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Little Hobbit's Food Diary-starting again!

Ok so Tuesday -11th August
Breakfast-choc hifi bar(hexB)
Lunch-falalfels and banana and tsp of red.fat mayo(1/5 syns)
Snack-hot choc with milk(hexA)(2.5syns)
Dinner-homemade burgers and chips
Snack-strawbs with 1/2quark+white choc options(2 syns)
wed 12th!
lunch-prawns and avocado and 1tsp of prawn sauce(1.5 syns)
snack-hifi bar(hexB) and ten crips-nicked off friends bag-(a few syns?)
dinner-quorn sausage casserole(hexA)
snack-strawbs with white choc cream and mini merangue(2 syns)
Thurs 13th
Breakfast- orange and muller light
Lunch-leftover sausage casserole
Dinner-bbq chicken sandwich and strawbs and mugshot
Snack- syn free pancakes with strawbs and orange and white choc cream and chocolate sauce (3 syns)

what does everyone think? am i doing ok,anything i can improve.
lunch-fancy restaurant(god knows how many syns)
dinner-mugshot and 2 choc fingers (3.5 syns)

so very bad today.looks like some success express days.if anyone has any advice for that sort of day i would love to hear it as i dont know much about it.
didnt have the best day today.started out well but didnt finish as well.
lunch-omelette with chicken and cheese(hexA)
Snack-half a slice of coffee cake (10syns)
dinner-mugshot,hifi bar(hexB) orange,
snack-2 choc fingers(3 syns) fruit string thing(3 syns)

so not the best day of cutting back.
heres to tomoro:)
lunch-spagetti hoops on toast(hexB)
snack-mini choc twister ice lolly(2 syns) -so yummy!!
dinner-tuna steak with tomato pasta with cheese(hexA)-(3 syns)
snack-bit of lemon tart(10 syns)

total syns-15
so not too bad but could be better.just planned out all of next week,so im going to try to boost my weight loss next week.
lunch-bbq chicken toastie
snack-jelly and alpen light(3.5syns)
dinner-coca cola chicken and chips
snack-banana and yoghurt
tried lemon cake-(2 syns)-what a waste it didnt work at all
3 small squares or chocolate-(3syns)

total syns -8.5 syns

WI tomoro.really need a loss:)
so WI today.loss of 3.5lbs!! fantastic but really want 3lbs this week.however this has got off to a bad start today....

lunch-prawn baked potato with 1 tsp of red.fat prawn sauce(1.5syns)
snacks-chocolate and haribo(god knows!!)
after binging on chocolate i felt really really sick!! couldnt eat dinner just had a banana and lots of water.tomoro back to normal.and i have my week planned food wise.

wed 19th
lunch-pasta n sauce and bbq chicken pieces
dinner-bacon tomato and tuna pasta bake(HexA)
snack-banana and mullerlight yoghurt with two mini merangues(2syns)
alpen light bar(3syns)

good day today and im hoping to continue tomoro:)
thurs 20th
breakfast-alpenlight and banana
snack-oranges and alpen light
lunch-baked potato and tuna(3syns),strawberries
dinner-homemade burgers and chips
snack-banana,mullerlight and 1 mini merangue(1syn)

total syns-4
Fri 21st
snack-cracker and lemon curd(3 syns)
dinner-chinese(10 syns) and prawn crackers(??maybe 15 syns)

total syns-28
not great but no syns for the next few days.
Saturday 22nd(trying a successexpress) not sure if im doing it right tho so could advise.
lunch-omelette and salad
snack-2 alpen lights
dinner-small steak(1/3) and turnip and carrot mash and salad(2/3)
snack-strawbs with mini merangue,quark and sprinkle of choc(3syns)

i dont think the snack is right cause i know you are allowed your syns but i think they have to be in a meal.but il learn from my mistakes
total syns-3!
monday 24th
brunch-more soup
snack-toast with lemon curd(1 syn)
shape yoghurt
dinner-ham omelette
mini chomp(3syns)
sorry was kinda late in posting this.its been a hard busy week.

lets hope WI later today is good
hey everyone i had stopped this diary cause i wasnt getting any responses but i had a half pound gain last week and i really need to lose 1.5lbs this week.so would be delighted for any help that anyone could give me.

WED 2nd
lunch-baked potato and prawns,sauce on side(4 syns)
dinner-cheesey potato pie
snack yoghurt and fruit
Hi Laura,

I've had a look through your previous posts, could you put at the top of each day which plan you are following please? It makes it easier to check! Looks like today is EE??
If you are having prawns and jacket then you need to be having a third of your plate with superfree foods on EE, so have some salad with it. The cheesy potato pie, again if it's just cheese and pots it needs a third superfree with it. Its the cheese your HEX A? what is in the pie?
Is the Hi Fi bar your HEX B or syns? What yoghurt and fruit are you having?
What syns are you having? You do seem to guess a bit at the syns, cake, crisps etc - try to find out what they are and if you don't know... (don't eat it!!)

Ooh, this sounds a bit harsh, I don't mean it to hun. Just if you want some help then you need to give us a bit more detail on your diary.

Hope this helps. I'll keep a look out for this thread.
Jay xx
thank you! it feels so good to know someone is listening.
i will try to be much more detailed with the plan.
i have taken on board ur advice for today and have added lots of veg to my pie.its on the recipe board on here.the easy cheesey potato pie.
il update again tomoro
Thurs 3rd of Sept
breakfast-mullerlight and 2 alpen light(HexB)
lunch-leftover cheese pie with a green salad
snack-banana and mullerlight
dinner-tuna pasta bake(tuna tomatoes onion carrots courgettes and cheese(HexA))
snack-2oranges and sweet potato chips

syns so far none.but have a box of mikado with ten sticks in(5syns) if i get peckish:)

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