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lipotrim TFR slip up :S

i need help im on this diet now a weeks and a couple of days and it was my friends birthday i couldnt say no we went to a Chinese place i brought my soup and was just gonna order hot water and do my own soup! since all my friends know im doing my tfr ! but instead i gave in and ordered my usual im just freaking out now that iv ruined everything ! will i have to restart and go threw waiting for ketosis all over again or does one mistake make a difference?? i knw i have horrible will power! just feel like iv messed my diet up?im so angry with my self ! at the time i put it out of my mind but any advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated ! the support i get on here is just great! im totally kicking myself right now :booboo:
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Awww Poor u - all is not lost, dont worry, PLENTY slip up, I certainly did. It can be clawed back, dont throw in the towel just yet.

From what you say you have eaten a normal chinese meal - therefore yes you will more than likely be out of ketosis and will have to wait until you get back in it again. BUT, this is not crucial to be shedding the lbs, just the calorie reduction will have you losing weight if you have got back straight on the wagon today. Yes your loss wont be what it could have been but you should still have one... it just means you may have to go thru that grotty stage again until you hit ketosis and give ya body a helping hand.

All is not gone, put it down to bad experience and move on... if you quit then one chinese will eventually turn in to 10 and that will have a bad effect and make you feel crap! Grab it now while the feelings fresh and stay strong. in the future if you NEED something then stick to plain protein and nothing else and that way its only additional calories you take in (opt sensibly of course!) and it wont affect your ketosis.

stay strong xxx
Yeah I agree, don't throw in the towel. Im wondering what to do about my birthday in June, just have a day off or do refeed the week before and then get back on tfr after, seems a lot of hassle for one day off
i will always remember that feeling could of bit me own hand for doing it lol but does anybody know jus say in the future i had a slip up just say yeno with a bag a crips or somthing small like a piece a fruit does that put you out of ketosis too?

im just preparing for my next slip lol cause i live with a lot of kids and my weakness is crisps lol but i have a goal set in my mind and im promising my self that if i get to my goal weight ill have earned those crisps lol i wont go back to how i was eating but just that for reaching my goal , lol do you know the average weight loss weekly for women on tfr? my first weigh in a lost 2 pounds but thats because i had that Chinese do you know whether its small numbers like this weekly or does it get higher? if you can help it would be great :):):):):):):):):):):)

I could probably manage not eating but alcohol will probably feature, I think if I do refeed for it tho I'll struggle when it comes back to tfr x
which is exactly why I think I'll have one day off and then straight back on, it wont be a complete day off,I'll still have my shakes, plus if I stick to vodka,lime and soda I hopefully wont do that much damage x
yeah neva thought of that, I dont mind coke zero. Its 6wks away yet so I'll see how I feel on the day lol x


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hi all... Today was my 2nd WI and the 1st week I lost 8 pound & this week I lost 2 pound...
I had a horrible day yesterday :( I had a handful of chips & a few chicken goujons :( Was going into my pharmacist this morning in the frame of mind that I was going to start the maintenance but after I had a chat with the pharmacist, I changed my mind... We can all do this, we all just really have to want to do it!!! :) :)
I have a christenen comeing up this Sunday which I cannot get out of, its a sit down meal & if we dont go I knwo we will offend... I will have to eat something, can anyone suggest what will be okay to eat??? Chicken?? Steak?? Beef??
Once i get this day out of the day , il b 110% back into it!! :)


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I could probably manage not eating but alcohol will probably feature, I think if I do refeed for it tho I'll struggle when it comes back to tfr x
Bev if your planning on drinking alcohol you must refeed!! Drinking while in ketosis is extremely dangerous. Theres a sticky on here explaining it all xxx
Mmm, thanx for that, it's gonna be a boring birthday for me then!x
i to was toying with the idea of starting refeed or maintenance but changed my mind i know i can carry on a bit longer so i will just keep going as long as i can x
I wouldn't advise drinking without doing the refeed! I haven't tried it myself but one of my friends was quite ill after drinking 3 shots of vodka. We had to take her home and stay with her all night. There are a lot of horror stories on here too of people going out and thinking they'd be ok to have half a pint and subsequently feeling really ill. Not that I profess to know the science behind it because I don't but you seem to get drunk a lot quicker than usual! If you're going to go out a few people mentioned eating normally the day before to make sure you're out of ketosis and then re-starting the day after you've been drinking. Hope this helps x

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