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LL Doctor problems!


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I will bring you up to speed first...

I moved in April, registered at a new DRs on April 20th.

I went to get my form signed a couple of weeks ago to enable me to start LL and they wouldn't do it as they don't have my notes yet. They said they could take 6-8 weeks.

My LLC said I could start CBT for a couple of weeks then the foodpacks when the form is completed.

Called again today - still no notes. CBT starts tomorrow.

Decided I would call my old DRs to see what was going on with my notes. New surgery hasn't even requested them yet!

Asked if I could go and see them to get the form completed. She asked "what form" I explained and she said "I don't think we do that here" I explained that I thought DRs supported LL. She said I would have to call back to speak to the Practice Manager in the morning.

Have tried to call my LLC, hopefully she will get back to me when she can.

If old DR won't do it and new DR haven't requested notes yet it could be 8 weeks before this is all sorted out!

I have mentally prepared myself and waited for weeks to start on 27th.

I am gutted! :cry::cry::cry:

What can I do?

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Sorry to hear that Kat.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think I have read on here that other people who had issues with getting their gp's to sign went to see a private one, and they signed it for them (for a fee, of course).

May be worth giving your LLC a call, as I am sure she would know if there are any in the area that would do that for you.

Hope you get it sorted and can start when you want to! :)


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Hi Kat,
Sorry to hear you're having problems with your form!
My GP surgery do not support LL (not sure why!) so i had to go to a private GP who signed it off no problem for a small fee of £15 (best £15 i've ever spent i would say!!).
Speak to your LLC she may know of some good local GPs who are willing to sign your form for a fee.
Hope you get sorted soon & good luck on your LL journey


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Oh dear...I am not sure what to do in this situation, but if it was me I think I would make an appointment to see old GP and explain the situation to him/her as secrataries for doctors dont always know what forms the doctors will or will not sign. I know when I called my surgery and asked to speak directly to the doctor the secretary sucked in her breath and repeated "speak to her?" as if I had asked to speak to the Queen. Honestly I would have had better luck getting through to the Queen herself!!
Let us know how you get on hun. Good luck.


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I am going to call to speak to the practice manager in the morning. The difficulty is that I am no longer registered with them although my notes have not yet been requested by the new surgery but I am going to try and speak very sweetly, calmly and ask for an appt.



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Good...you go Kat and if you get no joy there then why not ask them if you can take your notes yourself to the new doctor. I know we have a legal right to see them (I think we do anyway?) but not too sure if they will allow you to take them!! Still no joy then do as the others said and go private!
Good luck.


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Hi Kat, I personally think the best bet may be to go private,but understand you want to avoid that if poss.That would be next logical step if GP refuses.Good luck x
Hi Kat, I had to go private and even though it cost me £60 there was no messing and I had the signed form in my grubby little mitts in 10 minutes!

Definitely worth it as some members in my group had a right palarva with their GPs.



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I have no problem going private whatsoever - have no idea how to go about it though!

I don't mind paying at all!

my LLc told me about the one where i went but you can just do a google search for private surgeries in your area then give them a call!


Jo B

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I would definitely suggest speaking to your LLC - a couple of people in my group had problems with their doctor signing the form and my counsellor referred them to a private GP who is very supportive. He charged £30 and did them a really good check up apparently - much better than my doctor that didn't care and still charged me £30 to just sign the form (and planted the seed of doubt that because my blood pressure was quite high, due to the stress of seeing her I might add, that I might not be able to start!)


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Thank you for all your replies and suggestions! MY LLC called me today - shehas given me a number to call a DR and arranged an appt. She said that she can usually see me in 2-3 days, she will come to me and will charge £50.

I am allowed to start the CBT tonight and all being well I will get an appt, the form signed and be raring to go with the foodpacks next Wednesday!

Will keep you posted!


Ps: I have tried to call the number and it is a digit short! lol Will speak to my LLC and get the correct one tonight.


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Yay! The DR is coming to see me on Tuesday. She sounds lovely. I can start on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A happy Kat!!


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That's great news Kat. You will not regret it.

Good luck on your journey x


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Thank you Becky! I went along to CBT last night. There were 3 of us (hope to have 3 more next week) and we all got along great! I can't wait to get started now!



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My Doctor didn't turn up at 1700 :( she hasn't called, she doesn't answer her phone.

Aw, thats out of order. Maybe she is stuck in traffic. Phone off, or out of signal. Don;t give up. Go along to group anyway, and if need be, find another private doc, just make a few calls from the phone book if necessary.

Don;t give up!! Good things come to those who wait, and it will just strengthen your resolve!!

<hugs> YOu'll get there. You will.
Don't despair or give up

Plenty more doctors in the sea.Maybe she had an emergency to deal with.


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I am flat as a pancake! :( Will hopefully hear from her tomorrow


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