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Loving our bodies


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Ok I watch a Vlog regularly of a woman who is on a weight loss journey. She calls them body vlogs, and they make me think a LOT!

She is so inspirational.

Anyway her vlog I watched today (body vlog 8) made me think...

How do we learn to love our body's unconditionally, when all we can see is imperfections????
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I'm insecure about my body, my list is quite long of what i do not like... Even though my boyfriend loves me for who i am, i just do not.

Good thread to think about!

There are bits of me I don't think I'll ever like but exercising is helping me see that they can change a bit.
I am happy with myself generally, I just grump about certain bits!
Even when i was slimmer i still thought i was fat, looking back at photos i think what on earth was i thinking! Would love to be that slim now. Dont think i will ever be 100% happy as my body changed after i had my daughter, but anything is better than now.
I will be happy to get into my size 16 trousers again and 12 tops! Will always be a bit curvy even at my slimmest, and my husband says dont loose too much i like your bum LOL


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A good freind of mine said:

We have to learn to love ourselves on the inside 1st, celebrate our strengths & our weaknesses...then what we see on the outside will be more beautiful in our own eyes!
I do like me though, ok maybe I dont love me, I mean I certainly dont hate my insides, its been on a rough journey for sure, but I find it so hard to look at myself without feeling disgusted, I try really hard to see the good stuff, that my viking see's, but I just cant help but think "yeah right", when she compliments me. I want to change this, as my self esteem is awful but how, I havent a clue, even where to start.
What a great thread..

I always loathed my body... but then I watched my sis lose her battle with ovarian cancer and do you know what -I suddenly realised that I should really appretiate my body for all that it has put up with from me over the years :eek: ... To say at my heaviest I have been 23st-ish I got off suprisingly lightly (no pun intended :D) -I have never had high blood pressure, puffy ankles, bad skin etc...
so this time around I have started to love my body and Im sure that is at least in part down to why Im still losing and not struggling at all (words I never thought I would be able to utter),
Im not saying that I don't still look at myself and think about the lumps and bumps that are still there.. but all in all Im happy and now I treat my body - plenty of lotions, potions etc, and the more I do it the easier it has become to not critisise it....
So come on ladies -and gents.... you might have to fake it to start with but lets learn to love the body we have.. not just the body we would like to have :D
I do the same when my husband compliments me, he says im his ideal woman. Which i should be pleased about, but i say oh yeah right!. I was much happier with myself before i was pregnant, so its about how you feel and i want to feel comfortable in my clothes again.
I don't think it matters whether you've had to lose weight or not, everyone has insecurites about the way they look. The majority of my friends are size 8-10 and they all have something they don't like; they wish they were curvier, had bigger boobs, were more in proportion etc etc.

At the end of the day your OH loves you, and wouldn't lie to you, so whatever she says is true. You just gotta believe it :) xxx


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I do try and listen, and she doesnt half give me a rollicking when I put myself down. lol

Its just when I look in the mirror, I think yuk, but this is getting better, I used to avoid mirrors all together! OK I should try and celebrate my strengths and weaknesses. Maybe we all could!

So what do you think your strengths and weaknesses are??
My strengths are my legs (from the knees down!) I like them a lot and my eyes are very very blue :)

My weakness is my tummy (it needs toning up) and I hate my thighs.

My personal strengths come from my confidence and my hubby and daughter. I've never known love like it! Weaknesses.... impatience. Oh dear, if I can't do it right away or don't get what I want.... well, it's not a pretty sight!
So come on ladies -and gents.... you might have to fake it to start with but lets learn to love the body we have.. not just the body we would like to have :D
Good sentiment, Capricorn, and I wish I could, but I really don't know how to start.

I can appreciate that my body is vastly improved, compared to how it was at 16 stone plus, and I can congratulate myself, because it's all my own work that has gone into that improvement.

I can enjoy fitting it into Size 12 & 14 clothes, instead of the 20s and 22s.

But I can't love it. When I look, what I see is saggy and baggy and still bigger than I'd like.

