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lorry driver needs advice desperately

can anyone give me some advice. i am a man aged 41 overweight and a long distance lorry driver. i live in the lorry all week what can i eat to help me lose weight,i could do with a diet plan.i have a small oven,gas hob and chiller fridge.the 1st 2 days are fine as i can take some fresh food with me.
but the rest of the week i do not know what to eat.iget very little exercise only at the wend when i play rugby.what can i take with me so i can stick to a diet.i need to lose 4 stone,i just seem to be putting weight on, as im grabbing stuff on the move all the time.im starting to get desperate.when im home i eat very healthy and watch what im eating many thx
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what about trying the LL, Lipotrim or cambridge diet? Although you may need more engery that these diets would give if considering you work hard. Do you jus drive? or do you unload stuff? Im not very good with food but sure there will be someone here in a while to help

becky :)
If you dont fancy a VLCD then can you get to a supermarket or not??

If not then we have to get our thinking caps on, pasta that is dried so you can boil, jacket potatoes for the oven, tins of tomato etc.

Im sure between us we can find a plan for you, how do you want to proceed?
For long distant lorry drivers its best not to start straight away on a VLCD. I would recommend the 1200 cal programme. You can have 2 CD per day this could be a bar and a ready made carton so no problem with mixing up or wanting a choccie fix.

Then cereal in the morning, light lunch, and evening meal from selected foods listed in the booklet.

On 1200 cals you would feel good and not experience some of the side effects experienced on the very low calorie programmes.
The problem is its a manual job and i do get hungry.I cannot get to a supermarket in the week as im always busy.I dont think cambridge diet will work for me as i cannot see it taking away my hunger.I am determined to do this but i need some advice off you knowledgeable people.
I will need to take 4 days food with me enough to feed me but not enough to put on weight.I can take chilled food in my coolbox.
many thx darren
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How about telling us what you would normally take and eat - maybe we can then point you in the direction of healthier alternatives.

Vicky's idea of pasta, jacket potatoes are good. Baked beans are healthy.

What type of food do you like?? What do you drink??
hiya well i tend not to have bfast but grab something at dinner, pie kit kat etc.at night i have a packet of rice and tins of curry,stew etc.i know its not good but i want to change the way i eat.i also drink a lot of coffee with milk no sugar.i drink a couple of cans of pop a day as well.im not keen on beans but the pots sound a good idea.i need to know what i should take with me,if i have it with me i wont be tempted to snack and eat rubbish.
I would be tempted to have jacket potatoes and tinned spaghetti, also the pasta and sauces are nice, have you thought about low fat sausages, they are lovely with savoury rice. Dried pasta with tinned tomatoes and chopped lean bacon, scrambled eggs and chopped ham on wholemeal toast.

Dont skip breakfast, have some porridge or scrambled egg on toast every day first thing, it kick starts your metabolism and stops you wanting to snack later.

Another good one would be soups, there are so many varieties out there, I love the new heinz soups of the world(except the chicken Korma!)

I think its a case of thinking and planning, why not plan a journeys worth of meals on here and then ask for advice??



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instead of buying pies buy a wrap instead, preferably a bean one (will give you energy) or a chicken one.
Try and stay away from the likes of red meat - if you buy crisps just get lower calorie ones like quavers or skips.

soups are an excellent idea, even cup a soups to have inbetween your meals.
Cereal too, you can make sachets of porridge just with hot water.

maybe list a weeks worth of food diary, then we can see what you can change to lower the calories.


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Deff not cambridge. Dont think you could cope will the constant loo trips every 20mins!!

There is a company called Go lower, they prepair your meals for you, and you just heat them up, its a bit expensive but all your healthy meals are ready for you. Think they deliver once a week or something.

Go Lower
in the same boat

Hi thier, im in the same boat as moggy, away all week eating crap and piling on the weight, would love some help if someone can spare the time to actually put a plan together for me..heres an example of my eating habit.

12:30, choc bar,crisps,bacon sandwich
18:00 tin of stew, 4 slices bread n buttter
19:45 few biscuits/crackers

my evening meal consists of beans or meals in tins ready to eat just heat.

