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losing on maintenance??


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hi guys im currently on the tfr section of lipotrim and was flying for 4 weeks then had a really bad week in my 5th. i didnt cheat but i just found it reallly hard and only lost 2 pounds which made it work. i decided to stick at it and an nearly finished week 6 now but my thoughts are constantly of food and im not feeling good about this diet anymore.

i dont want to totally give up and i dont mind the shakes in the day at all but its just some days i really would rather have a meal in the evening. i was considering re feeding and going on the the maintence, then i can decide wat days i have shakes and wat days i can have a meal for one sake. is this how maintence works. and also wat do people lose on average on the maintences??
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Have a read through some diary's of people who are on maintenance, I'm not sure how to go about losing weight while on maintenance but I would have thought by having 2 shakes and a meal would make you lose weight?? Isn't that how the Cambridge diet works? Or perhaps there are other SHAKE diets which involve 2 shakes and an evening meal plus yummy snacks in between.

What about looking through the other weight loss sections and see what the losses are on Cambridge, Exante etc..

I think others on here have switched from LT to other shake diets and have had succsessful losses.
Some people just have 2 shakes and an evening meal of lean protein and veggies. This wouldnt take you out of ketosis, but I dont know how much the weight loss on average would be.


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You can lose weight on the maintenance diet. But it would be alot slower than TFR. Thats with you having chicken/white fish & veg/salad. You stay in ketosis so you should be losing. Talk to your pharmacist the next time your in. Hope this helps!!! :)


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If you want variety you could always take a look at the new you diet. They have more flavours and it seems to work the same as Lipotrim.


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S: 14st8lb G: 11st6lb
thanks guys i want to stay qith lipotrim not move but you have all been a help


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dont be disheartened keep going, I remember on my 7th week I lost 6 pounds, previously for a couple of weeks I had only lost 2 pounds.

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