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Loving my 5th week result!


This is really the time!
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Well done fluffs! Great results! I'd usually weigh on a friday but not this month, lol, am steering clear of scales till ToM is over so i might be checking back on monday with results :)

well done again!


This is really the time!
Thanks ladies :)

Miscalcalculated TOM. That is next week. Should change the thread to my first weigh in result. Think I will do that lol
Good start there Sophs, well done love.


This is really the time!
Thank you Jim :)


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Well done Sophs!!! That's a fantastice result


This is really the time!
Thank you. It is TOM this week. So, not expecting anything major tomorrow. I have still stuck to plan though. So, if not this week, it will show next week. So, fiingers crossed!
Good luck on the WI, you never know. :)


This is really the time!
I hate weighing and getting a crap result.

I weighed this morning and I have lost 1lb in my first reductil week (started 19th June). I lost 7lb the previous week not on reds. My GP gave me reductil last week, because I have an abdominal hernia. They will see if I need surgery once I have lost weight.

It is TOM. But at SW that was my best loss week of the month.

Maybe, being on a low carb diet I am retaining water at TOM where I didn't on SW. Maybe a low carb diet does not work well with Reds. It has made me eat less for sure. Maybe eating more was better for me the week before. I may stop taking the Reductil and just do the low carb plan.

Maybe, I should just stop stressing, keep sticking to plan and hope for a nice result when my GP weighs me next week, Thurs.

Thanks for listening to the rant!lol
a pound is a pound love, you've lost 2 of these


This is really the time!
Thank you very much Jim :) You always make me smile!

On the plus side, in two weeks, my waist is 3 inches smaller. I think I can attribute this to the fact that my stomach is not bloated the way it is when i am full of carbs. My tops look nicer because of it. So, I am not saying it is the 8lbs loss. It is just lovely to not be so bloated!lol
and if your waist is slimmer, your boobs will look bigger. :D :bolt:


This is really the time!
lol...And they do!!! My best mate told me so!lol...She said (after me going from 21st4.5 to when I left SW) she had forgotten i have decent size boobs!lol

You are funny Jim!!lol

well, I like to laugh at life soph, it's too short to be pissed off all the time.


This is really the time!
For sure!! Wish some of my mates would do the same!lol
sophs if you have lost inches then you are losing weight. way to go. I'm not weighing in until next tuesday because of TOM and I gain a lot of water weight like sometimes 7 pounds. so I usually wait 1 week after to weigh..

wow jim what a picture makes you think :)
I'm lucky there Sophs, most of my mates are dead laid back, and Baxter makes me look stressed. :)


This is really the time!
Thank you morenachia! This is the first time I have veer done my measurements when on a diet. I like it. It is one more goal to be pleased with the progress on!

Jim, my best mate is nice and chilled. It is added extra friends who sometimes need to chill lol
Keep on taking the inches. If you think about it, our clothes size are measure in inches not weight. I took my measurements and will keep a weekly track myself for that extra push and motivation that we need. my goal is to get back into my size 6 pants and if that comes before I'm 130 that's even better.

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