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  1. serenitylove

    serenitylove Member

    thought id start a diary, im a 35yr old single mum i weight 25st and in 0ne week will be having a lapband fitted, im on day one of my pre op diet which is
    4 pints of milk daily
    one bovril/oxo drink
    and a bowl of jelly a day

    iv stuggled all my life with my weight and have had enough, i want another child and its not gona happen till i manage and maintain resonable weight
    i decided on a lapband as i need help and have failed to do it alone, i was spurred onto making the desition by a gynacoloist telling me i was in pain because i was fat i left the hospital in tears and swore id never feel that humiliated again so now my journey begins, i expect im going to be ranting a bit this week as this is gona be hard to stick too i hate milk!
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  3. gillabean

    gillabean Member

    Well done you! I have often thought about a lap band but I am such a coward. A lot of people seem to be having them fitted, one of the nurses at work had one and she seemed to shrink before my eyes. I hope it's the same for you. Where are you having it done, did you have to pay for it yourself?
  4. EmVeg

    EmVeg Do a little dance!

    Hope the pre-op diet is going okay, and good luck with the op itself.

    Hopefully the lap band will work for you. I'm sure it will.
  5. serenitylove

    serenitylove Member

    ty i was offerd a bypass but i chicken out of that lol way to scary im being banded in chichester and i got it nhs has been a bit of a wait but worth it i hope
  6. flumpster67

    flumpster67 In a whirl

    Best of luck with everything Lisa!
    Dont think I could drink 4 pints of milk a day either - well done to you!
  7. serenitylove

    serenitylove Member

    day 2

    well so far so good im not finding it to bad but felt a little light headed earlier one day down 5 to go! ty for the support guys it suprisingly makes a difference :) just having a lovely oxo drink for dinner yum lol not!
  8. serenitylove

    serenitylove Member

    well day three is almost over another day closer to the op and im feeling soooooo tired but very positive today really feel like im on the road to a new me
  9. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Gold Member

    Best of luck lisa and I hope you enjoy every minute of the new you!!
  10. serenitylove

    serenitylove Member

    ty i love your baby ticker
  11. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    I think your life woll change amazingly when youve had the band fitted and thats what you have to keeop focused on! xxxxxxxxxx
  12. flumpster67

    flumpster67 In a whirl

    The days are ticking off - so much nearer to your goal
    Keep it up
  13. serenitylove

    serenitylove Member

    well tomorows the big day iv managed all week and not cheated on the preop diet which has been quiet rewarding will update when im home from hospital now going to try and relax and not think about it lol
  14. serenitylove

    serenitylove Member

    update time

    well last saturday after spending the day in hospital i was sent home as they had run out of theatre time so was rebooked for wednesday, so i arrived on the day was prepped and taken to theatre woke up a few hours later feeling very sick and was returned to ward, they gave me some anti sickness which helped i then got up for the loo and felt like id been run over! yes im a wuss! so a few painkillers later i was moving a little better and went to sleep for the evening, woke up thurs still sore but better and was allowed home.
    so after spending a day resting i was feeling alot better and i have been living on half a cupof soup for each meal and feeling full on this which is great although i know it wont last as my tummy is swollen still so will loose alot of the restriction soon till i have my first fill but at the moment it great
    last night being a saturday i treated myself to 2 tblspns of mash for tea lol and felt sooooo full i couldnt move but made a nice change from soup! off to town tomorow to get weighed see if anything more has come off yet

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