wayside, but absolutely no chance of that now.

Taking my hubby and three kids for a couple of days to Scarborough tomorrow Afternoon for a little treat. Hope the weather is kind to us. Will take food packs and blender and be absolutely 100% perfect plus do alot of walking which will help.

Have a nice Bank Holiday everybody whose reading this.
Awwwww Carolyne I am so very pleased for you!

What a tremendous feeling to be able to buy a `normal` outfit for your brothers big day and to not feel like a freak or be forced to buy just any old outfit because it happens to fit so will have to do!

Please remember to take some photo's of yourself in the outfit as your half way marker and when you post your pics for inspiration we can see them.

I don't know about you, but when I started this I can clearly remember saying that I will be happy as a comfortable size 16, but not that that target is looming closer, I think I will be moving the goal posts again.

When is the wedding? Have you decided what to do about SSing or eating yet?

Remember to make any decisions in an Adult Ego State and you will do just fine.
Hey that is absolutely brilliant! I am dead chuffed for you, I hope the outfit was a little tight though because you will probably have lost another 12 - 16 lbs by then as you have such a fab loss!

I got a top from Per Una - I started to text you I was so excited but someone called in between and I couldn't be bothered again. I am so going to be the best dressed person in the world a couple of more stone down!

I am so made up for you - this was a real issue for you at the information day!
Hi Carolyne

Thats wonderful news - standing on the scales feels good, but it really is the fabulousness of having more choice and smaller sizes fitting that makes it seem real somehow. Completely agree with Shadow - would love to see some photos.

Our counsellor has suggested that if we have a big event coming up to write down an 'eating plan' - so to actually decide what we're going to allow ourselves to have in advance - 2 glasses of wine, protein but no carbs etc. I guess its about setting boundries around the adult decision to eat and not allowing a binge to happen. The act of writing it down makes it more of a commitment to ourselves. Maybe this is something that would help with the wedding. I was slightly dubious about whether this would work, but I've done one for my holiday and all of a sudden my chatterbox has shut up and I don't even think I want to eat any more! Obviously time will tell, but its done the trick in the short term as I'm no longer beating myself up over potentially eating on hols.


I thought I'd leave you a quick note here - I'm not going to be at the meeting on Monday night as I am heading down to London to see the Solicitors for first thing Tuesday morning - I would have to be up at about 4 in the morning so am going to stay overnight on Monday.

I have told our LLC - will you fill me in if I miss anything? I am going on Saturday to pick up the packs.

Hi Flopster

Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I haven't had time to go onto Minimums site or DH site been away over weekend at Scarborough and had yesterday afternoon off work to look after kids.

Got your text message though. Well done on your 3lbs loss. You are certainly catching up now girl aren't you. It's strange you are losing more now later in the diet than you did initially which is usually the other way round. No matter though as long as it's coming off.

There was only about 6 of us there on Monday night. Bernie, Me, Jo, Jackie, Linda and Sue. It was quite good because we got through alot. The talk was on the Games Triangle, and what role you acted on either as Persecutor, Rescurer or Victim. Its quite self explanatory in the book if you get time to read it but she did say that because alot were away she would go over it again next week.

You keep strong and have another good week - see you Monday night.

The talk was on the Games Triangle, and what role you acted on either as Persecutor, Rescurer or Victim. Its quite self explanatory in the book if you get time to read it but she did say that because alot were away she would go over it again next week.

That was one of the subjects that didn't 'speak' to me immediately but boy does it speak to me now :rolleyes:
It sounds as if I missed a good session this week. I need to find time to read the book, struggling at the moment. Your weight loss is inspirational (as I keep telling you).

Speak soon.
I was naughty tonight but I made a choice :p

As you might know, I wanted to lose 2.2 lbs on Monday's weigh in to get to 4.5stone in 100 days.

Instead I retained water (I haven't cheated) and put on 1lb :mad:

Tonight I went to my mum's house and weighed myself because her scales come up the same as LL's and I weighed in (having drunk 6l's of water) at 11st 9lbs :D

That puts me 4lbs away from normal BMI but if you allow for the fact that this was an evening weight whilst fully clothed then....I getting closer :D
That is excellent Chicken, you are doing brilliantly!
Sorry about that shaddow :eek:

I am still being naughty though and cooking too many pack a day but to be honest if I stopped I wouldn't be able to stick with the diet :(

I wish I could do CD for the variety of food packs and still do the counselling as that would be ideal for me :rolleyes:
I've been cooking several of my packs a day for a good while now for the same reason. It keeps me on track and without the cooking I was only eating about two of them a day which is worse I think.

For years now I have followed a pattern of bingeing and then periods of starvation where I'd be getting virtually no nutrients and allways kept fairly good health, so I'm not too concerned about this.

What I worry about though is whether this might just be another form of starvation with the empowering feelings that come along with that. :(
Hmmm not a lot I can say to that cause I'll just get it totally wrong. :(

Do you really think that is a possibility?