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Lipotrimers who've tried exante?

As I posted on here a while back, I've lost my hours at work and just started college. So money is very tight and Keeping up the £45 a week for Lipotrim on my £72 a week job isn't working. Someone last time suggested the Exante bumper pack? Has any one tried this, does it work the same way? Does it taste ok compared to the LT and is it fine to switch straight from LT to exante.
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I've ordered a month online but am waiting for it to come down. I'm doing fine on LT but wanted some solids! Going to see what people say about it on here before I give it a try but thought that I would keep it in reserve for when the days get a bit cooler and I fancy some soup.

I tried to have my choc shake hot last night but it was foul! I went to bed freezing cold and just couldn't warm up, so I'm going to put my electric blanket back on the bed later particularly as the OH is away on business this week so I'll have the great big cold bed to myself....well me and the cats that is!

Does anyone else feel cold all the time on this diet?
I do Sandra.. Joe thought i was coming down with something, but i'm not.. I am definitely feeling the cold more.. I have an under active thyroid so i feel cold anyway, but since being on LT i have really noticed it.

I also find i sleep a lot more (i go to bed and don't watch tv like i always used to) but i don't have a huge boost in energy. Is that normal for this stage in the diet?

I have also tried the shakes hot... Aren't they rank!!!! lol

Is the weight loss on exante as good as LT? If so i might try it cos i can't envisage being on these blasted shakes indefinitely.. I can't stand tea or coffee without sugar and milk, and with a sweetener it is awful... Even green tea and raspberry and some roobush stuff taste poop!! lol x x
There! Went and put the blanket on the bed whilst I thought about it so tonight can go to bed knowing that I'll be toasty!just put a sweatshirt on and a pair of my ski socks! In September.....what's that all about?

Will maybe try Exante as soon as it arrives if the weight losses are as good, or nearly as good as LT, it's a bit expensive to ship to Jersey though, over £20! So I hope that I like the stuff?!
I feel cold all the time too, you could try reading the posts on the exante forum to see if it works the same and what kind of weight losses they are getting. I am so bored of the chocolate shake I dont like any others! xx
Not me Daisy.. I am like a fungal infection.. You will NEVER be rid of me now!!! pmsl x x
I can't leave Sandra.. She is my Chuckle brother! lmaoooooooooooo x x x x
I can't leave Sandra.. She is my Chuckle brother! lmaoooooooooooo x x x x
I was a girl last time I looked.....

Ps who the 8888 are the chuckle brothers?:confused:
Google them Sandra.. And remember.. that's what Daisy said we were lmaooooooooo x x x
Girls remember that just because you didn't like a flavour in your diluted week doesn't mean you won't like it a few weeks into TFr. Ur pallet is completely cleansed and flavours don't taste half as bad as early days. I tried celebrity slim before and the lipoprotein shakes are delicious in comparison!!
I didnt mean you were male or looked liked them lol I was just refering to your comedy duo greatness !! lol (digs hole)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Lots of people on here have tried Exante cos it was cheaper. Losses are the same as on LT. in fact a lot of people preferred the variety on Exante. Others like myself found LT o.k except for the gross soup!!
I think with any of them, if you are on it for a while, you get bored of the flavours and then start to like them again a few days later. lol.
I didnt mean you were male or looked liked them lol I was just refering to your comedy duo greatness !! lol (digs hole)
Googled them now....when did you see my tash? Better get that hair remover cream out and whip it off!

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