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Lost 50lbs in 10 weeks!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Sam - have lost 4lbs and 3lbs for each week so far on 790, which is astonishing considering the amount of food that 790 allows! One week on SS I lost 1lb! So for me 790 does definitely work!

I don't have the milk allowance, though, I have got used to black coffee!!

I have used very low-fat yoghurt in a recipe or two when using Quorn but other than that have not used the allowance.

Have had more than three tablespoons of veg too, albeit the veg from the allowed list.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Wow!!! That's amazing!!!!

To change your ticker, click on it and then click on the part that asks you to edit weight/ or update weight, follow the steps and then you can save it. HTH!!!


Wants to be a loser!

50lb in 10 weeks is AMAZING!!!!!!

Well done - at the rate you are going it won't be long before the next 50lb are off :D.

Once again congratulations - I am beaming on your behalf :p.


WOW! That is amazing!!!!:clap: Well done you. You'll be done in no time!! Vxx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Well done! Just out of interest, how much water do you drink on SS?
I don't drink vast amounts of water. I make sure that I have my 2.25L minimum of water, plus coffee or green tea on top and maybe some more water if I want it.

I have done this all the way through for both SS and 790


WOW! WOW! WOW! What inspiration for us.....well done xxxxxxxx you must be beaming like a beacon:)


Fed up of being fat
Thats great, well done!! Im on 790 and I think its a great plan. My losses have been good they average 3 - 4lb a week on the weeks Im good, but Im quite silly and slip a lot.


Serial Foodie!
wow! congrats on an amazing loss. u must be slipping down dress sizes weekly!! well done xxxxxxx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Have had a clearout of my wardrobe and cupboards!

The Charity Shop is doing well out of me, I can tell you!

Have lost four dress sizes so far.


Staff member

50lbs in 10 weeks!!!!:clap::clap::clap:

Well done and congratulations!!!

Down four sizes in clothes is fantastic:happy096:

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