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lindy's diary...

Well today is the day my CD journey begins, i have a number of feelings about this excitment, nervous and hunger lol..!

Will keep a online diary here to give me motivation, just off to whip up my yummy porridge, and pint of water.. then off to do a ten hour shift, fingers crossed i get thru my first day.. al report back tonight.. happy sundays everyone.. good luck today..!

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Good Luck honey and make sure you drink lots of water and hope the shift isn't too hard xxx
Thanks guys for your well wishes!

just had my porridge and i loved it...! was yummy, i dont usually like porridge but it was more like ready brek, my little girl was even trying to steal some from me, lol!

Off to work with my strawberry shake and chilli soup.. and big 2 litres of water..!

ave got a good feeling about this diet..!

good luck lindy!! x
Good luck - you can do this Lindy!
hey y'all.. wellll i had a fantastic first day managed to stick to SS 100%... so proud of myself..

I had the porridge for breakfast, I enjoyed..!
strawberry shake for lunch.. I blended with ice, was nice..!
oriental chilli for soup for dinner, not the best but I finished it..!

Also managed to drink about 3ltrs of water!

had sooo many temptations today, first was my little girl wantin to go in an get a pick an mix, i had to slap my hand sooo many times, then on the way to work i passed, a mcds, kfc, 2 kebab shops, a pizza hut, 2 subways... i need to learn to walk with my eyes closed!
Also had to cook different dinners for 3 people, but i managed it..!!

I am dreadin tomorrow i know its gona be hard but gona stick to it!

Yes Lindy, somehow you start to notice the almost constant availablity of food when you SS - takeaways, restaurants, cafes, pubs,vending machines, kiosks, buffet carriage on a train...the list is endless.
The aromas in a restaurant drove me quite mad yesterday.
But well done on getting through your first day!
yeah it was actually starting to annoy me how much food is pushed in peoples faces...! I am just tryin to teach my head that right now I eat to stay alive and nothing else.. i dont need that cheese sandwich or packet of crisps..!

hope the craving for food stops sooon lol..!

awww what a horrible night i had.. was up twice feeling sick.. had the sweats..!

felt rubbish this morning, really wanted a bit of toast, was even worse cos i had to make toast and cheese for kids..! but i stuck to it, had the porridge, apple and cinnimon.. didnt like it, thank god i only got 2 for the week.. ave drank lots of water too and thats made me feel a bit better..! working tonight, so much easier to stick to it in work..!

just need to remember the reason am doing this, i dont need to eat, my shakes are enough!

woohooo... i am in ketosis...!!! x
well today started off not too bad.. had my apple porridge, and managed to eat it all..!

then came lunch time and i had spicy tomato soup but could eat it only managed 3 spoonfuls.. started work at 4 so had my choclate shake there, made it warm and was quite nice, ate it all...

then came home time, was feeling really ill and faint when i got in, so had to make a slice of toast am annoyed at myself as i was doing well, wasnt hungry just felt sick, but i did miss out a shake and have drank all my water so am hoping not did too much damage, not gona get myself down about it.. gona just have porridge and 2 shakes tomorrow..!

Thats the right approach Lindy, forget the blip with the toast and carry on.
It looks as if you are finding out this week that there are a few flavours and varieties that you are not so keen on - I have been lucky and like everything (or am I just greedy?!) apart from cheese and brocolli soup.
But try to finish the sachets as otherwise you could get weak and will crave the toast or something else.
It is hard in the beginning, keep up your great efforts tommorow x
day 3

well am feeling great today... had my porridge this morning, was really yummy, even aimee was trying to have some again..

then i took a walk down to the shops and passing boots i couldnt help jumping in to weight myself, and i lost 3lbs!!!!:D in two days am sooo happy... its giving me so much incentive.. ave not been under ten stone since i was 18..!

just having a banana shake.. its soo yummy then gona skip into work... :D

day 4

Well its day 4 and its nearly over.. ave had quite a good day diet wise, not feeling hundry at all, had my porridge yummy, then a frozen banana shake, gona have a choc shake in a while! am also drinking from a 1.5 litre bottle and drinking about 5ltrs of water a day.!

Down side today, am feeling really really tired today, was working since 7 and had to walk for about 3 hours with a client, but also the whole not going to toilet issue is annoying me cos i just feel full and bloated all day!

hopefully get that sorted tomorrow tho..:D

hope everyone is well!

Day 5

diet wise had a good day... ate my porridge, and toffee shake, just wait on my CDC coming over with shakes for me to have my last, dont feel hungry at all..!

On another note, i weighed myself today and have put on 1lb, which i totally dont understand i have been SS 100% so how is it possible to put on weight?

it has made me really down and i nearly just gave up on CD and have food, but then came home and tried on some old clothes that ave not been able to get on, and they all fit, some being to big..! So am sticking to CD SS until saturday then am gona go up to 810, ave also bought some sennakot today so gona try that to sort out the toilet issue..!


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