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LRO...name needs to change, I think ;(

G: 9st7lb
I thought I would start a diary on here at this stage - as this is the time for me that it normally goes pear-shaped.

I get to nearly my goal weight - get complacent - think "thin folks can eat whatever they like...." and before you can say "Cadbury's", I am back to square one (of course, not literally....I don't put it back on THAT quickly :D)

Its day one having moved from a VLCD to WW points. I have 18 points per day to spend on all sorts of exciting things.

I hope I can continue to feel this excited about fruit and veg that I have not been able to eat for 11 weeks.

Today though, and its 5pm now, I have consumed the massive total of 5 points! I am so out of the way of eating properly and also a bit scared to eat certain foods in case my body just inflates like a helium balloon. I hope it gets easier to feel comfortable around food.

For my tea tonight I just want veg stir fry or some salad stuff....I am really craving fresh food. Might go and get myself some bananas and really push the boat out.

I know it would be easy to use points on sweet things but as they are my total downfall, I don't want to have them unless I am going to do something drastic if I don't....you know, one of those bread knife moments we sometimes have :mad: - NO? Just me then????

Its quite hard I have to say getting my head around points. Calculating and measuring is going to do my head in - but I suppose, once I have calculated it all once - I tend to eat the same sort of stuff mostly - so just need to get myself a little notebook and start writing it all down.

Still keeping up with my water habit that I picked up on W8 as I think thats a good thing to do and I have felt loads better for drinking it. Will maybe cut back to 3ltrs per day though and give myself a treat of not having to visit the loo hourly ;)

Anyway, will update as and when I have interesting stuff to day - or just to capture my thoughts as I go along.

LRO xx
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S: 14st9lb G: 9st4lb
I see your finding hard to eat all your points and I understand how you feel. With regards to the points I used my WW points calculator, which made it so much easier. I did it online also cause I didn't want to go to meetings in the night taking my two little ones. But the week of xmas,I'm switching to WW. But I not going to do it online cause there is so much support on here.

Have a great weekend
G: 9st7lb
Day 3:

It's all going rather well really. Still not managing all my points but not too worried about that as I have to gradually increase my intake of food from the very low levels from the VLCD.

Had about 13 again today and even managed to resist having a piece of the nicest birthday cake in the world. I just knew that I wouldn't be able to stop at one piece :D

Still going to do 2 weigh-in's until end of next week - as I originally started weighing on a Sunday, I want to update that until end of week 12 - then I will switch to my WW weigh in day of Wednesday.

I am hoping that tomorrow I won't have put any weight on from eating normal food. We'll see...

G: 9st7lb
forgot where I posted my diary

:sigh: it must be an age thing. I knew I had started this diary, but could I remember where it was.....not a chance of it.

I am now 2 weeks in to my points plan. Week 1 lost 2.5lbs (delighted as moving from the vlcd I didn't expect to lose anything) and this week, just a cheeky little half pound off.

I have been struggling to eat all my points on both weeks. This week I averaged 15 per day - but didn't eat any of my saved ones which is not a good thing. My leader told me I would be hampering my weight loss

So here's the dilemma - I know that snacking (biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolate etc etc) are my big problem areas and now that I have not been eating them, I can see that that was what must have been taking my calories so high before. My actual real food intake is not too bad at all - and now that I am not eating pasta/rice/potato (to any extent), I find that those are the things that really add the points. So, I am not hungry as I am eating decent amounts of food - loads of fruit and veg - but am still not eating all my points.

Should I just eat the snacks to make up the points and risk falling into my old ways....or should I just stay under my points and try and add oil etc to make my points tally a little higher - any thoughts appreciated.

Other than that, I am finding WW a pleasure. It does feel nice to know that I truly am exercising food choices - knowing that some things just are not worth it in the end - I am thinking of the points as a currency and weighing what I get back in return for what I am spending

I am really enjoying clothes shopping for the first time in a long time although my bank balance won't like it much :eek:

I have been trying to stick to Matalan/outlet malls etc to get "bargains" and now that I have had to change my whole wardrobe it is a costly business...but its getting addictive. I thought beating a carbs addiction was a challenge, I reckon its got nothing on this shopping addiction.

