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  1. alladin121

    alladin121 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have just joined this site and I have been doing a lot of reading through this section and I must say all of you are an inspirations and so many stories feel very similar to my own.

    So a little about me....I started doing lighterlife in July last year. I was reluctant to do it and being in denial about my weight and how big I had actually managed to get myself was shocking especially after the first couple of stone fell away but my other half had decided he wanted to do it and dragged me along for the consultation (which im very pleased about now hehe). I am a very confident person but hadn't realised how self conscious I was about my body and my presence in a room. :sigh:

    After the meeting, I wanted to give it a go and really enjoyed the first 3 months of the weight dropping off by the end of September I had lost nearly 4 stone. I hadn't really struggled although I was still eating bits here and there which meant I kept my sanity. Then as my October started I started to have a bit more to eat and started to resent going to the counselling sessions. I felt that with my life being as busy as it was that I had other things I could be doing, especially when a session of counselling was eaten up with a women talking about personal issues completely unrelated to weight loss. I know emotions play a big part but we found that each week we didn't push forward with the work books and a lot of it is condescending ie the refusal to talk about any 'conventional' food like we are all crazed human beings that would lynch the first person with a mars bar?
    There were women in my group getting near to their goal after having been on LL for over a year who were petrified of conventional food. I felt awful as I was still eating bits and pieces and sticking to healthy options and losing weight (which I felt is emotionally more stable and would be needed for when I eventually got to goal and wanted to eat healthily fully time)

    In November we went on holiday and I found I was much better at choosing healthier options but facing the cost of LL in the run up to Christmas and now in January was hard to stomach so I got thinking about other solutions and came across Exante. It sounds great!!!

    Now I know that was a little long winded and I do apologise but the reason for me posting was to find out from ex LL'ers if the food is comparable. on LL I only like the banana and strawberry shake and the 2 choccy bars, is the food on Exante nice? I cant argue with the costing's so it will really come down to this?

    Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated :)
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  3. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Hello and welcome! :D

    Have never done LL so can't advise with any comparisons

    .....I can say though that I like all of the Exante products, and have no problem with any of them :)

    The turkey dinner Xmas special was very nice indeed! :D
  4. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Hi Alladin and welcome. I did LL but it was years ago and I can't really compare the two though I have to say that I prefer the Exante packs. I'd definitely recommend buying a pack and trying them if you don't want to do LL again.

    Good luck with your diet and please keep us posted as to how you're getting on.
  5. Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown Full Member

    I've done both and I have to say that the food is much tastier and nicer on Exante. Also, surely you don't need more than 14 weeks of counselling and you've really done your time!
  6. jellybellies

    jellybellies Full Member

    I started out on LL also, but have moved products with price gettin gradually less :) massive bonus an eefective diet for this price.
    IMO nothing comes close to LL porridge god i loved that stuff and LL veg soup mm again nothing even comes close to that on cambridge or exante but it's nice enough. but everyones tastes are different my husband likes all the packs i don't luckily but just shows how different we all are :)

    Hope you get on ok with Exante, I love the fact your only accountable to yourself i don't need policing, it's not the way to make me lose weight lol.
    look forward to hearing your oppinions on the packs :)
  7. serialslimmer

    serialslimmer Silver Member

    Good luck to everyone that's moved from LL to Exante. All VCLDs are really hard to stick to but the fast losses make it all seem worthwhile.

    I used to do LL years ago. It's so expensive now I could never afford it. Exante is much cheaper and the packs are tasty but it's still very hard to stick to.
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