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Little*red's GL Diet progress ☺


Don't worry, be happy :)
Hey all,
I'm a bit of a loner in here as it seems no-one else is on this diet at the moment so its just me and the tumble weed at the moment!
I'm currently following the low GL diet and my weigh in days are on saturday.
Just thought i'd start up this thread to show progress as it may perhaps inspire someone else to take it up.
If you want a nosey at my daily menus I write them all down in my blog (link in my signature), plus i'm trying to write up some of my homemade recipes aswell.
I 've so far lost 25lbs just by cutting out junk and eating smaller portions and i'm looking to lose another 25lbs to get to goal.

Week 1
The first 3 days were very hard, I was 'mentally' hungry for refined carbs, had a stonking headache and was very moody.
By day 4 I was feeling so much better, my cravings had gone and I was feeling refreshed and alert from all the water I was drinking, plus my concentration has improved I got a great nights sleep and I was rarely moody.
So today was my weigh in and i lost 3.4lbs and 5.5" all over (must have been all that water retention). The result was purely from changing my diet and uping my water intake from basically nothing to 1.5-2liters a day.

This week I'm breaking out my workout DVDs and am adding exercise into the mix. Lets hope my loss is just as good next week.

Raynor x
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nearly there!! :)
hey hunni :)

well done thats a fab loss,keep that up and yall be at goal in no time!
its mad the difference u feel in ur self when u start cutting out all the crap food isnt it xxx


Don't worry, be happy :)
Thanks Cat, your so right my mood was crazy before and I used to just blame it on my hormones, it's nuts to think that food has such an affect on your behaviour. I'm feeling really in control at the moment and its really starting to pay off as i've seen a few people who havent seen me for ages and the first thing they always say is 'oh look how much weight you've lost'.


nearly there!! :)
oh my god i just looked at ur pics....flipping hell hunni!! the change in ya is unreal!! ur looking fab!! xxx
Im about to start the low gi (rick gallop) on sunday this weekend. Ive done LL and cambridge diet and lost 2stone but need to start eating again as i have ivf soon and they dont recommend CD or LL. Any tips or hints will be helpful.




Don't worry, be happy :)
Hi Debs,
i don't relly have any tips as i've just started out myself, but one thing i will say is stick with it as the first few days are rough whilst your getting all those refined carbs out of your body, but if you've done CD and LL then it will be second nature to you. Good luck with you weight loss hun and let me know how your getting on.

Week 2
This week has been very up and down, but mostly down :(. Benn feeling really tired and generally irratable, but I think it may be to do with the fact that i'm not drinking enough water to compensate for what I loss during exercise, so that will be on my 'to do' list this week.
I lost 1lb this week and 2.5" so a total of 4.4lb and 8" down in two weeks, which makes me a happy bunny.
Also this week will be watching my portion sizes, which hopefully will bring me another loss next week. Will be continuing with my exercise to get those pesky inches melting away too. :D
Raynor x
god you look fab hun i havent been on in a while and uve lost loads more
think ill try this GI Diet


Baby got Back!
Hiya....remember me? I seem to remember you doing your own thing from home and having an outstanding result! How are things going with you? It's been a while and I'm still fighting the flab but now discovered the GI diet and to be honest I'm quite excited about it. I gave up Weight Watchers as I had an unhealthy obsession with food and was starving all the time. Since then I've dabbled a bit in low carb (which worked, kind of) and now I'm turning to the GI Diet. I hear it's fab!! I've also joined the gym which I go to 4 times a week.....all combined I'm hoping this is the holy grail to diets! Haha. Wish me luck!! :D


Don't worry, be happy :)
Erm... Hello :D

It's only been about a year since i've used this post, lol. Since then i've done pretty well I got down to 119lbs last April and fell off the bandwagon but maintained in the low 120's for about 6 months. Now its starting to creep back on! Since September i've had zero energy due to uni/work placements so now is the time to sort it out.
I would like to get to a main goal of 110lbs but the most important thing is giving myself energy so eating right and eventually starting to exercise should help.
So I started on the 29th but i want my weigh day to be sunday so this will be a bit of a short week. My starting weight taken from boxing day was 128lbs. Still haven't taken measurments yet, i'll get around to it though.
Just reading back at this thread and have to say I've got that massive headache again :( its good to know it will eventually pass and hopefully my loses will be just as good as last time.

