Low low cheese


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How do they taste? I have seen it but didn't fancy buying it in case it were minging.


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I used to have it a lot on WW. Its not EXACTLY the same as ordinary cheese, but it is nice enough in itself.

Its great cutting it up into little pieces and putting it on top of yer dinner (i used to add a wee pinch of chilli powder on it as well). Goes really far xx


I have tried the low low cheese, and i agree not the same.
I bought some light Cathedral City cheese, and to me it tastes very nice, although melted on toast doesn't work as well, so i buy the ordinary one for that.



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Yeah I'm a fan of Cathedral City lighter


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try waitrose 1/2 fat cheese its the best one i have found so far


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I like the low low cheese and the slices.
On offer at the mo for 84p for the slices.

2 slices for hea or 42g low low cheese for hea. xxx