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Low Fat Sausages

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by lemma1968, 27 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. lemma1968

    lemma1968 Silver Member

    I am having bramley apple quorn sausages this morning for brekkie and i know they are free o all plans, but what other types of low fat sausage can we have please - any with meat in (if you can call it meat that goes into sausages!!!)?
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  3. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    Morrisons 'Eat Smart' pork sausages are free on red and EE and are really nice- their Eat Smart cumberland variety are 1 syn each. I also occasionally get Bowyers 99% meat ones (in a green packet) and they are 1 syn each, but are difficult to find and the morrissons ones are much nicer!
  4. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    I like the Morrisons Eat Smart Lincolnshire sausages. Kind of spicy but good enough to pass for a sausage and I can't stand quorn so these do the trick. They are a syn each on red/EE. (or half, must check!!)

    Weight Watchers Pork sausages are good too, I like these in a casserole or on their own, half a syn each on red/EE.

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