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Lou's Jigsaw Unit Diet Journal - Week 4 weigh in

After a disastrous attempt at CD790 I have decided to try the Jigsaw Unit Diet as recommended by Midnight Sparkle (aka Natalie :))

I have been reading Natalie's diary for the past week and have been amazed at the variety of food included on this diet. Every day I have thought 'I could eat that' or 'If Natalie loses weight on this plan then i'm doing it too!'. Anyway, I tried CD790 but it just wasn't for me. I watched Paul McKenna on TV on Sunday night and have decide to follow his principals regarding food, etc. But I don't think I could lose weight following this way of eating, so I am combining the two. I will follow the Unit Diet but will bear in mind the principals of PAul McKenna.

I am going to have a good read through my books tonight with a pizza (tut tut :rolleyes:) then I will make a great start tomorrow with Weetabix and Skimmed Milk. Skimmed Milk is free on this diet! Yay!

Anyway, hometime. I'll check in tomorrow with my progress. It's so exciting starting a new diet, and not rejoining ww or sw for the billionth time :D

Love Lou xxx
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Thanks Hels and Sonkie

Just had my pizza :p It was scrummy, but only had half of it...maybe i'm coming down with something!!

I'm still feeling excited about starting, I think that because I know I can have weetabix for breakfast (i'm having 4 with skimmed milk to keep me going til dinnertime...I have a big apetite :))

Then for lunch i'm having 4 ham sandwiches (medium wholemeal bread, no spread, using 2 laughing cow light triangles instead), a packet of skips, an apple and a sugar free jelly. That will keep me going until teatime. That will be a total of 4 units.

Tea will be jacket potato, home made vege bolognese, 2 tsp flora diet (1 unit).

Evening will be 2 glasses of wine (3 units) and a Curly Wurly (1½)

Total = 10 units :D Sounds good in theory, lets see how it goes!

Love Lou xxx
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Queen of the Damned
Good luck Lou Lou - sounds like you are ready and raring to go!! :cool:
Just a quick update while my boss is on a toilet visit. A little off topic and quite gross, but she's on Atkins (we call it Fatkins because she is eating crisps and fried bread with her meals :D) Anyway, every morning about this time she goes to the loo and she's in there for about 15 minutes. No-one dare go after her iykwim!!!! OMG, just thought, I hope she doesn't use this forum :p

Right, I had my weetabix for breakfast. I used Splenda to sweeten my 4 weetabix and loads of skimmed milk. I think I probably had 2½-3 of the 4 biscuits as I couldn't manage anymore. It's made me think though, maybe this is why this diet works. Food is no longer seen as something to be afraid of, if i'd had 2 weetabix for breakfast i'd have been thinking and planning what mid-morning snacks I could have. But having 4 in my bowl made me stop when I felt full and I have no intention of eating until lunchtime cos i'm not hungry. Does that make sense??

I've got my 4 Ham Sandwiches with me, a packet of Skips, an Apple and a Rowntrees ready made sugar free jelly. I've also bought a copy of this weeks Look magazine. I'm planning on walking around town for 20 minutes, then coming back and spending the last 40 minutes reading and enjoying my large lunch :)

I'm really hoping this diet works for me as I feel it's something I could easily live with. I got the eBook Eating Out Guide last night, a whole individual Dominos Chicken & Mushroom pizza is only 6 units :eek: so even when we have a pizza night I don't have to miss out. Still worrying it might be too good to be true, we'll see a week today though I suppose.

Love Lou xxx


Queen of the Damned
Had to :giggle: about your boss's toilet habits!!!

I think you may well be right about the principles around the diet. Am really pleased you had such a good start, and will be watching with interest :wavey:
Hi Lou,

Just had a good read through your diary and sounds like your off to a flying start. Reading through what you've been eating was making me hungry..lol. Sounds like you've been having some yummy foods.

Have you found that eating 10 units is quite hard to do? I was finding that most days I was under the 10. Plus despite all that free food I could eat I was actually too full to eat too much of it..lol

I was tempted to try the fast track plan but figured this way is working at the moment so will try that if my weight loss becomes too slow or I hit a plateau. Afterall this is only really the first day of my second week as I took five days out with illness..

Look forward to following your unit diet progress.

Take care,
Hi Natalie

Yes, struggling to eat all 10 units. Saw a tip on the Jigsaw forum that said to have 10 units but limit free food if you find you're getting full. I'm going to try that tomorrow.

