losing weight is so hard work.

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    Hi guys i feel like giving up every thing i try just doesnt work ive been on xenical for a bout 3 months stuck to my calories and fat exercise 4 times a week drink loads of water i have lost about 10lbs but it has been hardwork no choc no takeaways ive even tried slimfast with it but they made me sick so ive cut my cals to 1200 and see how that goes.Has anyone got any ideas what im doing wrong everytime i see the nurse she says ive maintained and thats ok i do look a bit slimmer round the waist but thats it please help me many thanks debbie x
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    Xencial, Gym & Healthy Eating!
    How much weight do you have to loose? If you're taking in that many calories and going to the gym 4 times a week i would of though you'd of lost more than that.

    Are you doing weights at the gym? What is your average day food wise?
  4. 0121gucci

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    hi red thanks for your reply im 13stone 5ft 4 bmi 33
    breakfast oats so simple with skimmed milk plus a ski yougurt.
    Dinner 2 bread with 10g of light marg
    100g baked beans maybe a yougurt or fruit

    2 sas or a apple after noon
    T 150g of chicken breast with 100g of pots broc and carrots then gravy

    Exercise monday bums and tums
    tues Arobics
    thurs gym treadmill bike skier for 1 hour
    Fri body combat 1 hour
    sat gym treadmill bike skier for 1 hour
    sun rest
    i do this every week so you can why im worried many thanks debs x
  5. ellynewton

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    i feel for you ive been on it 3 weeks and only lost 2lb on a low fat diet with xenical but I was on lighter life before so therefore gained about 4 to 5lb when starting the xenical ive lost that so back to square one I dont honestly think it will work for me I eat about the same as you exercise wii fit 3 litres of water a day what more can I do. I ve got my monthly appt with the nurse next week and I know she is going to think that I havent tried but believe it or not Ive tried my hardest and getting a bit despondent
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    I know that you may think this is a bit of a bizarre comment, but it may well be that you are not actually eating enough. losing weight is a strange thing and unless you become anorexic with the amount of calories being very little then you will actually lose more weight at a closer amount to what you should be on normally rather than cutting back the calories further.
    It may help you to actually eat more, as at the moment you are doing a lot of exercise as well on top of your normal daily requirements, if you don't give your body enough nutrients for this it will try to slow down the metabolism (which it does by reducing muscle mass) so that you lose weight more slowly.

    as a woman you should not be reducing to less than 1500 calories a day and you should possibly eat slightly more than this on the days you exercise.
    Also xenical works best when you have nearer the fat allowance for each meal and your menu look svery very low in fat. We all have to remember that all cell regeneration needs some fat to be effective so it may be that you need to actually increase this part of your diet to get the best results.

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    I agree with Jacqui, in that for the amount of exercising you're doing, you're having way too little calories. You need fuel to burn those calories, and if you're having 1200 calories and exercising like you are, you're body is going to hold onto every bit of fat it can, and at the same time, take its energy from your lean muscle mass, which is not what you want to be doing at all :(
    At the moment I'm taking in about 1500 calories a day, and doing 30-40 mins on my exercise bike every second day ( for a calorie burn of between 250-300 calories). I'm averaging about a pound a week loss, which given the amount I've lost already, I'm ok with. Slow and steady and all that ;)
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