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  1. Pookie 1999

    Pookie 1999 Gold Member

    As the title says i am now a member due to Rainbow Rose's diary. I googled 10 stone to lose and somehow came up with Rose's diary i followed it for a few months not having the nerve to post on it. She was such a fantastic inspiration to me, then she decided to go members only so i lost my inspiration and support.:(
    Thats how i became a member not knowing i would still not be able to access her diary until i had 500 posts. So kind people on another part of the forum suggested i write my own diary so this is how i got here.:)

    My story is as follows:
    My name is Debbie,
    I am 45,
    I have 5 children all girls and i have been married to my wonderful husband for 22 years.
    I have had a problem with my weight since i started having children although i had put on a little before i got married we bought our own flat and when you buy your own groceries and you tend to buy all the things you like downside to that is you eat them all as well.:sigh:

    I had always been 9st 7 to 10st before this but as i had 3 babies in 3 yrs the weight just piled on. I was 14st 7 after my first baby and didnt lose the extra weight between each one,when i got to baby no.5 i ended up at 19st 10lbs which has always been my alarm bell as its so close to 20st.:(

    Everytime i hit 19st10 i would go on a diet usually weight watchers and lose 4 to 5 stone then got fed up and started pigging out again and gain it all back again.:cry:

    My last little one is now 3 and i have now finished having children so now its time to lose the weight.
    I am going on holiday at the end of sept and would like to be just under 14 st at least. So far i have lost 45lbs in just over 3 months. I am now 16st 7lbs:)
    I weigh in on Friday mornings and would like any help and support anyone is willing to give me as i really want to follow it through to the end for the first time ever.

    Really sorry i have waffled on a bit i promise to make my diary entries shorter in future.:eek:
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  3. TheOnlyWayIsDown

    TheOnlyWayIsDown Full Member

    Wow! 45 lbs in 3 months is Amazing, please share how you did that.

    You are well on your way. Good luck x
  4. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Hi Debbie :)

    I just think it's amazing how you have done on your own, same as Rose, it takes great strength to not be in a class or on a plan and I wish I could be more like that but I need a plan to work within.

    I can't wait for you to get to 500 posts and join me on my diary too ( if you want to lol ).

    I have had an up and down year but feel I'm back in the right frame of mind again and back to losing thanks to finding the slim pods. I would love to see your typical days food and activity.

    You will look great for your holiday in September :) xxx
  5. Pookie 1999

    Pookie 1999 Gold Member

    Thank you

    I have been following the old weight watchers plan that i was doing years ago i like ww because it allows you to eat practically anything as long as you have calories and saturated fat information and a points calculator i havent given up chocolate or crisps and still go out for a meal most weeks have also had takeaway some weeks but i have to make wiser choices smaller lower pointed chocolate etc but dont feel like i'm missing out that way.

    The other major change ive made is exercise I hate exercise in any shape or form but my god does it help with the weight loss i have a freind whos agreed to be my exercise buddy we walk we swim and we do an aqua class i really think this is what has kept the losses coming each week. I have also found zumba on wii which i love.
  6. Pookie 1999

    Pookie 1999 Gold Member

    Thank you Jayde
    I would absolutely love to follow your diary and i think you have done fantastic so far. It doesnt matter if you fall backwards now and again as long as you have the motivation to get back on and write it off.I think it can be very daunting with the amount we have to lose my danger point is when i have lost 4-5 stone i tend to fall off and never get back on i cant do that this time and i am hoping the support on here will help me with that when i get there.
  7. Pookie 1999

    Pookie 1999 Gold Member

    If you dont mind me asking what is slimpods
  8. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    They are a kind of hypnosis track I guess, there is a whole section in the bring your head inside... Section I have a slimpod diary in there. There are many better posts in there to explain but they are fab and are really helping me get over my emotional eating x x
  9. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    Found you!

    I'm really looking forward to following your diary! Once you're on 50 posts come and say hello in my diary.....although weight lost is rarely discussed hehe

    Well done on your loss so far and good luck on the rest of the journey!

  10. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Where is your diary Kater? What's it called, I would like to check it out :) x
  11. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    It's in the members only diary section the heart break diet. I do waffle on... Make sure youve got a brew if you're going to tackle that beast hehe xx
  12. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Lol I' the silver section if you wanna check it out but dont feel you have to! Slim by 30 is my goal! Just under a year to go to try and get near a healthy weight :0
  13. Pookie 1999

    Pookie 1999 Gold Member

    Looking forward to your diary kateR just wish i didnt have to wait so long never mind 50 posts here i come.
  14. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    The way I got my first lost of posts up and I met new people was just saying hello on lots of new diaries and going in the general weight loss thread and offering my opinions... Valid or otherwise haha

  15. Pookie 1999

    Pookie 1999 Gold Member

    I just realized 2lbs more and i will be a third of a way there how brilliant is that just have to do it twice more and i will be at goal.
    Mind you having 6st 11lbs to lose sounds a whole lot better than having 10st to lose which is what i started at.

    I just did a 45min zumba class on wii and burned 822 calories.
  16. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    Wow that's so good you should best proud of yourself x
  17. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Totally awesome :)
  18. Pookie 1999

    Pookie 1999 Gold Member

    Yes it feels great i have 5 dustbin sacks full of clothes that are way to big to wear now.

    Mind you i did think to myself when clearing out my waldrobe how can one person need so many clothes i still cant fit what still fits in my waldrobe in my defence i do buy loads of my clothes in America when i go on holiday each year i do go a bit overboard though as it is so cheap.
  19. Pookie 1999

    Pookie 1999 Gold Member

    The sun is shining and after all the rain lately we finally have blue skies
    I am now off for a 2 hr walk we are lucky enough to live on a very beautiful part of the Thames so walking along there is so nice even better with the sun shining.
  20. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    Sounds lovely! It does feel nice to have the sun out even though it's freezing up here on the NW coast!

    Enjoy your day x
  21. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Morning, enjoy your walk :)

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