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Little Miss's Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by littlemissnaughty, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Good morning all.

    I am starting my journey today. I will be mainly doing slimming world but at home.

    I did a slimming world diet a few years ago with great success so hopefully this time will be as successful.

    I'm not very good at counting points so I tend to base my diet on what other people eat and work it out from there.

    Here goes.......
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  3. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!


    I've started again today and I'm doing it on my own too. Really need to get my head back into it!
    If you've done it before you can do it again - good luck!
  4. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Good luck Sarah. Stay motivated and I'm sure you'll do it. Good luck.x
  5. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Monday 6th January

    Breakfast - Glass of Orange Juice
    Lunch - Onion Soup
    Dinner - Veggi Stew

    Not too bad for my first day :)
  6. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    Well done looks good.
    I know you said you're not following slimming world specifically, so do you want pointers on the plan or are you just happy to go along with it?
    I love onion soup, haven't had it for years. Trouble is I like the traditional cheesy toasts on it too yumyum
  7. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Thank you Sarah. Last time I did this diet I picked up loads of tips along the way. That was 4 years ago though so I am sure a lot has changed.
    My onion soup was thick and really filling. I've never made french onion soup as it's a bit watery for me and I'd have to have cheese on the top. Cheese is my massive weakness.

    I don't feel hungry at all this morning which is a good sign so hopefully I will be ok till lunch :)
  8. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Tuesday 7th January

    Breakfast - Glass of Orange Juice
    Lunch - Tomato soup
    Dinner - veggi sausage and mushroom risotto. Jelly for pudding :)

    I was feeling quite hungry this afternoon but I was good and didn't snack.
  9. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Wednesday 8th January

    Breakfast - Orange Juice
    Lunch - Last nights left over Risotto
    Dinner - Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese with skinny chips
    Snack - Jelly
  10. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Thursday 9th January

    Breakfast - Nothing
    Lunch - Last nights left over Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese
    Dinner -
    Sweet and Spicy Chilli Chicken with Noodles

    No snacking today. Dinner was lush, by far the best new meal I've tried for a long time. Will definitely be making it again soon.

    Here's the Sweet Chilli Chicken Recipe:

    Sweet and Spicy Chilli Chicken

    2 chopped chicken breasts
    1 courgette cubed
    1 red pepper cubed
    2 x red onions cut into quaters
    1/2 teaspoon of lazy chillis
    3 tablespoons of soy sauce
    15g splenda
    preheat oven to 200

    Heat frying pan with fry light and brown of chicken, then add chilli's and cook for about 2 mins.
    Then throw in all the vegies and cook for 2 mins more, then pour over the soy sauce and sweetner and stir well, remove from heat and keep stiring for a min or so. Then put contents into oven proof dish for 40 mins stiring only once at half way through.
    Boiled some medium noodles and then drained them and then folked through a few drops of soy sauce to taste.
    Last edited: 9 January 2014
  11. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    Sounds yummy x
  12. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Hi Sarah
    It was a lovely dinner, would definitely recommend it.
    How is your first week going?x
  13. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    Really well thank you, I'm on my 4th 100% and alcohol free day. Just hoping the scales will be kind on Saturday!
    It's got to be good after the Christmas excesses!

    I might have to try that recipe one day yumyum, I'm always after new recipes to try x
  14. Rhianny2244

    Rhianny2244 Full Member

    Hey! I am subscribing! Your sweet chilli chicken recipe sounds lovely! Going to give it a try at the weekend so will let you know how I get on with it! Xx
  15. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Sybscribed Hun, looks great. Good luck and I'll keep popping in to see how you're getting on!
  16. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Thanks both. It's good to have people looking and commenting on my diary as it will keep me motivated :)
    Rhian, it was lush. Try it an let me know how you get on.x
  17. Newniki2013

    Newniki2013 Full Member

    Just popping in to subscribe back that way we can motivate each other :)
  18. Beth210691

    Beth210691 Full Member

    Hi Just popping in to subscribe!

    I started back on Monday! your doing really well! :)
  19. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    hi there ... popping in to subscribe :) glad its going well so far x
  20. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Thank you all. I will need as much motivation as I can get so chatting with new slimming friends will be good :) x

    Friday 10th January

    Breakfast - No breakfast
    Lunch - 2 poached eggs, beans and 1 slice of toast with flora light
    Dinner - Chilli Chicken Noodles

    I've done really well today. Dinner was lovely. I will post a recipe later.
  21. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Quick and easy chilli chicken noodles:

    2 tbsp soy sauce
    2 tsp of hot chilli powder
    2 chicken breast

    1 tbsp soy sauce

    Brown off the chicken and add the onion and mushroom and dry fry for a few 5 mins, then add the soy sauce and chilli powder and mix well.
    Boil the noodles, drain and add 1 tbsp of soy sauce, stir well and serve.

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