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Loose Skin after Weight Loss?


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I read this on the SW website FAQ's and just wondering for those people who have lost quite a bit of weight have you noticed this problem with loose skin?

Q: Do you have any advice for getting rid of loose skin?

A: We are aware of some members finding they have excess or loose skin after quite large weight losses, although this does vary from person to person and can depend on the amount of elasticity in the person's skin.

There are no specific exercise that would be better than others for preventing loose skin. However, all exercise - both aerobic and toning are good for toning your body whilst you slim and for your general health.

We always recommend members with significant amount of weight to lose aim to lose at a steady, healthy rate of around 1-2lbs a week and participate in regular physical activity whilst slimming, which can tone the underlying muscles and help prevent the appearance of excess skin.

We have been informed by medical advisors that cosmetic surgery can remove excess skin, but this can leave scarring. We find that many of our members learn to disguise excess skin with clothing or accessories. Do remember that your overall health and fitness will undoubtedly have benefited from your excellent weight loss.
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Hey hon

I have lost just over 9 stone. I lost the weight pretty quickly in a year, and did a lot of excercise throughout. Also I am late 20's so think age is just about still on my side lol.

I personally am happy enough generally, tho now and again I notice loose skin randomly, like on my back lol. But generally I am happy enough. My tummy has a bit of droopy lose skin, but then I have had 2 babies so can't expect it to be great anyway to be fair. My bum is pretty droopy and it and my thighs are very cellulitey. To be honest I am ok with it, I am so happy with my new figure, so it doesn't really get to me too much. Also I am married and my hubby has seen me at 20 stone, so I feel confident in front of him anyway however I look lol. Perhaps I will feel differently in the future, who knows!


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This is one of the things that scared me from the start, I had 10 stone or so to lose back in last January.

I am nearly 6 stone down the road now (5 stone 10¾lbs to be precise hehe) and no sign of any loose skin so far. Touch wood!

Mind you, I have been doing a fair bit of exercise, I'm fitter now than ever!

I always decided that if I did get to goal and had loose skin anywhere I would go under the knife. Still gonna do that but it is looking less and less likely I will need it.

I guess this post is just a shameless brag hehe ;)


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Meant to add, it does bother me the amount of people that ask me to my face if I have loose skin, especially when its people I don't really know. Not one friend or family member have asked me about it yet strangers think its ok to ask!!!! Whilst I am more than happy to be honest and frank about it on the internet, I am not so keen on discussing it in person - plus I feel its a very negative reaction from people when they hear of my loss - to me they look quite disgusted when they ask - but maybe I am just paranoid!!!


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I've lost five stone now. I've noticed loose skins. My boobs are quite bad, they look not awful, but deflated somwhere. The skin looks puckered and quite stretchy.

My bingo wings are awful. When I hold my arm out you see the shape of my arm then loose saggy skin underneath it.

My tummy is also pretty bad, but I'm hoping when I lose more weight that'll snap back.

I'm only 24 and I do work out so I'm just hoping that as I go on (as theres still enough 3 stone to target) it'll improve


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It's impossible to predict I'm afraid. It depends on a number of factors such as age, genetics, skin elasticity, how much you've lost, how quickly you lost it and whether you exercise.

I lost 7 stone at around 32 and didn't have much, if any, loose skin but whether that would be same at 40 or 50, who knows?


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I am in my early 30's but just wondering as it is something that I am concerned about as I am losing weight quite quickly at the moment.
Really appreciate the sincere replies in this thread as I know it's something not many people like to talk about.
I guess I just have to wait and see what's in store for me, but I'll try to keep exercising and toning in the mean time.

hayley morgan

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i lost 9 stone about 7 years ago (stupidly using slimming pills) lost it all really quickly over an 18 month period and have awfull loose skin now its discusting i have saggy belly saggy legs and saggy bingo wings. but.......... as mad as it sounds what is better the saggy skin or the rolls of fat i know which i prefer. when i spoke to my doctor about it he said that sometimes when the skin has streatched as far as it can go it just looses the elasticity and will never go back. having said that everyone is different and what happens to one persons body may not happen to another. all i can say is exercise regularly to tone and hopefully your body will sort itself out. xx

Wasted Ink

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I've been concerned about this, too. I carry most of my weight on my legs/bum, but I do have a tummy and getting loose skin is my worst nightmare. Argh. If you've not had any after 3 stone + is it unlikely to happen? :confused:

My arms and lower tum are a bit flabby, but I can tell it's fat still under there and not loose skin (for now!)

