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Loving LL


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Since I returned to work this week (after being on holiday last week) I have had so many comments about my weight loss!

I literally have had about 20 comments from people ... it is great! I am over the moon!

Of course there are those negative people ...

"I prefered you the way you were before"

and when I said I am much happier now I even got

"You are sizeist!"

But ignoring those people, everyone has been really supportive and LL has got some good publicity!

... and I am only halfway there!

Stick with it everyone ... it is definitely worth it!

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that really great - you must feel a lot better, i am on LL too and have lost 23lbs in 5 weeks - am gutted i only lost a 1lb last night but still feel and look better than i did 5 weeks ago - keep inspiring !!!!


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Keep going STBS! Sometimes we have weeks with a lower loss and the body is just perculiar. It could be for any number of reasons but you might just be between two really good weeks!

It could be a massive loss next week! There is a guy in my class whose weight loss alternates each week 2lb 6lb 2lb 6lb. Strange!!
Congratulations on all the postive strokes.
You weightloss is brill but it does help to have lovely comments to spur you on even further!!
STBS - 23lb in 5 weeks is amazing!! No wonder you had a slow week - your body is probably wondering what the heck is going on!!
Thanks for sharing
Remember the positive comments at times of need, but well done for all the lovely people who see how happy you are.

Stuff the others


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