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Looby loser's diary

Morning everyone. Like a bad penny i'm back and feeling super motivated. Want to do this but moreover i need to do it,AND NOW. Had an op 4 months ago which has not been succesful. Got to have an MRI in 2-3 weeks so my first goal is to get a stone off before then. Got this vision of me being stuffed in there like a giant sausage roll!! My intention is to spend a lot of time on here while i've got all this time on my hands and learn as much as i can and get inspired by all the success stories. Sorry if i end up being like a stalker following anyones diary. I want to post regularly so i can keep track of how i'm feeling, what works for me and what doesn't. I'd love to lose four stone but i'm going to break it down into smaller chunks so it's not too daunting. Yesterday was my first day and i had

B:bacon,egg and mushrooms

L:Tuna,green salad and mayo

T:pork chop,cauli,spring greens
sugar free jelly

Need to drink more water today.
I would be really grateful for any help and support and a kick up the a*** when needed. Please tell me when i'm doing the wrong thing.Gonna be a long journey so i can learn as i go along. Ooh i'm so excited:)
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Hello Looby ... Welcome back... Good menu and yes you've got it - more water, it really does help!

I can relate to the dreaded MRI machine ... I've had some very embarrassing moments getting into them in the past ... Good luck! :)
Hello and first menu looks great and yes I agree on the water - not been doing this for long but everyone on here is so friendly and supportive - looking forward to stalking you back xxx

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Wow 10 lbs in 2 weeks. You must be buzzing!Have you found it easy to stick to?

B:boiled eggs
L:prawn salad
T:mushroom soup,chicken in chili powder and salad,jelly and 2tbs double cream

Can you use veg stock cubes and am i ok with black tea please?
I have found it extremely easy to stick to, always make sure I have eggs, cheese, spinach and meats in the fridge and have mayonnaise and double cream on hand to replace gravies by making sauces/dips with them, I buy frozen broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage as always end up throwing the fresh stuff away and gluten free sausages from Asda were my life saver

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Thanks Looby ... I still have the head stuff going on like I've always had so have to keep my head in check a lot of the time ... Good advice from Michelle :)
Thanks for the tips there Michelle. Some really useful ideas,especially the sauages. Think i'm gonna enjoy the food on this diet. Just read through your diary and found some great meals. Gonna be some creative cooking going on this week me thinks.

Di, what do you mean the head stuff?As in confidence,motivation etc?
Well it's bedtime for a very happy me. 2 whole days on the diet. Who said i wouldn't stick to it? Night everyone x


This is for life
Hi and welcome. Agree this is the best way of eating ever - and i never imagined i could actually lose weight:D

Feel free to stalk away - use our diaries to get some ideas and keep going!
Good luck
Thanks.Got plenty of time on my hands at the minute so doing lots of reading on here. Was a bit worried about snacking but to be honest i've not felt the need yet. Been quite full on the meals. Struggling a bit with the water. So much easier to get it down in the summer. I normally drink weak black tea so i'm hoping that's ok.
Just reading your stats. You've done brilliantly. I'll have a read through see how you've done it. I'm still thinking i need low fat everything and hard to get my head round having oil,cream and stuff. Shower then fry up it is then. Bring it on. Have a good day xx
Morning Looby... You sound really focused ...

My head stuff is about me not listening to my stomach telling me that I've had enough to eat and still wanting more... It's about when I get stressed I just crave rubbish and I want to sabotage the diet... My head stuff is very linked to my emotions so if I've had a bad day I feel hungrier! Lol ... Sometimes my mouth is so hungry that I have to eat a lot of the day's menu until the craving goes! I'm a nutter! Hence I've had a lot to lose ...

Good luck with your journey :)


This is for life
I drink quite a lot of tea but now limit myself to only few real and then lots of decaf
I'll get some decaf to try. Tea's one thing i can't give up. Thanks.

Di, i know exactly what you mean. I gotta self destruct button too. I've even asked myself if i really want to lose weight as much as think i do. Bit of a vicious circle i think. Dont want to go out cos of my weight so i eat so i dont have to go out. Jeez does that sound as daft to you as it does to me? Think maybe i need therapy not a diet!! Any phsychologists on here??
Hi Looby... Lol ... I think we all have elements of what you describe ... So you're definitely among friends here! Lol :)
Oh well thank god for that! Thought it was just me. Think i've had another good day

B:mushroom and bacon omelette
L:2 lamb chops,cauli,cabbage with a bit of watered down mushroom soup on(not sure what to use as gravy??)
T:scrambled eggs with a bit of cream. Jelly

Bit hungry tonight. What do you have as snacks? Cant face any more eggs today. Managed to drink loads of water today as i was feeling a bit headachey
Looks like you've another good menu there, I find I don't really need to snack now but when I did I had things like slices of ham wrapped around spinach and cream cheese, cubes of cheese, sf jelly with a little extra thick double cream, slices of meat dipped in a little Mayo and MIMs god bless the MIM xx

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Yeh i think i really need to try them. Dont think i'm really hungry. All in my mind cos Sunday night's usually treat night. Well most nights were that's why i'm this size. Have you had a good dayX

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