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Lil Mrs Sunshines Shrink Down Diary

Saturday - 149

Breakfast - porridge made with water
Lunch - Boiled potatoes and baked beans
Dinner - Mixed Peppers

Sunday - 149

Breakfast - porridge made with water & a coffee
Lunch - Apple, carrots & roast potatoes
Dinner - Tin Chicken Soup

Monday - 147

Breakfast - porridge made with water & a coffee
Lunch - Apple, carrot sticks, boiled egg & a coffee
Dinner - Quorn cottage pie
Exercise - Debbie Rush 1hr
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Spring Challenge!
Tuesday - 148

Breakfast - porridge made with water
Lunch - Apple, boiled egg, carrots
Dinner -

Any ideas why I should have gained 1lb overnight?
Hi, I read your post earlier and was thinking about it today. Did you start to maybe drink a lot more water the last few days?..or were you eating a lot more before you started eating like this?. I find that if you weigh yourself every day, it's easy to get disheartened. Maybe keep on track and weigh yourself after 7 days, I bet you'll notice a big difference!
Your doing really well with your weight loss hunni, but i have noticed your not eating any dairy products? Is there a reason for this, like an allergy or are you just omitting them?
I don't think your eating enough to be honest. You need to have protein and dairy products in your diet. Calcium is so important to us women for our bones as we are at high risk of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis as we age. If you normally would eat cake and biscuits but want to lose weigh then eat good quality (low fat) meals and snacks and cut out the treats and only have them once a week so that you don't deprive yourself.
I have noticed that you want to lose 35lbs, that's quite a lot for someone who is in the healthy BMI range, if you do that you would become underweight. Don't push yourself too much, just be healthy :)
Dinner last night was vegetable soup.

I had about 6 custard creams and two pieces of carrot cake after tho - why cant I stop my binges?!
I don't wish to sound rude, but in response to the above - probably because you're flipping starving!

You are doing yourself NO favours here. You're not eating enough - simple as that. You will cope with it for so long before you can't cope anymore and will then stuff your face. Then whatever weight you've lost (which will be water or muscle) will go back on as fat and you'll be in a worse position than where you started.

I don't expect you to take much notice of this, you've been given excellent advice all over this forum and you've pretty much ignored it but you asked a question so I've answered it.
Hi, I can tell you what I am eating and you can see if anything appeals to you?.
I think you need to eat a really filling breakfast and that stops you snacking on junk before lunch. So I would have brown seeded toasted bread with either scrambled/poached egg on it or maybe baked beans. Or you could have porridge/cereal with skimmed milk. I try to eat lots of fruit as my snacks if I'm hungry between meals. Or if I'm really in need of a treat, I have a low fat hot chocolate drink.
For lunch, you could make a pasta salad, a wrap or home made soup.
And for dinner, seeing as I cook for three, I make up something filling and large...but only take a small portion. So, you could make, for example, a veggie lasagne with lot's of home-made tomato sauce, a bit of low-fat creme fraiche as your white sauce & some parmesan shavings on the top. Or you could have some lean meat/chicken/fish in a marinade with a green salad & some baby potatoes.
I think if you just try to eat lots of fruit & veg and cook from scratch..you can't go wrong...it may take a little longer to lose weight than if you were on a 'diet' but it will stay off and the main thing is that your body will be super-healthy.
I'm sorry if I sounded really harsh earlier but you really do need to start eating better :) Have a look in the Diaries section for examples of healthy choices, most people post what they've eaten most days. A typical day for me (what I've eaten/will eat today):

B - pack of belvita breakfast biscuits (not the 'best' choice I know, but I really struggle to eat in the mornings so I figure these are better than nothing). As Happy Em says above, cereal or brown toast with an egg or beans is a much better option :)
L - bowl of homemade soup, granary roll, bag of velvet crunch crisps, banana and a handful of grapes
D - chicken biryani (skin removed) and a weight watchers dessert.
I'll also drink 2-3 ltrs of water, 3 cups of coffee and a can of diet coke with my dinner. If I get hungry between meals I'll have more grapes or an apple.

I'm steadily losing weight eating this way, I've lost 9lb in 4 weeks which may be quite slow, but I'm happy with it. I don't feel hungry or deprived so am therefore less likely to make bad choices.

HTH :)
Thanks for the examples.

Today I weighed 147lbs.

Ive eaten Bran Flakes with water, an apple, 3 carrots and 100g of cottage cheese and 2 custard creams. I have also consumed a packet of sugar free polos.

I want to do this. I want it to last. It is going to last.

I am going to consume 1200 calories a day and exercise 4 times a week!

Hi Lil Mrs Sunshine!
I was just thinking that maybe you should try one of those 'calorie calculators' online. I'm not an expert but 1200 calories sounds low combined with the exercise you are planning. A lot of sites recommend 1500 calories a day, with exercise, will guarantee weight loss. Your body may go in to panic mode if you eat too little and you might find it harder to lose weight, as it will store it.
I think you can succeed in getting your goal weight but be kind to yourself in the process.
Do you believe that for every restricted day there is a binge day?

I want to end my bingeing days for good. I have dieted twice, got to my goal weight and beyond twice, binged twice and twice ended up where I started. Today has already spiralled out of control, just like last night.

I think I really need to get started on a healthy diet, a sensible diet, that I can sustain for life and enjoy exercise with. If 1200-1500 calories a day is what I need to loose weight its what I shall consume.

Last night, in amongst my binges, I watched the Clair Nasir Boot Camp DVD and took a look at the food she was eating while she was completing it. Its so much compared to what I ate when I lost all my weight. I think my aim is to try and follow either this diet plan or the one provided by the Hannah Waterman DVD as these are the DVDs I *am* going to be using 4 times a week to slim down.

They say they lost 2.5 stone in 4 months. 4 months would take me Just into the beginning of July. I would be happy with that. Would be an average loss of 2lbs per week.

I can do it, cant i? By my wedding anniversary I am going to be at my goal weight.
That sounds like a good idea, following what they are eating on the dvds. I am really worried that you are planning on losing too much though, being slim is good but please done get too skinny and just look unhealthy hunni, losing too much weight will play havoc with your internal organs, so just be careful :)
At the moment I just think I need a set plan and something I can stick to rigidly like glue. The last time I was in this state I followed a VLCD (CD). I had an obese BMI then, was verging 13 stone.

I dont want to follow such a scheme again, and cant (BMI isnt permitted, wages dont permit, husband wont permit) so I have to do it the natural and long way.

I have set myself a little mini challenge. I am going to try and loose 8lbs the remainder of this month. Hoping I havent gained to much in the past couple of days.

An evening full of exercise i think!
Did have a particularly good morning yesterday, so i skipped lunch and had a bowl of mixed peppers with some sliced carrots for tea.

Afterwards I did my Debbie Rush's DVD, really enjoyed it. Today has started off really well. I've had a coffee and 6 table spoons of bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk. I normally only have about a quater of this amount!!

I am doing this.
well done and i am glad to see you having milk with your bran flakes! Keep up the good work!
Are you joking? You had peppers and carrots for tea? You are not eating enough. Unless you had like 5 peppers with a lean chicken breast on the side.
If you want to lose a bit of fat at this point (you are a healthy weight) then you need to eat at least 1200c and make the rest up with exercise. Starving yourself will make you lose muscle and put your major organs under alot of stress. Please do some reading or sign up to MYfitnesspal which is very good for healthy advice.

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