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Loose skin.

Hello everybody, I have just signed up here after seeing another story about loose skin. I'm 19 years old and I have loose skin on my arms, legs, abdomen, back, vagina and breasts. I crash dieted when I was sixteen eating very little and what I did eat I would vomit back up. I know how silly that was and now I am left with this, I have seen my doctor numerous times, I have been consulted by a surgeon and they both said I have severe loose skin and nothing I can do will change it back other than surgery. I have been in a relationship just gone two years and he has never seen me wearing any less than a baggy vest, bra and knickers. He still to this day doesn't know about my loose skin on my vagina because I am too scared to lose him, even though he constantly says nothing will put him off, but i just can't. I would just like to know if there is anything that could help in the slightest or any cover up I could maybe do? Anything would muchly be appreciated, thank you.:)
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I'm afraid if it's that bad you might have to consider the surgery route, there's no magic cream or lotion and you can only cover it up do much. You sound like you have a very understanding and caring boyfriend, he's been with you for 2 years and if he's been around this long he will love you no matter what your skin looks like. I have loose skin to some extent and will have a lot more by time I get to the end of my journey and I know how bad it makes you feel :(
Have you been offered surgery on the NHS? If it's that bad you should have been and if I were you I'd seriously consider it because you surely don't want to feel like this about your body for the rest of your life do you?
You're still very young, so it's sad you have the loose skin problem. I lost a lot of weight age 38, I did find massage helped in a way exercise didn't. Rubbing good moisturiser vigorously into the skin seemed to help firm it slightly and give it a better appearance. I'd try anything rather than surgery.
best wishes
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If you don't want to/can't go the surgery route then how about looking for some sexier lingerie that will still cover up? A babydoll with an inbuilt bra will keep things covered enough yet revealed, along with "bigger" knickers that are still attractive, bustiers and corsets will also keep the tummy in check. And an honest conversation with your boyfriend about how you're worried about the skin.

I'm 27 and recently lost 10 stone and was left with a lot of loose skin, I had surgery on Friday - a tummy tuck (which also will lift up the pubic area if possible), arm lift and thigh lift. But it is major surgery and it is expensive if done privately.


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Just curious girloutdoors, what was the price of that/where, I am looking at something similiar for next year when I hit goal - I am hoping my cardio / weight training will help eradicate some of it, but I just know I will be left with loose skin in the areas you mentioned no matter what I do... I believe just a tummy tuck will cost me in the region of around £4000 thanks! xx
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I paid just under £10k for all 3 with Mr Khan at the Winfield Hospital in Gloucester, 5hrs of surgery and 2 nights in hospital.

Make sure the price you're given includes 2 support garments and that they don't try and chuck you out of hospital on the same day... 2 nights is about right.
For those of you willing to pay for surgery for excess skin, why not get your GP to refer you for plastic surgery, with the local Primary Care Trust paying for it. Get some professional photos done of your excess skin problem otherwise they will dismiss the claim and it will have to go to Appeal and that takes ages. Very loose skin is bad psychologically, limits the ability for exercise and also nasty infections can get into the folds and creases of skin unless it is meticulously cared for.


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Weight and resistance training may help reduce the effect. If you don't want to use the gym, try looking up "The Firm". They are a series of DVD and equipment from the US and they are very popular. Surgery is probably your best option.

I have been in a position in asking the NHS for a cosmetic proceedure so I have a rough idea what they do. I think given your age and the fact it's affecting your ability to have sex, you would be considered (as sexist as it seems, the PCT work on the premise you eventually want to have a family and not being able to have one because you are unable to bring yourself to have sex affects your quality of life!).

You first need to talk to your doctor. Every PCT is different. Some are quick to fund these operations for exceptional circumstances and some you really have to battle with. You need to make it clear to the doctor you are suffering DEEP EMOTIONAL DISTRESS and never leave without insisting you are examined. The doctor will refer you for an appointment with a surgeon and in some cases a psychologist. If they offer you counselling, do take it, you will need it.

The surgeon and psychlogist will decide if you are an exception case and send a request back to the doctor who you will need to see to confirm you want to go ahead. This goes to the PCT who then decide if they think you are an exceptional case. In the event they turn you down, keep appealing. It's not uncommon to be turned down first time. Get yourself a PALS officer (contact the NHS for one). If you are unclear about your treatment or have questions they can help.

I hope that helps! :) Good luck with sorting this out!
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