I didn't get recognised by one of the mums at school today - which was really nice - although double edged when she said I was looking a little "scrawny" and not to lose any more weight. That's the first time that's ever happened to me. Not sure what to make of it to be honest as my bmi is not exactly on the low side.

Anyway, off to bath the little one. Now that I know what I have done with my diary, I will come back more regularly.

LRO xx
G: 9st7lb
Week 3: Day 3 (Saturday)

I think I am allergic to food - makes me stiff and sore. How do I come to that conclusion....well.....

When I was on W8, I felt fantastic, full of energy and no aches and pains that I had had before starting the diet.

Now that I have gone back to eating (still restricting carbs), I have started to ache in the mornings again - and this morning I had put on 1lb!!!! How on earth can that be??? I know that our weight fluctuates a little day by day - but this is just not on.

I did have bread yesterday (a pitta bread - wholemeal) and am wondering if its bread that's my problem - or if I am not getting enough protein (as on the vlcd you get a fair bit of protein)

I have always thought that I couldn't eat many calories without gaining some weight and now I am worried that its actually true - if I am averaging 15 pts per day (that must be around 975 calories - when a point is worth 65 calories) so I couldn't possibly put weight on with so few - and on W8 of course, I was on lower than that again

I am confused....I really, really, really, want to reach 9st 4 - I have not been that weight ever in my whole life...well of course, I probably was once, but I can't remember it!!

If this has happened to anyone else, then please give me some advice

LRO xx
Hi hun, you are doing really well to have continued to lose weight in your first 2 weeks off a VLCD.

I know this is easy to say but you will get to your target, but you need to try not to get too stressed about it! It is early days in your refeeding.

I would consider stopping weighing yourself and just wait each week for your scales at class cos you don't want to get too stressed out from daily fluid fluctuations.

With regards to your points I would take the introduction of snacks slowly but that is because for me that could be a slippery slope! If you feel that you can cope with having some pointed treats then go for it as they are included in your plan.

I wouldn't worry just yet about using all your points. You do need to build up to doing this over the next few weeks, and obviously your Leader knows her stuff, but it is quite an adjustment I would think to moving from a VLCD.

I know you want to lose your last few pounds, and you will, but it is important that you focus on how your body is responding to the types of food you are eating, rather than wanting to rush the timescale for losing the last bit. Once you get there you want to keep it off, so this is a really important learning phase, so try to take it slowly.

Can you tell that I'm going to be coming off a VLCD over the next few weeks! Thanks so much for posting about this, I am thrilled it is possible to still lose a little on refeed and your comments are really helping me think things through.

By the way never mind scrawny jealous c*w x
G: 9st7lb
Aw, thanks Tara, that was really kind of you to come back to me.

Being on a VLCD was such an eye opener for me - it has been so easy (almost too easy) to lose the weight hence the nervousness of putting my weight back on when I started eating again.

I know that you are right about the weighing - I need to get out of the habit but I am not too bad when it fluctuates. I don't let it get me down and just keep sticking to my plan.

Major breakthrough last night though. Went out to a party to someone who is the greatest hostess of all time....and had made about 10 gorgeous home-made puds....and I resisted all of them. Halo being polished as we speak.

Will stick to about 14-16 points this week on average I think and see how it goes.

LRO xx
Hi hun, last week i moved from cd to WW and also have 18pts a day to have Im averaging 15ish points a day but am not using the ones ive not used each day, My menu genrally daily is, porridge for breakfast, sandwich and yog for lunch and chicken and veg for tea with snalks of grapes and apples also 1 pt of skimmed milk which I use to make my porridge and in my teas, Ive not got weighed yet and an a bit nervous to do so but we will see on thursday, good luck hunni, its hard but we will get there.

