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  1. xToni89x

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    Hi everyone. Most of u can probably relate 2 the difficulty in coming up with ideas 4 lunches @ wrk. I don't have access 2 a microwave jst a kettle & fridge so I've been having tom & herb mugshots with a ham sandwich on wholemeal with the smallest amount of butter, is tht a lot 4 dinner? I do have fruit during the day and obv veggies wen I get home. Any advice/tips wud b gr8ly appreciated xx
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  3. SuzieSuze

    SuzieSuze Full Member

    Can you ask work to supply a microwave? I personally used to struggle unless I had a varied lunch and would take frozen low cal meal to work. However now I am on a strict diet I have only had a cup a soup type pack for lunch and I am surprised at how easy it has been.
  4. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Full Member

    When I wasn't on meal replacements, I took a salad which consisted of a portion of brown pasta( only carb for the day) it kept me very satisfied and you can have tuna one day, chicken another, ham, or just a bit of cheese. :)

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