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lipotrim i started today a blokes view!

Hi all
i am new to this form (and posting!) i am going to try and do this regulary as i did not see many post from men so maybe my experience may be useful to others
I have started this Lipotrim thing today, now i have been a big lad all of my life (35 years of) and have never been one to be that bothered about my size or how heavy i was but i have half hartedly tried to diet in the past but struggled as i am an all or nothing sort of person, it is time to take on the challenge and this Lipotrim may suite me? i aim to lose 5 stone! wish me luck.
so day one started with a hang over (well come on it will be the last one for a long time:rolleyes:) got up at 7am drank water and then had strawberry shake at 930am then only water till choc shake at 730pm,
i feel fine i was hungery earlyer but keeped biz till it passed i did have a headache but that could have been from last night just lasting a bit longer as not eating, i found fresh air did the trick (went for a drive on my motercycle). I think tomorow will be harder as back to work! but will let ya know how it goes (if people are interested:confused:). well i will be back on tomorow night chat ya then K.
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hi, i'm also o guy, started yesterday and am a similar age and weight to you. This is not my first time, so i know what im in for for better or worse.
Anyway its good to have someone to compare with. Lets see who can keep at 100% TFR for longer.

Good luck.
Lipotrim A blokes view day 2

Hi again
so day 2 over! i was worried how i would manage at work but i just keept biz and drank losts of water, i dont think i have ever drank so much water! but seems to do the trick. so started with 450ml strawberry shake at 630am and only had water till 7pm then had 450ml choc shake. it is a long time between shakes but it is the only way i can manage due to work comitments. I felt fine all day i just had 2 bouts of hunger which were quit intence but only lasted about 15mins or so with a slight headache (but not that bad realy) 1 bouth been at lunch time and 1 at going home time (i wonder if it was my body trying to break me! as i would normaly eat at these times) so i am quit happy with staying focused today but i am just keeping out of the way of food as not to be tempted:). the only weird thing i have to report is when i had a shave last night it was very painful i have no idea if this could be caused by Lipotrim diet or just a ramdon thing but i have never had this before:confused: anyway bring on day 3! K.
Hi Deflating that would be good some one to compaire notes with! may i ask what happened first time around with your Lipotrim experince? was soely it Maintenance? I just want to get an idea of what lies ahead thanks k.
Lipotim a blokes view day 3

HI all still not quite worked where to post so am just doing replys to my original post as i am not used to forums.

So day 3 Started at 630am with strawbery 450ml shake and just water till 7pm when i had my second 450ml shake choc again. less hunger to day just the lunch time bouth, felt a bit zombied in the afternoon just no get up and go! it feels like i have been up 24hrs where you get past been tired and just feel weird:cool:, I have keeped up with drinking lots of water and i mean lots! so much so that i must have been to the toilet about 15 times so far today! but i must say over all i feel ok and i have had no major cravings for food i was even in a pound shop today with lots of cheep choc and bickies ect, Now i have read a lot of post about Lipotrim and it looks like day 4 seems the hard one so it is day 4 for me tomorow well i better be extra vigilant! bring it on! chat ya soon k.
Hi mate, i've recently started too, good luck on your journey. And keep us all updated on your progress :D
Lipotrim A bloks view day 4

Hi again to you all:)
so today started the same as day 3, 630am 450ml strawberry shake then lots of water till 7pm when i had my choc shake 450ml (i will continue drinkng wather till i go to bed) . Today was realy good no headaches no bouts of hunger just a little bit of stomach rumbleing at about lunch time. I am getting into the habbit of carrying a 500ml bottle of water everyware i go! this helps a lot, I thought day 4 would be the hardest but i have been plesantly supprised:D. Well bring on day 5:D chat ya soon K.
Good luck with your diet, it does get easier and does become habit. I'm still getting cravings for food and I get cold quiet easily, but I find the weight loss and the "feel good factor" of being thinner make them bearable.
What ever you do, stick it out to the first weigh-in, it makes everything worth while.
Good luck with your diet, it does get easier and does become habit. I'm still getting cravings for food and I get cold quiet easily, but I find the weight loss and the "feel good factor" of being thinner make them bearable.
What ever you do, stick it out to the first weigh-in, it makes everything worth while.
Thanks for your support you are realy on your way to your goal!:D K.
Lipotrim A blokes view day 5

Hi again
Am happy to report a good day again:D My body seems to be getting into it! did have a hunger bout but it didint realy bother me. Feeling fine still on lots of water so bring on day 6:) K.
Nice one! You're doing great, keep it up :D
Lipotrim A blokes view day 5

HI all
I am keeping up with it all good noting bad to report! Had weigh in today (only 5 day as away on the 7th day) so in 5 days i have lost 7 pound! cant grumble at that! hope there is more lost next week I think i deserve a good bit of movation:)
Lipotrim A blokes view day 6

Hi all
Still doing good but as i was at home all day i found it harder to beat off the tempation of food! i have a feeling a lot of work is going to get done while i am on lipotrim! Must keep busy! K. :)
hi guys im on day 4 and im very low .. just want to eat something (anything) and its really effecting how im reacting to people as i cant be social .. help me please ???
First and foremost it will get easier, a lot easier after you’re first weigh-in. It also gets easier the longer you’re on the diet, it becomes a lot more habitual.

However overall, I don’t think there is a simple answer. I just had a very tough weekend myself, the smell of food was driving me mad, I’m cold all the time and my cravings coming back to haunt me now and again.

I just try to focus on the positives, how quickly I’m losing weight, how much I’m losing and how much better I feel. I’ve also been keeping a “diary” of images that show me changing as I loss weight, I use that to remind me how I was compared to now.

The best thing I found are others on this forum, we've all been were you are now and we did it, so can you! Just keep believing!
Lipotrim A blokes view day 7,8,9 and 10!

Hi all been away for a while but am still doing well. Its all about routine for me! i try and have my shakes at pritty much the same time every day i think this conditions my body (at least mentally it helps). I also just avoid food contact like the plage! so at lunch at work i will go out for a little walk and get some fresh air and at dinner i just watch a bit of telly or go and work in my garage while my family eat (in fact the only reason i go into the kitchen is for water). I found the weekend harder maybe because i was out of routine but i was craven food a little but just got stuck in to a few jobs around the house this realy helped get my mind off food!:) The hardest day was sunday but probaly because my wife made choc brownies which made my house smell wonderfull! why she did this i do not know maybe she wanted to see if i would give in! but i did not! So i am on day 10 and have no complainants I was disappointed with my first week`s weight loss especially when the young lady weighing me said "o people on this diet normally lose a lot more on their first week" thanks lady! Well maybe this week will be better however i would be very happy if i managed 1/2 a stone a week but to be honest it feels like a major detox which cant be bad!:) well keep it up everyone as i will! chat ya again K,

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