I'm not sure, though, whether my issue is purely with the body, or partly with the person inside. Until I can love that (ie myself), can I really love the body I see?


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My strength's are my eyes, my bum (which thanks to riding is actually quite firm lol) and although its not really related to weight, I love my mentally curly hair!

My weakness's are my tummy, which I hate, it hangs, and I find it mortifying and embarrassing. My thighs. I know these will change as I lose weight. My boobs, I hate their so big, makes it hard to wear a dress. My goal is at target to get a dress!! So I really want them to shrink a little.

My personal strength are, that due to a pretty rough past with relationships, I am a very strong and independent woman. I am very creative, a deep thinker, very organised, very good at running a household budget, good at photography, good cook, I am patient, I will always support and help someone, sometimes at my own detriment. I try not to let my chronic illness make me a victim.

My personal weaknesses are I am too stubborn for my own good, I always want to get my own way, because my way is the right way lol. I am too much of a stress head, and tend to take it out on people. I not very tolerant of idiots or stupidity. I let my past relationships damage me. I have an Italian temper lol I lack confidence and self esteem. I don't always believe in myself.

I am sure there is more..
I love the sentiment too, and i'm getting there slowly. The more i exercise and see my shape change for the healthier the more happy i am to look at myself in the mirror. Don't get me wrong i'd love a boob lift but the only person who sees them au natural is me and him and he's not bothered so why should i be! My tummy has a lovely flabby overhang (smaller than it was!) but after a c section i got a healthy daughter so i let it remind me of her arriving dramatically but alive!
I believe its a learnt thing, as my weight decreases, my confidence improves and i will be able to the love the outside as much as the inside :D
I also remind myself i'm almost 39 not 21!

Bee x


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A friend of mine said this to me, this evening

Bodies show the lives that are lived in them. If they were perfect, it would show that they haven't really been used properly. By the time life ends, the body should show all the effects of a full and satisfying life. Sags, wrinkles, baldy bits, grey bits and bits that no longer work. It's about being a real person.
he makes a good argument!!

Lady A

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Hi everyone,

I started gaining weight when I went to secondary school but couldn't work out why I was so much bigger than my friends. They looked gorgeous in their size 8 clothes where as I could only shop in either etam plus or evens as I was a size 20/22 at that point and belive me when I say it but they weren't making nice plus size clothes back then either...teachers twice my age were looking better than me. Any way I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid condition at the age of 17 which explained the weight and I quickly went from a size 22/24 to a size 10/12 but instead of being happy I cried when I couldn't fit into clothes at Evans as that was all I'd known. I still felt massive after losing 7st 4lb and it took me years to accept that I could wear clothes from the catwalks (well the non scary looking ones anyway lol!). That was 10 years ago and now at the age of 27 having gained a stone over 10 years I've decided to do slimming world with the help of this forum. I'm 3 weeks old on here and am loving all the support everyone is giving everyone. Even if I don't lose much I know I'm doing my body good by eating all this healthy food. Sorry if I bored you but it's weird when you loose a lot of weight as other people notice it more than you and you don't know how to react to their compliments.

Good luck to everyone on their journeys to good health and gorgeous bods!

Aisha xx

Lady A

Loves to Shop!
Not boring at all! Thank you for sharing, and welcome to a fellow underactive thyroid!
Thank you I've never joined a forum before but I'm totally addicted I've been on here most of today and have highjacked countless posts but I guess that's because we're all in the same boat and that makes me feel comfortable I suppose. Anyways I better go do the washing as I have to be up early tomorrow :sigh:

Aisha xx


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Thank you I've never joined a forum before but I'm totally addicted I've been on here most of today and have highjacked countless posts but I guess that's because we're all in the same boat and that makes me feel comfortable I suppose. Anyways I better go do the washing as I have to be up early tomorrow :sigh:

Aisha xx
Definitely! Being able to relate helps enormously, I have minimins on my iphone too, I am terribly addicted, but the support is invaluable and helps me stay on the straight and narrow! Lots of thyroid peeps on here too!

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