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Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by fortyandfat, 2 August 2010 Social URL.

  1. fortyandfat

    fortyandfat is crazy

    hi, i have come across a low carb slim fast that you can have shipped to the uk. yes it is a bit expensive but would see great results low carbing and when you really cant be botherd to cook and lets face it atkins is a high cooking diet then you can down a shake and your body wont be going in to starvation mode for missing meals ;)
    Buy Slim Fast Low Carb Low-Carb Shake, Vanilla Cream Online at drugstore.com
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  3. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi FAF, how are you love?
  4. fortyandfat

    fortyandfat is crazy

    hi Jim. im ok thanks. thinking of low carbing with the slim fast to get the last bit of weight off!
    how are you? did you have a good holiday to france? x
  5. Zimara

    Zimara Yummy mummy to be!

    Thatnks forthe heads up FAF, good to know.
  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    I did love thanks. :D
  7. lauradon77

    lauradon77 Member

    hi there, Tesco do a low carb shake in strawberry or chocolate. It comes in 330ml cartons already made up & in my local store was only 24p a carton (but i've since read reviews saying it's 99p a carton). I havent tried it yet but a friend who is also low carbing tried some last week and said it tasted of protein lol!! not sure what protein tastes like but its gotta be worth a go 4 a quick lunch or as an alternative to bacon & eggs at breakfast!!

    It says on the nutrition information that it has 1.7g carbs but on the front of the carton says 1.5g net carbs so not sure which 1 2 go off but either 1 is low enough 4 me lol. I cant find it on their website so think it may only be available in store. Hope this Helps.

    Laura xx

    TRISTAR Silver Member

    Hi, it's called the Slim Fast Optima range. I don't know why on earth they don't produce/sell it over here. I've seen some people sell it on eBay, but the postage is expensive.

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