Had a successful day so far. Cornflakes for breakfast. Onion Bagel with Laughing cow light on for lunch (2 Units) plus an apple and a sugar free jelly pot (0). Work was a nightmare today, boss driving me crazy :mad: so not been able to get on here. Anyway, managed to stick to diet. Went out for morning coffees today and went for a Skinny Latte (0 units :D) and had a tube of smarties with them (2½ units). I don't normally eat chocolate in the day but they were all having doughnuts and cream cakes as we've just won a large contract and everyone was celebrating, I opted for Smarties as I didn't know the unit value of a doughnut....me thinks it's higher than 2½ though :D

Had Tuna and Pasta bake for tea, added sweetcorn to the mix. Used weight watchers cheese on top. It's not the best but at ½ unit per tablespoon it sufficed! Had 3 slices of french bread with a little flora diet on top. Stuffed!

I've got a cd choc-mint pack left so i'm going to have that tonight made with mix-a-mousse (mmmmm, angel delight!). I think CD packs are 1½ units each...will have to double check that.

I'm optimistic that this diet will work for me but I just don't think i'm going to lose weight. I feel kind of, liberated (is that the right word?) like i'm eating normal food but not feeling guilty about it. I probably sound like a loony, but I know what I mean :p

Tomorrow is going to be difficult. I am assisting Credit Control manager from HQ in a day-long task. He has offered to take me to lunch as a reward (yikes!) I will be out of my comfort zone...help!

Got a full, satisfied feeling in my tummy. That makes me happy :)

Love Lou xxx
Yes, Htpink is right. Also fill up on any bread in the bread basket. This is opposite to what other diets recommend, but bread is so low in Units its a great way to fill up without going over. Just don't add any butter :p

Thanks everyone for your replies.

Work went ok yesterday but couldn't get on here as had to do the credit control project :character00148: Went out for lunch, it was actually very easy to be unit-wise. I had melon to start (0 units) I never normally like starters but the others all picked starters so I joined in. Main course I had a Chicken Pasta dish in a tomato and basil sauce. I asked if I could swap the garlic bread side for a plain bread roll.

I had a sneaky look at the scales this morning and I appear to be 4lb down already????? This is only day 4 so i'm not sure what to make of it. I'll know for certain on Wednesday :)

I didn't snack atall yesterday, I didn't have time to really. Maybe if I kept myself busy all the time I would lose weight naturally :rolleyes: For tea I did Mashed Potato (mashed with skimmed milk 0 units) 4 Quorn Sausages (1 unit) peas, sweetcorn (0 units) and gravy (sainsburys be good to yourself 0 units). Had a cadburys fudge afterwards (1 unit).

Not sure of daily total for yesterday as I'm not sure of the actual units at lunchtime.

Here's to another good day :p

Love Lou xxx


To infinity and beyond!
Well done Lou, you seem to have made some good choices at your lunch out. I never have starter either, would rather have desert :D
4lb is terrific. Keep up the good work.


Queen of the Damned
4 lbs already is flippin marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: You sound like you are doing incredibly well!!! :clap:
Well done Lou!

I've just sent for my pack so me and my Mum will be starting the Unit diet as soon as they arrive. You guys have all be so inspiring!


Queen of the Damned
Well done Lou!

I've just sent for my pack so me and my Mum will be starting the Unit diet as soon as they arrive. You guys have all be so inspiring!
Good luck Sarah - hope you'll keep a diary and let us know how you do :)


To infinity and beyond!
I saw an advert for the jigsaw diamond package in a magazine yesterday. It is the first time I have heard of the diet outside of this forum, looks like it is really catching on now.

What can I say, your an absolute star. 4lbs already..wow, good on ya girl :) I have been reading through your diary and your truly inspiring. It's great to see another unit dieter doing so well. I love this diet so much. It's nicknamed the no hunger diet. And that is so true. I truly don't feel like I am on a diet.

Thanks for the tip on eating the units and limiting the free food. I guess it's common sense really..lol. Will try that.

I checked out doughnuts for you. They are 4 units each. So not TOO bad if you really wanted one.

I am so thrilled that everything is going so well for you. Your doing fab and I am eager to hear how much you lose on your official weigh in. Here's hoping you blow my 5lbs out of the water :D

Ooh and Carrot tit I see you and your Mum are starting. Good luck
Yep! We are just waiting for the pack to arrive and then we're off!

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