What's the best skin-firming lotion to try?


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Hi Meli,

I am 30 and have lost 4.5st so far, still got a way to go though. I have not noticed any loose skin yet, my arms are a lot smaller, and no bingo wings yet.

Like Wasted Ink, my tummy is still flabby but I too know there is still fat under there.

I have done a lot of swimming though (approx 4 hours each week), which I think has definately helped.

Wasted Ink

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Yeah. I think it's a combination of a lot of things. My Mum lost over 4 stone when she was my age and did not have any at all. And she didn’t even exercise. I’m praying I have her genetics and don’t get any either. I have lost 2 ½ stone and have none so far, but I still have over 3 stone to go, so god only knows what will happen.

But from all the advice I’ve read on the internet you should:

Lose no more than 2lb a week,
Do an hour of cardio a day and weight train around 4 times a week
Use a skin-firming cream that is scientifically proven to improve skin firmness.
Exfoliate/body brush
Stay hydrated - drink ten glasses of water a day

Of course, someone could do all of this and still get loose skim. So obviously genetics and age is the most important factor. But I want to reduce my chances as much as possibe, so do all of the above.


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HI there I was just wondering if anyone had done all the suggestions above and found it helpful? This is one of my main concerns about losing weight but I understand that even with a bit of loose skin i'll be so much more healthier loosing weight in the long run!! I really need to start drinking more water!! ekkk!! I also need to do the cleanse thing I never look after my skin properly awful!! Mwah Maz Xx : )


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I have a lot of weight to lose, and have been doing toning exercises along with my slimming world journey, I also moisturise religiously day and night which I think helps :) x


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Hey again Anna I bet your bright post cheers everyone up!! it's so colourful and funky!! What do you do to tone if you don't mind me asking!! Sounds silly but do you just mosturise with body lotion or cream? I'm really not clued up on beauty stuff ha ha!!I always try to put cream on but I just forget!!

Mwah Maz Xx : )


One girl I knew who'd lost about 7 stone (in her 20's, and LOADS of exercise throughout weight loss) swore by the Palmers Cocoa Butter cream. You'd never have guessed she ever been anything but a slim and sporty, tall size ten. No saggy skin OR stretchmarks, so that's what I buy. I hardly ever get around to putting it on though as I can't be doing with spending the extra time in the bathroom, but should do as I love the smell of it and it makes my skn feel lovely and soft.


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I lost 11 stone couple of years ago and I did it through ww and alot of exercise, but I have to say I had alot of lose skin, found myself constantly trying to hide it, but better then trying to camouflage alot of weight!! Think it depends on ur skin type too, this time round I don't care about lose skin as much as long as I'm healthier!!!


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Don't know if this was a myth but when I worked in the Body shop we were told to recommend cocoa butter moisturisers for this problem. Also for pregnant ladies to put on their bellies. Could be worth a shot? Also Avon do a boob firming cream that was amazing. I bought some once and had to stop using it as my boobs were so firm they were sometimes hurting!!!!!!!!


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Ohhhh cheers for the info what's the cream called gonna go and have a look on avon! mwah Maz xx : )


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I started a thread similar to this a while back. I was concerned about saggy belly/dead skin etc.

Good news is, as people advised, if you lose it slowly and combine with exercise, everything seems to fall into place.

My exercise is walking, but I still have a bit of a belly, and am introducing (via the gym) other activities (cross-trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine etc.).

Others mentioned various firming creams et. but as a bloke I was never in favour of this idea.

Plenty of exercise will keep you right;)



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I have lost almost 5 stone so far and the only loose skin o have got is my bingo wings and just under my armpits!! (I say it looks like foreskin!! lol I know prob too much info) but coz of where it is it's pretty easy to hide :0) but any tips for toning this area would be much appreciated xx