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linda's weight loss journey im bac


love my family
well i started on atkins begining of april with several stone to lose and six weeks till my holiday.first week went really well and then i slipped the discs in my back and was off work for 4 weeks.that made sticking to the plan easier for me. i managed to lose 17lbs before my holiday and was so pleased with that.we went to north wales for 2 weeks half board i stuck to plan first week and totally off secound got home late sat afternoon had no shopping so ordered chinesse for tea.then on sunday we all got on the wii to weigh and i put on 11 lbs from holiday but i thought no probs few weeks back on plan and it will be gone so sunday i had 1 of my easter eggs and some more choc and lots of naughty food for last treats.straight back on plan monday morning loads of water lots of good food was a really good week no cravings and no hunger pangs.

so this morning was weigh in day so hopped on wii and couldnt believe id lost 10lbs only 1 more of my holiday splurge to lose and thats not even counting all the choc and bad food id had on sunday lol

so im on cloud nine at the moment im not expecting a lot off this week think my body will be in shock lol but that last 1lb would be good

hope i havnt bored any1 reading this lol
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Well done, that's fantastic! :D
Talking about great losses is never boring Linda. :D


love my family
thanks guys for the comments

so yesterday we went out and on the way home on the duel carriage way theres a junction with a car sat there waiting to pull out i couldnt move over as a car was to my right and 1 behind that.thought the driver would wait but no she pulls out with me doing 70mph and no where to go OMG i had to do an emergencie stop with the girls in the back and hubby the girls screaming cars behind swearving not knowing what was going to happen my heart was pounding so bad, i couldnt breath thought i was gonna have a heart attack,i really thought we were gonna die :cry: and she never even noticed what nearly happened stupid b**** my mother inlaw just phoned to see if we were ok and it still gave me the shakes and made me cry just talking about it :cry:think its gonna take a while for me to get over this
Jeez, that is scary Linda.


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Oh honey, big hugs. I cant believe some people on the roads they really scare me. xxx
Yes thank goodness you are all okay.

Think that 11th pound might have been scared off you!

Very very well done on your losses xx
oh GG im glad you put that line nicer that what was going on in my head lol

linda, well flippin done!!!!!! thats a great loss and shows you only added water on your holiday!! keep it up

as for the stupid b**** on the road, i deal with car accidents on a daily basis and you wouldnt believe,. seriously, the amount of people that cause accidents that say, oh i didnt see them, oh i didnt know they were there!!!!

Morning Linda, how are you today love?


love my family
morning all feeling lots better today managed to sleep last night. thankfully its not had any lasting affect on my girls but were going back out that way on saturday so we shall see.

plan going well this week just need to remember to eat.clothes feeling lots loser too :D


love my family
well weve got the vicar coming round tonight as me and karl are renewing our wedding vows next year.should be intreasting as when we got married it was in a registry office so no idea as to what happens for a renewal or a church sevice. so better get on and clean lol


love my family
next year will be our 10th wedding anniversary and our 20th year together
and we still act like were in our first few months lol its great

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