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Lost my marbles.............


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Not quite my marbles but my butternut squash and sweet potato pieces :(

I was doing my weekly clean up of the fridge, getting rid of out of date stuff etc and noticed the bag of butter nut squash and sweet potato pieces, saw they needed eating and put them on the side to roast for lunch. Little boy then asked to go to the toilet and went to take him, came back to the kitchen and they've disappeared! I've checked all the obvious and not so obvious places but no sign of them anywhere..... think its an age thing. Was really looking forward to them for lunch along side my slimming world quiche thats cooking in the oven. Trying that for the first time and cause I don't eat meat I've added some of the quorn bacon style pieces to it to see how that turns out.

WHO'S NICKED MY BUTTER NUT SQUASH!!!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Aw bless you! if I had a quid for everytime I went upstairs to fetch something and by the time I got there forgot what it was I went for I'd be a rich lady :)
Maybe you took it up to the loo with you.;)

The other day I couldn't find the tin opener but knew i'd seen it. I wandered through the whole house couldn't find it, went back to the kitchen and it was right there in front of me. Crazy woman!

Hope you find it:D
do you have a dog? i know its a bit different, but we once left a black forest gateau (pre SW ;)) on the side in the kitchen to defrost, left it for 5 mins and our black labrador had scoffed the lot!! just a thought xx


Always comes back to MMs!
I am ashamed to admit how many times I have left the TV remote control in the fridge...!

You don't have any badgers living near you, do you? Friend of mine has trouble with one who comes in through the cat flap and helps himself to stuff out the freezer. :D


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I am ashamed to admit how many times I have left the TV remote control in the fridge...!

With me it's my mobile phone!!
Seriously! Cheeky sod made off with a haddock fillet, a packet of prawns and a tub of ice cream last time. And left the remains all over the garden. :D


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I eventually found it under the binbag with the old stuff from the fridge in it, I swear I looked like 5 times there and it was n't there

Mystery solved.

I've found things in very strange places I have to admit. xxx
hehe, read this thread avidly to find out where it could have gotten to!

haven't really put food items in the wrong places myself, just mixed up the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge sometimes, once i put an open carton of juice away in the glass cupboard instead of in the fridge... when i was younger, our tv remote went missing and turned up in my school bag the next day! also found my little brother's sock inside my jumper sleeve once at school...

i love the 'where are my glasses?' - 'they're on your head!' business... sometimes i've been on the phone looking for the phone, telling whoever's on the phone that i really can't find my phone, and they don't even notice! spoon in bin, yoghurt pot in sink!

glad you found it though alia! (my name too, with an extra 'a' at the beginning :)) xxx
Oh, I am one of the "yogurt pot in the sink, spoon in the bin" folk as well.

And the number of times I have put the roller from the loo roll holder in the bin, and stood there with the empty cardboard tube in my hand, looking puzzled!

Recently, I put one of my really expensive kitchen knives in the kitchen bin - and then into the bin liner that went out to the wheelie bin. Luckily I realised in time and managed to retrieve it.

Hope you find your missing item soon - you must tell us where it turns up! Did you perhaps put it back in the fridge?