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LiSe` Refeed Diary

Hey guys,

Would this menu be ok for first week?

It`s a bit repetitive, But I want to be "safe" even if it means eating the same thing lol

Day 1 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Shake

Tea - Fish, Lettuce & cucumber


Day 2 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Fish, Lettuce & Cucumber

Tea -
2 slices of low fat ham, Lettuce & Cucumber


Day 3 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - tiny jacket tater (plain)

Tea - Fish, Lettuce & Cucumber


Day 4 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Pitta with prawns, Lettuce

Tea - Salmon fillet in Garlic/Herb? 1 floret of cauli & 1 floret of broc


Day 5 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - small jacket tater & prawns

Snack - piece of fruit?

Tea - Fish, Lettuce, Cucumber


Day 6 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - 2 slices of low fat ham, Lettuce, Cucumber & red onion

Tea - Salmon fillet, 1 floret of cauli & 1 floret of broc


Day 7 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Pitta with prawns & lettuce

Tea - Fish, Lettuce, red Onion & Cucumber


LiSe Xxxxx
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maintaining since June'09
I've replied fully on your other thread xx
Thankyou both for the replies x

I have decided to start refeeding on Monday so will buy everything this week ready.

If I added some wafer thin ham to the potato would that be ok?

Sorry but I have NO clue on all of this and am really worrying about refeeding and piling weight on :(

Thanks for any advice,

LiSe Xxx
Ok so I started my refeed yesterday & had -

Breakfast - Chocolate Shake

Lunch - Chocolate Shake

Tea -

I had a tiny portion of Cod

Protein - 16g
Cals - 70
Sugar - 0
Fat - 0.6g
Saturates - Trace
Salt 0.2

And a small bit of salad which was mixed green leaves.

I now know this wasn`t enough so I`m hoping I get it right today!


Day 2 -

Breakfast - Chocolate Shake

Lunch - 6oz of Prawns and a bowl of mixed salad which also included Carrot,Peppers & Sweetcorn

Tea will be -

4oz Salmon with Garlic & Herb, Broccoli & Cauliflower

I hope I`m doing this right now!

LiSe x
Day 3 - I`m a big FAT FAILURE! :cry:

My day was all over as we were going out for the day :(

For breakfast I had some low fat wafer thin ham & salad with the intention of having my shake later when I got back home.

We ended up being out 9 hours so I HAD to eat something as I was on my feet all day. I tried to pick the healthiest option which was a chicken salad.

Here is where the failure part comes in :(

I couldn`t resist eating some of the ribs my DH had and I had 2 pieces of corn on the cob :cry:

We got back extremely late so I just jumped in the bath and into bed so no shake.


Day 4 -

Breakfast - Didn`t have any, Should have been a shake but didn`t get round to it before lunchtime :rolleyes:

Lunch -

Mixed leaf salad with red peppers,Carrots & Corn
Prawns with 2 tablespoons of creme fraiche with garlic salt all mixed together
Muller Light fat free yog - Vanilla & Dark Choc sprinkles
Small jacket potato - plain (few small mouthfuls)
mug of black coffee

Tea -

6 slices of wafer thin, low fat ham
Salad with balsamic vinegar
2 slices of fresh bread
Muller Light Vanilla & Choc sprinkle yogourt

Snack -

5 mini fruit pastilles :cry: I know I shouldn`t have:eek:

Like I said... Big FAT FAILURE!! :cry::cry::cry:


maintaining since June'09
The worst part of that report was the way you talk about yourself. I think it's really sad that you're so hard on and nasty to yourself.

If you read someone else's diary and they'd eaten what you had what would you say to them .... would you really say "You're a big FAT FAILURE"???? Would you?? I'm guessing not ... Why can't you treat yourself with the same respect & understanding that you'd no doubt show to somebody - anybody else!

I'm also guessing that being that horrible to yourself is a symptom of self esteem issues of which your relationship with food is another but here wouldn't be the place to go into that!

Please try to be nicer and kinder to yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat others and would like to be treated by them and I bet you see changes in other areas too!

Sorry if this seems a bit harsh but your words really made me cringe.

Incidentally - your intake wasn't anywhere near bad enough to justify the comments either ... if they ever could be justified.

Try to put it all behind you - tomorrow is another day. You haven't done any permanent damage.

Best of luck xx :)
Hey Jan :)

Sorry for my rant, I was just SO SO disappointed with myself :mad:

I`ve totally buggered my refeed as I kept missing my morning shake and was bloaty from the bread - Totally killed me eating that bread :( Body is only just starting to recover now.

I`m optomistic that I`m ok as I can still get my wedding ring off (that was unheard of for yrs until the other week) and my jeans are still lose on my waist.

I haven`t quite finished my first week but decided to introduce breakfast as I wasn`t getting the shake in.

Off to do my food diary since I was last on.

Thanks for the reply and sorry again!

Hope things are going well for you?

LiSe Xx
Day 5 -

Breakfast - Missed shake :eek:

Lunch -

Mixed Salad in Balsamic Vinegar with 2 tins of Mackerel Fillets in Brine to make up 6 oz

Muller Light Vanilla & Dark Choc Sprinkle Yogourt for pudd

Tea -

1 wholemeal pitta bread with prawns in creme fraiche with chilli powder & salad

2 small glasses of weak juice


Day 6 -

Breakfast - Bowl of Alpen

Lunch - Jacket Tater & Prawns with salad cream

Tea -

Few mouthfuls of turkey in tikka sauce and bout 3 mouthfuls of rice

Bowl of "healthy options" tuscan bean soup

When is your first weigh in since you have been on re-feed? Because you have not been having all of what you should have been having and mixing the food around, you might have a small gain, but if you do, dont worry because once you have got yourself into a routine, that should come off.

Try to have some breakfast though, because missing the most important meal of the day your body could be holding onto nutrients as in the starvation mode.

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