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LL or CD. Any advice?

I've been on LL for 3 weeks and slipped up after 14 days (too many celebrations). I lost 12 pounds but found the whole thought of 100 days of abstaining just so unrealistic for me. Social occasions were a nightmare and I just got plain grumpy. I've read the CD stuff and understand that there is more chance of me maintaining a VLCD through CD than LL.
I am also about to start a new job and fitting in the LL sessions is not going to be possible. Plus I'm thinking about the cost (I know you can't put a price on your heath.....but!!!)

Any advice?

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Some on here have been on both but I've only been on CD. I know it is cheaper £35 ish and there are more flavours including tetras ready made shakes. I get all the help and support i need from my CDC and everyone on here. And i am perfectly happy with CD and there are great losses just as with LL.

Hope this helps you decide

Irene xx


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Both diets are fantastic but essentially the same in the way you lose weight i.e. ketosis, no hunger, low calorie but correct nutrition etc so if one doesn't work for you then the other is unlikely to as far as sole source is concerned.

Cambridge do offer higher calorie programmes which still offer good weight loss so maybe contact a local counsellor and talk around the 1000/1200 and 1500 programmes and see what you think.



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Totally agree with Mike. I lost most of my weight on LL and really enjoyed what I learned on Foundation as that is what has led to my sucess. I look at why when I want to eat....its never hunger....so I don't. I learnt a lot about myself on LL and this has helped me to crack it.

I am now on CD and still losing. There are more flavours....that part is great. BUT SS is the same as abstinence....there's no difference if you want to go VLCD. But CD has other diet plans which don't involve abstinence so if you think you aren't going to be able to do it, consider these.

You are paying for the head sorting out stuff on LL which if you have a good counsellor you will achieve. I was lucky with a fab LLC but I know others aren't so happy and I wouldn't pay the extra for LL unless you are getting to sort your head out with the help of your LLC.

Hope that helps !


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I am just about to complete my fourth week of LL. Mostly I find it ok, but there are times when I really, really struggle. For me, the counselling is a huge part. My LLC is great and the group I am with are incredibly supportive to each other. I actually look forward to my Thursday sessions with them all. Having said that, the downside for me are the very restricted flavours, and bars. I find the vanilla abhorrent, and the only bars I can eat are the Nut Crunch. That one is odd, as it is the one flavour bar that the rest of group could not stomach! Just as well we are all individual.

I wish you well whichever path you take, and remember to stick with this site for the best support around!
Thank you. I have friends I've never met!!!

I think the issue for me is that discussing issues around why I eat isn't something I have felt comfortable with in my life and I have always had a concious barrier to it. I am (with irony) an experienced counsellor but I did not attend the LL counselling sessions in the first few weeks and with new work comittments will not be able to in future. I think it would be easier if I saw a counsellor privately as my eating issues stem into self confidence issues that I would prefer to deal with on my own (with a counsellor of course). I was wondering whether anyone else has done this?

With Cd I think that the flexibility would suit me better inthe long term, I have a good 4 stone to shift before I turn 30 in the summer and I'd rather find long-term sustainability than the soul destroying start-fail-start-fail of complete abstaining. I can't help but think that once I have started private counselling that abstaining will become easier. I found it quite easy for the 14 days I did abstain, but feeling deprived and as though this was my punishment for overeating all these years did not sit easy with me.

I am now rambling!!!



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