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  1. I really want to shed my baby weight and keep falling off the wagon. I done SF for two weeks a few year back and lost around 8-9lb in two weeks. My question is, does it work long term or is it something your body gets too used to? I was doing a shake for breakfast, shake for lunch and a 400-600 calorie meal around tea time with fruit for snacks if I got peckish.
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  3. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    I bet you are hungry on that, and is probably why you fall off the wagon, as well as 2 shakes you should be having 3 snacks of 100 cals and a 600 cal meal, I use one of my snacks for milk for my cuppa T's :)
    Don't be too hard on your self though, when u have a baby it is difficult to stay on track 100% all the time. Just take one day at a time, get up in the morning and tell your self that today you ARE going to stick with it, those days add into weeks and before you know it you will get on the scales to find you have lost x
  4. wobbly tum!

    wobbly tum! Full Member

    I agree with MCV in as much as you need to eat all the calories or you will be deprived and crave things that will only make you feel more guilty/likely to fall off the wagon.
    I started my weightloss (start weight 179lbs) with SlimFast/UltraSlim back in Nov last year and lost 11lbs before Christmas (168lbs). I then decided to have Christmas off (put some back on) and start Slim and Save in Jan (lost another 11lbs taking weight loss to 161lbs) but only lasted 12 days on that and I've not been able to get back into any kind of healthy eating plan since then :-(
    I've started on UltraSlim again today weighing in at 163lbs and would dearly love to get to 140lbs. I know I can do it but I just need to get in the right place. Too much eating nice things with the children and the 'ahem' odd glass of wine!
    You ask about long term but as I can see it if you were to stick to it for 3 months you could easily lose nearly 2 stone (2lb a week is 24lbs in 12 weeks, mid May) but make sure you have your snacks!
    I like eating biscuits, chocolate and crisps so I factor then into my snacks. 2 biscuits are around 100 cals, quavers are 88 cal and a mini fudge bar is 64. I can have ALL of those if I want as my snacks and I don't feel deprived. I log everything on MFP and am true to myself (even when I'm naughty!). If I have a light dinner I can even squeeze in a small glass of wine. It's all about portion control.

    If you want a buddy I'll set the challenge that BOTH of us will lose 24lbs byt May 17th? That will take me to goal and you soo much closer. I felt so much better about myself after the 1st 7lbs and it really spurs you on to lose more.

    Good luck x
  5. LouMo

    LouMo Full Member

    What do u have for dinners wobbly yum? X
  6. wobbly tum!

    wobbly tum! Full Member

    I pretty much eat what the family eat. I have 2 daughters (age 3 and 5) and a VERY fussy hubby (no fruit or veg shall ever pass his lips!) so I tend to eat what every one else eats but less of the calorific stuff and more veg/salad.
    Monday night we had meatballs and pasta (meatballs made with extra lean mince and seasoning) and I have less pasta and loads of salad.
    Tuesday night was a lazy one and we had 'freezer food'! Oven chips and fish so I had lots of veg with mine to bulk it out and less chips.
    Wednesday night we had chicken Fajitas, one tortilla wrap with lots of veg and salad with some chicken.
    Last night we had toad in the hole, roast potatoes and lots of vegs. Last night I went over my calories because I LOVE yorkshire pudding and picked at the girls food but it is possible to eat within cals. Low fat sausages, skim milk in yorkshires and fry light roasties. It is really possible to still eat 'normal' food but just tweak it so it's less fat/calories, much like slimming world :)


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