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    Hey All,

    Im knew to CD and the forum. I was about 6 stones overweight for my height. I went on healthy eating diet in November 2007 and managed to lose 2.5 stones up until Jan 08.

    But to be honest, the weigh loss was too slow so i switched to the CD, SS. I started on Monday and am on day 4. So far so good. As i still have another 3.7 stones lose i was wondering does CD leave alot of loose skin and stretch marks behind? As the weigh loss is rapid, is skin effected?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. Musical Missy

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    Your skin isn't affected by the speed at which you lose the weight. If your skin is stretched then you're going to be left with loose skin whether you lose it over a couple of years or a couple of months. Think of it like a balloon - its going to be all out of shape and stretched whether you let the air out slowly or you pop it!
    Your age, weight and genetics all come into whether you're going to get saggy skin or not - better to have excess skin though than be fat!

    Good luck!

    MM x

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