I love bread though..i hear this isnt too good for you, is brown better?.

any help on this matter is greatly received.
I think the best thing to do is to opt for healthier options and do something like the Rosemary Conley diet. Buy products, foods with less than 5g of fat per 100 grams OR 100ml.

Firstly, drink plenty of water so as to sate the hunger pangs (some of which are thirst not hunger). Buy a bunch of bananas and other fruits that you like; eat them on the go instead of a kit-kat, follow eating fruit with a swig of water - you'd be surprised how full you feel after that.

For food - again aim for things less than 5g fat per 100 ml or grams. It's not ideal, but how about the Uncle Ben's microwave rice (which could be done in an oven) which is less than 5g fat per 100 ml/g. If you're passing a Tesco, Asda etc. buy a few chicken thighs to go with for your protein. If not buy some blanched nuts (not salted) to help you get your protein fix. Also consider buying a few tins of ready made slim fast to help you through too.

Ok what I've outlined above isn't ideal HOWEVER it's a fix for the week that'll get you through so you can eat with variety on weekends e.g. salads etc. etc.


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I know everyone has their preferred diet so you will probably get lots of suggestions if you want to follow a specific plan.

Did you want to join a class where you can get weighed at the weekend?

I do the slimming world diet. You may have heard of it. This is the one with red days (unlimited proteins - limited carbs, potatoes and pasta) and green days (unlimited carbs - limited proteins) that are all listed in the slimming world plan book.

This one might work for you if you were to do red days the first couple of days when you want to use fresh food, and then green days later in the week when you can eat pasta, rice, potatoes etc.

Other than that, as cah-ching suggested, try reading packets and buying foods that are low in fat and then if you do eat out, opt for things like lean chicken and veg or salad rather than a fry up and chips.

Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you. And if you keep coming to this board, you will find that you get loads of support.

Another option although a little more hassle is to prepare a large batch of individual portion meals and then freeze them at the weekend. Before you leave you could then take enough meals to cover you during the week and keep them in the chiller so they defrost slowly and heat them up in your oven/hob. This way you will have a homecooked meal where you know the ingredients but the convienence of a prepacked meal. Supermarkets do packs of 6 individual foil containers for about £1.50.
ive had 1 load of bread to last me 5 days , 3 tins of beans n sausage, 2 tins of chilli con carne, 1 paxck of ryvita's eaten with spreadable soft cheese and a box of crunchy nut corn flakes...and the odd mars bar here n thier :)
good tips

thanks for the tips...i've gone for a stir-fry option...i take onions,noodles,peppers,sweetcorn, chuck them all in my fridge then wang them in the wok when i get parked up...and i got to say im enjoying them far more than i thought i would, its all fresh veg washed down with a nice glass of red :) :8855:
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Deff not cambridge. Dont think you could cope will the constant loo trips every 20mins!!

There is a company called Go lower, they prepair your meals for you, and you just heat them up, its a bit expensive but all your healthy meals are ready for you. Think they deliver once a week or something.

Go Lower
Hi Lizzie, Have you tried Go Lower? I have just signed up and trying to find some completed / existing / new go lowerers for some tips and support etc. Xx
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Seems like Atkins is perfect for those who are always on the road. Bacon, eggs, mushrooms (no toast though!) restaurants for a great huge steak with mushrooms and salad (no chips though). Good luck!
Weight watchers? or Rosemary conley?
diets that allow you to eat proper food seem best for someone in hard manual work.
You need to bring enough food to last the week so you are not buying meal fixes on your journey. Those ready made packaged meals often contain twice the calories of the same meal you made yourself. They are loaded in grease, salt and preservative.
potatos and baked beans/spagetti will last the week and offer a low fat alternative.
I would say 1200 calories is very low for a man. I am on 1200 calories and I am a5"5 woman who leads a sedantary life style. really you need to be looking at around 1700-800 calories as men easily burn 2200 plus per day.
Slow steady weight loss with balenced healthy meals is the answer.
Feeling hungry all the time will not encourage you to stick. This is what works for me. Basically I allow my self ANY food but anything I eat must not go over my daily allowence.
denying myself foods I craved just drove me into slipping up in the end.

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