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LL drinks, Psyllium Husks and Sennakot

Ok, I know there are threads about the last two but before I start using them I just want to know if anyone has ever had any problems losing weight when taking sennakot?

Same with the LL "drinks" (the sweet ones). I'm thinking of stopping those because the 3 weeks I have used them were my 3 lowest loss weeks. I'm going to see what happens this thursday and then try two weeks without them,

And psyllium husks - I have capsules - am I right in saying just empty the capsule's contents into shakes? It doesn't look like much to bulk anything but goodness knows I need to.
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Andy, I asked LLC if the 'drinks' would slow down my loss and she reckoned 'not' as they made an allowance for them in the diet. I read on the side of the tub that 500mls made up of the 'sunshine orange' is 5 calories,and the 'st clements' is even more!
If you have 4 litres of water with the additives it works out a max of 40-50 cals, not much really I suppose but I will be interested in your LLCs comments, keep us posted.
As for the sennakot ......I don't think I could do without them. Again I was told it was ok to use them.
Sorry I'm not much help but again I am very interested to hear your LLCs comments.
I don't use the drinks flavours but I couldn't do without the senakot. The week I used the psyllium husk tablets I had a seriously low loss but then I was taking them as tablets so that may have had something to do with it, just using the powder might be different.

Hope someone else can tell you what you need to know :).

Emma xXx
Hi I used psyllium husks while on CD I bought the husks rather than tabs or powder .I used to make the shakes into a warm porridge .I dont think they made any difference to my weight loss .I used to get them from herbmoon (think that what they were called ) found them on ebay first but they do have a internet shop .Deffinatly helped to bulk out so didnt get constipated as much good luck xx

I always used Dulcolax as that is what our LLC said was OK to use.

Then it reached the stage where I needed more regular help and did not want to be taking laxatives all the time so I started using Psyllium Husks - which worked, but I was not craz about them in any packs at all - made them disgusting so I would just mix it in a small galss of water and chuck it back as quickly as possible.

I got sick of that, so started using FibreSure Capsules - 3 a day, or twice a day - whatever it said to do, but I added one caps each time so took 3 instead of 2. Worked an absoulte treat.

Then I found psyllium capsules and used them for a spell too adn that was fine.

No probs with any of these with regard to ketosis, - so Andy, I think you'd be fine taking the capsules and not have to dump the powder into your shake, etc.

Main thing too - is keep up with the water - that is what slows us down, etc. And ifyou drink a lot of coffe, like me, you need to drink even more water because the coffee removes the water from our system, etc.

Hope that helps.

Still not able to buy a ticket to ride the porcelain bus :(

Anyway, thank you everyone. I took the sennakot last night and will try again tonight, If still no action will chat tomorrow with LLC.

Just my luck I could have gone an hour ago if I'd not been travelling to and from the vet!

SOrry you are suffering - I had a fair amount of trouble in this area.

Things that helped me - as mentioned above of course SH, Dulcolax (sometimes I had to take 3-4 - you may be at that point. Package said 2-4 so it was OK). I also found soaking in a warm/hot bath and massaging my abdomen in a sort of downard stroke - lol - (the things we discuss here ay!?) I also tried getting more walking in then usual. THose things finally all pay off.

ITs horrible when it all comes to a standstill.

Don't let it go too long - I had once occassion, if I was not successful, I was going to go to A&E as it gets nearly unbearable if it goes to far. You have my sympathys!! :(

Hope you feel better mate! :)
Thank you, BL *hugs*.

It was walking that left me feeling I could go (but was stuck outside). So I am hopeful that will come. I may just go for a long walk around the flat! Tempted by the hot bath and perhaps even a hot water bottle. In fact will get the bottle now.

Will talk to LLC tomorrow but sounds like if the senna doesn't work I'll have to get the delcolax.

Thanks again - I won't leave it to become a big problem! I just really want to go before tomorrow night as I don't want to have to be weighed with a pound and a half of concrete in me!
Yep I'm already back struggling with this - just taken my first two psyllium husk tablets ..... hope something moves soon.
Cheers Andy - you too :D
I managed to go today which I was delighted about but still feel a little full. I will take more sennakot tonight and think abotu starting the husks (powder) at the weekend.

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