This weeks menus so far:

B: Porridge
L: Lentil Soup
D: Chicken stirfry

B: 2 scrambled eggs 1 slice of bacon
L: Ryvita with tuna mayo, lettuce and cucumber
D: none felt really ill so went to bed early
Extra - 5 after eights (oops!)

B: Muesli & milk
L: Ryvita ham, mayo, lettuce, cucumber
D: Homemade Chilli (peppers, onion, tinned toms, courgette, kidney beans, beef stock, chilli powder)


Don't worry, be happy :)
Hey Janice, i know breakfasts are the worst, i tend to swing between porridge, muesli, eggs and yoghurt.

I completely forgot to update my weigh in yesterday, oops. I lost 1.2lbs over 5 days :D.
Probably could have lost a little more if i didnt eat a handfull (read half a box) of after eights and a pizza on saturday night. Oh well its a marathon and not a sprint and i have been very good since then.

B: Yoghurt & an orange
L: Ryvita with ham, mayo, lettuce and cucumber
D: Cabbage & ham bake (cabbage, ham, onion, cheese)

B: porridge
L: Ryvita with ham, mayo, lettuce and cucumber
D: Pizza and too many after eights!

B: Muesli & milk
D: Stuffed pepper (peppers, onion, tinned toms, courgette, kidney beans, beef stock, chilli powder)


Don't worry, be happy :)
This week is going really well so far i havent pigged out on any after eights probably because i finished them last week. I wnet into town with OH today and couldnt believe how hard it was to find someplace to eat that didnt only sell sandwiches burger or baked potatoes :( ended up goign without!

Anyway heres my menu so far this week:
B: scrambled egg
L: Homemade tomato soup
D: Pork escalope with roasted veg cous cous

B: muesli
L: homemade carrot and coriander soup
D: Spicy bean casserole

B: porridge
L: Ryvita with ham, myo, lettuce and cucmber
D: Chicken Dopiza

B: Yoghurt & apple
L: none (couldnt find anything :rolleyes:)
D: Homemade chilli

I'm contemplating starting up the exercise again, not this week but i'm a little unsure of how i'll feel next week when i'm back on placement so I'll see how i'm feeling then.


Don't worry, be happy :)
Oh completely forgot to update my diary yesterday. I dropped 2.3lbs this week, woohoo. Forogt to amend my diary for what i actually ate compared to what i planned to eat so no menus from fri-sunday.
Still no exercise this week i'm still trying to figure out how to fit it into my day without (a) missing out on the little time i have with my girls every day and (b) not eating dinner until about 9pm :rolleyes:.

B: muesli
L: crustless broccoli and ham quiche
D: chicken stirfry
Know that feeling so well of trying to fit everything into a day.:eek:

I hope the course is working out for you and that you are enjoying it. Seems that you are doing well with the low GI plan.

I have been trying to restrict my carbs intake again. I definitely feel better for doing it (and sticking within points) - I think my mood changes quite a bit(not for the better I might add!) with carbs....is that normal?


Mistress of the Dark
Just been reading this and you have done great! I'm currently on CD but working up the plans to come off it. I can't decide between low GI or Slimming World so this has definitely given me something to think about. Thanks :) x
Elvira, I think that the low carb/low GI is the way to go after a vlcd which restricts carbs anyway.

If you can stay away from the dreaded stuff while on CD I would say keep restricting them - they are totally addictive and make you want more :eek:

That was always my issue with SW - I could eat as much pasta/potatoes/rice as I liked...and I liked a LOT!


Mistress of the Dark
Lol thanks hun, I'm coming up the plans now in preparation for whatever I decide to do. I'm not a carb freak, I do enjoy my carbs but I can limit them. I'm going to try and stick to red days to begin with lol x

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