O yes also Ive not had any sweet snacks like cakes and biscuits or crisps etc I dont want to get into the habit.lol
Hows it goin hun?? I just got a WW cookbook its got some great recipes in it cant wait to try some.xx
G: 9st7lb
Doing ok these last couple of days.

Yesterday I managed 16.5pts but on the scales this morning I had put on 1lb - I give up with this weighing malarky - I have no idea what to expect at my weigh in on Wednesday night.

Still managing to stay away from the junk - and not missing it either. That's been nearly 13 weeks for me with no chocolate or sugary sweets (other than my WW ones), no rice (which I used to adore), and no full on crisps (just the little 1pt per pack french fries) so feeling very much in control at the moment.

I am still aiming for my 2ltrs of water per day (in addition to cups of coffee) but not managing that quite so well as I'd hoped which is strange since I used to have 4ltrs a day on W8 and managed that ok.

I have been weeing for Britain today though....so maybe I had been holding on to some water - isn't it amazing the detail you share with complete strangers.....only you don't seem like complete strangers and I know you will understand my ramblings!

Got loads of printing work to do today and as you would expect - the printer gremlins are playing me up....why is it always the way

Anyhow, better sort them out and give them a smacked botty...

LRO xx
good luck at your wi tomorrow hun.xx

ive not had any crisps, choc, biscuits in 22wks even took the ww ones out of my shopping trolley the other day i just thought i didnt need cakes and stuff while i was on cd why do i need them now, the answer was i didnt so they went back on the shelf.lol.

i still drink 4pts of water and them my teas and coffee as extra.

we will get there. lol.
Let us know how your WI goes, I had mine today and i lost 1lb, which im very happy with.xx

Good luck hun.xxx
G: 9st7lb
Thanks for the good lucks....I lost 1.5lbs this week and was really pleased.... but then today - well that's a whole different story

I am worried that today showed me that I have not really conquered this chocolate/sugar addiction - If I stay away from it, I seem fine, but today - I strayed too close to the sweetie tin and got stuck!!:break_diet:

I had a finger of twix, an alpen light bar, 2 white chocolate and 2 milk chocolate halloween shapes (quite big though) all in the space of about 20 mins. As soon as I started, I found it really hard to stop.....then I turned my attention to the crisps and had a packet of walkers baked crisps.

Well, I suppose the good news is that I now know that I can't just have a little chocolate and what my trigger really is. I have managed a little dark chocolate and could stop but the twix put me over the edge.

I can't believe though that I need to steer clear for ever...how depressing is that???:cry:

I suppose I did stop - the white chocolate made me feel a bit sick (I've never really liked it so why I was even eating it is beyond me - muppet!).:sigh:...maybe that's the answer...

as soon as I feel a chocolate binge coming on, I need to eat a milky bar so that I feel sick and don't want any more....hurray, I found a silver lining for my big black cloud :D:D

Well, tomorrow is another day. I have planned out how to avoid a repeat performance - can't even blame my totm as I dont get them with my mirena friend - although think I still get the hormones without the painters (if you get my drift)

Ho hum...off to bed I think to stop me nibbling again...

LRO xx
G: 9st7lb
The good news is that I have not had a repeat performance of the chocolate frenzy...hurray!

Saturday I was out all day at a gym competition with my little girl. They did brilliantly and I was an extremely proud mummy.... and the food intake (points wise) was also good.

No breakfast - up and out at 7am - didn't feel like eating then and besides the Little Chef wasn't serving up till 7 anyway.

Lunch - a fruit scone...mmmm how healthy I hear you shout - no butter or cream though, just jam ( I reckoned on 6 points)

Dinner: Chicken ceasar salad - it had cheese and croutons so I counted it as 8 points - probably horribly wrong and will find out on the scales next week.

Didn't snack other than 3 tangerines so think I made up for Friday.

Wiped the slate clean anyway, and started afresh today and had another safe day.

Feeling very positive and on the scales this morning I was 9st 7lbs which is just a huge bonus....I know I shouldn't weigh mid-week...particularly in the morning when I weigh at night on a Wednesday


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