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Looking into doing the CD

Hi guys hope you are all well.
Can i firstly say how inspirational all your threads are, i am getting butterflys in my stomach reading them thinking.. that could be me one day :sigh: well i am an ex lighterlife dieter and due to personal problems i came off the diet, tried to go back to lighterlife *after putting all my weight back on :cry:* but the help wasn't the same.
Now i am at the stage in my life where I need to lose weight for myself no1 else to make me happy!!!! I have looked into CD and i am seriously considering doing it. Infact I am going to do it.
I was hoping someone could let me know the basics of CD..and is it like LL!!
Hope to hear from you guys soon..

xxxxx Jodie :eek:
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Hi Jodie,
I love doing CD. I never have to think about eating, never have to plan a meal or consider anything to do with food. I never have any dirty dishes lol, All I have is one glass for shakes, one cup for tea, and one big cup for soup, and my whizzer. Oh and of course my kettle.
I like this diet so much that I have encouraged my daughter to do it for a month (she wants to lose a stone)
So jump right in and join our club.
Good luck xx
Lynne x


Doing Slimming World
S: 22st4lb C: 20st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.5 Loss: 1st5lb(6.09%)
Hiya, welcome to Minimins.

On CD you have a choice of sweet powdered shakes (which you make up with a minimum of 8fl oz of water), savoury soups, bars, porridge and tetra's - which are little cartons of ready mixed drinks. The flavours of the tetra's are choc, banana and strawberry.

There are different programme levels to follow - the main one being sole source which is where you have cambridge products and nothing else. You also have to drink at least 2.25 litres of water a day ontop of whatever you use to make your cambridge meals with.

Not sure if this was what you needed to know, but I hope it helps you a bit and let us know what you choose to do.

PS: My Bro & Sis in Law did LL - my SIL lost 5 stone on it but apparently CD has a lot more flavours :).
Thanks guys, thats a great help, yes when I was doing LL, we all noticed CD had more flavours and i was told that the packs are better tasting than LL lol but i got used to the LL shakes, u seemed to get customed to the lumps, i wasn't to good at mixing it up!! haha
So with CD do you still attend weekly meetings and weigh ins? and have councilling sessions?
xxx Thank you xxx


Doing Slimming World
S: 22st4lb C: 20st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.5 Loss: 1st5lb(6.09%)
I have a blender called a Genie and it is a lifesaver! It cost me £20 from Makro, but you can get stick blenders from Tesco which are cheap and good I hear.

Yes WI's are in weekly, mine are one on one at my CDC's house & last for 15mins ish. I wouldn't call it counselling, but you do get the chance to go through stuff with him/her, ask questions and have a chat and get your products. I love WI and look forward to it - just wish it was a bit longer, but then she is so busy it's just the way it goes.
Thanks, will look into it tomorrow and contact my closest CDC and will no doubt be back to tell you how it went... :) really looking forward to this...If i can be determined enough to do LL i can do CD!!! :) hopefully next year ill be "normal" :) xx

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