Low syn butter?


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Hmm...it would prolly be about the same to be honest with you. I know that an average serving of bisto gravy is about 3 syns where as a level teaspoon of full fat butter would be about 2 syns, so a knob of butter would be quite a bit more.
The lowest syn spread I know of is Flora Extra Light (purple tub) but not sure if you can cook with that.
I would prolly try the recipe but use the buttery frylite to fry the onions in and leave out the butter...bet it won't taste that different.


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Im trying to work out whether theres a decent low syn spread that I can use to cook with, I have a recipe for a home made onion gravy which is made up of red onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar, stock cube and a nob of butter, if I can find a decent low syn one its surely better than instant gravy?

I use Flora Lighter than Light, its in a white & purple tub.
It is 0.5 syns per teaspoon
1.5 syns per tablespoon or 2.5 syns per 28g. I have used it to make mince pies before & it was fine. Also used it in cupcakes recipe too.


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Thanks ladies, for 2 people I would probs only use a tablespoon, so the syns are split between 2, so it is better than bisto syn wise, and so damn tasty! X