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Liz's re feed diary- Week 5 onwards


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DAY 36

Breakfast- Chocolate shake with coffee and ice.

Lunch- Last nights chicken with salad. WW fruit yoghurt.

Tea- Was my little boy's 6th birthday party, so buffet tea!!

Drinks- Coffee's and water.

Exercise- 10x min vibro plate, 15min walk.

No weigh in this week, have been too naughty!! Hopefully will be a lot better for next week!
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Just getting my reply in so im subscribed! :giggle:


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Aw thanks both of you for the encouragement and keeping an eye on me lol


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DAY 37

Breakfast- Strawberry milkshake with ice

Lunch- Baked jacket potato with lf mayo, with rocket and plum tomatoes. WW toffee yoghurt

Tea- 2 x quorn sausages, baked jacket potato with lf mayo and mixed veg. Mixed fruit with lf yoghurt.

Drinks- Coffees and water.

Exercise- 50 x sit ups, 20 x press ups, 40 mins walking.


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Oh i'm always lurking around! :hide:



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DAY 38

Breakfast- Vanilla shake with ice and coffee

Lunch- Tuna with lf mayo, salad. WW yoghurt.

Snack- (at 5pm, as at work until 8pm) 2 slices ww grain bread, 1 slice lean ham, lettuce and tomato, pear.

Tea- Salmon, baked potato with lf mayo and mixed veg. Mixed fruit and lf natural yoghurt.

Drinks- Water and coffees

Exercise- So far today 10 min vibro plate, and 30 mins walk. Tonight usual sit ups, press ups and exercise bike.

Feel really bloated after tuna salad!! Put far too much mayo on tuna, thank goodness only 30cal tbsp! Still not good!! So far managing to stave off the cravings, tea time and night time are my bad times, but so far focused!! Fingers crossed. Undecided about whether to get weighed tomorrow, have been on the scales at work, and looks like I have sts the same, couldn't cope with a gain, so may leave it until next week!!


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DAY 39

Breakfast- Chocolate shake with ice and coffee

Lunch- WW bagel toasted with laughing cow extra light cheese, ham, lettuce and tomato, small side salad. WW yoghurt.

Dinner- My mum and dad brought the tea round and I cooked!! Not impressed with their choice, yummy but not very good calorie wise!!! All M and S foods!! Gammon joint marinated in honey (only had the middle bit lol), new pototoes cooked in rosemary and olive oil! (Only had 3), mixed veg. Mixed fruits with baby meringues- quite surprised they were only 15kcals each, so had 2!! Topped with lf natural yoghurt, they all had cream!

Drinks- Coffees and water.

Exercise- 70 x sit ups, 30 x press ups, 90 brisk walk.

I have been formally offered the role in my job as witness care officer at gmp. Over the moon, passed all the checks, so start on Jan 4th. Great start to the new year, can't wait!! Will be leaving my current job after 8 yrs, will be really sad to go, but it has come at the right time. New start, in all aspects. New house (been here 3mths), new figure, new single life(after 9yrs of marriage)!!! Now a new job. Just need a posh new car to top it all off lol
Well done Liz, looks like everything is coming together for you at the right time x
Well done on the job hun and congrats on being so strong with food. Your doin really well.


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awww brilliant news liz!! :) xxx

Breakfast- Vanilla shake with ice and coffee

Lunch- 2 x quorn sausages, 2 x quorn bacon rashers, 2 x scrambled egg made with skimmed milk, 4 x mushrooms and tomatoes grilled on George, 2 x toasted slices off ww grain bread topped with laughing cow extra cheese. WW fruit yoghurt.

Tea- Same old Sunday lunch had for the past 4 weeks!! Love it though. Pork cooked on George, mixed roasted veg and roasted spuds. Mixed fruit and lf natural yoghurt.

Drinks- Coffees and water.

Exercise- 70 x sit ups, 50 x press ups, exercise bike, 30 min run/ walk in the park with the boys and the dog, 40 x mins exercise dvd's.

Ate far too much today and feel really huge!!!! Thought I may have combated it with extra exercise, but feel really bloated tonight!!! This is just going downhill!!

Breakfast- Vanilla shake with ice and coffee.

Lunch- Last nights pork and roasted veg mixed with small salad. WW yoghurt.

Tea- Wholemeal pasta, mixed veg and 1/4 breast of chicken.

Drinks- Coffees and water.

Exercise- 10 x min vibro plate, 30 min brisk walk, 70 x sit ups, 40 x press ups, exercise bike, 20 min dance dvd.

See earlier post 'really messed up'. P***d off to say the least!!
Hi Liz

Are you ok? Not seen you around for a few days, which is unusual....

Look forward to seeing you here again.

Take care
Thank you for checking on me. Just been really fed up. I think that past few months has taken its toll!! Hubby not making the seperation very easy, which is not helping! Cannot wait to start my new job, hopefully that will help with the new start and put everything else behind me.

On a plus side, reluctantly went for my weigh in yesterday and have lost 4lbs, :cool: so lost the 2lb gain plus another 2lbs. Just 3lbs off 8 stone total loss, weight now 9st 6lbs.


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Hey liz - well done on your loss :) :hug99: x
Went to pick up some more shakes yesterday, and thought I would get weighed again, managed to lose another 1lb in 2 days!!!!
Well done wow you are really losing alot. I hope im as lucky as you on dat front.

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