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Magic's Food Diary


WEEK 1 - LOST 4 AND A HALF POUNDS (100% on diet)
WEEK 2 - LOST 2 AND A HALF POUNDS (100% but less fruit and more veg)
WEEK 4 -
WEEK 5 -
WEEK 6 -
WEEK 7 -
WEEK 8 -
WEEK 9 -
WEEK 10 -

Hi I have just joined on Tuesday, I have never dieted before so forgive me any mistakes I may make. :)

Tuesday 12th January - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 2 apples

Lunch - Quorn bolognese in a third of a dolmio sauce (4 and a half syns) with wholemeal pasta and a packet of microwave vegetables

Evening Snacking - Tin of beans, 2 mullerlights, 6 satsumas, a banana, 3 highlight hot chocolates (6 syns), 28g weetabix minis (HEXB)

Wednesday 13th January - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Egg Noodles, 200g stir fry veg and blue dragon chow mein sauce (5 and a half syns)

Lunch - Jacket Potato with beans and 4 Laughing cow triangles (HEXA)

Dinner - 28g porridge (HEXB) and mullerlight and a banana

Tea - Stew of Wholemeal pasta, quorn sausages, carrots, onion, chooped tomato and an oxo cube.

Snacks - Mullerlight (number 2), satsuma, 10 clementines, 2 highlight hot chocolates (4 syns)

Struggling to find anything I can eat as a HEXA. I don't like milk and I like cheese in large quantities or not at all. I have bought laughing cow light cheese triangles so will have them until I can find something better. (It really doesn't taste that good.)

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Have you tried 3 mini babybel lights as a HeA?
Thanks for the ideas Mrs V and Buzzybee.

I will defintely give babybels a go (just worried what they taste like) though 28g is a good amount to add to spag bol or jack potato and tastes alot better than laughing cow.
Thursday 14th January 2009 - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Mullerlight and weetabix (HEXB) with a banana

Lunch - Noodles with quorn sausages and stir fry veg with a blue dragon chow mein sauce (5 and a half SYNS)

Dinner - Tuna, tomato and herb pasta n sauce with 28g of cheese (HEXA) and a packet of microwave veg

Snacks so far - 6 clementines and 2 highlight hot chocs (4 SYNS)

Probably will eat another couple of clementines and maybe a banana and mullerlight
Friday 15th January 2010 - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Noodles, stir fry veg, quorn sausages and chow mein sauce (5 and a half SYNS)

Lunch - Mulllerlight, 28g weetabix (HEXB), and a banana.

Dinner - chopped tomatoes, carrot, onion, quorn sausages, oxo cube

Snacks - Mullerlight, banana, 2 clementines, 28g cheese (HEXA) and 2 hot choc highlights (4 SYNS)
Saturday 16th January 2010 - Extra Easy

Breakfast - pasta n sauce, tuna, 28g cheese (HEXA) and a packet of microwave veg

Lunch - Mullerlight, weetabix minis (HEXB) and a banana

Dinner - Tuna beans and baked potato

Snacks - 10 clementines and 4 highlights (8 SYNS)

I checked amy and I get loads more cheese if it's low fat. So when I have run out of normal cheese I am gonna check it out.

I cant eat anything but stodge first thing Circes. I am a complete weirdo.
Sunday 17th January 2010 - Extra Easy

Breakfast - mullerlight, weetabix minis (HEXB) and a banana

Lunch - Pasta n sauce with tuna and cheese (HEXA) and a packet of microwave veg

Dinner - Quorn mince, dolmio sauce (4 and a half SYNS) and wholemeal pasta

Snacks - mullerlight, 10 clementines (so far) and 2 highlights (4 SYNS)

I am a complete weirdo slimmer 2010.

100% for 5 days so bought some studs for my ears and some new headbands and some new tights.

Getting headaches really bad, so am trying to drink more water. I don't know what they are from, hopefully from the drastic change in diet.
6th December 2009 - Pre SW

Pasta n sauce (FREE) with a laughing cheese triangle. (2 SYNS)

Milkybar yoghurt. (GUESSTIMATE 9 SYNS)

Cheese and onion crisps (6 AND A HALF SYNS) with 2 slices of best of both bread (9 SYNS) and lots of olive oil spread(9 SYNS). 1/4 pack of pate (10 SYNS) and another 2 slices of bread (9 SYNS) and lots of olive oil spread(9 SYNS). A mentos sweet.

Crunchy nut chocolate peanut crisp bar ( 8 AND A HALF SYNS). 4 mentos sweets, 2 slices of bread (9 SYNS), 1/4 pack of pate (10 SYNS), olive oil spread(9 SYNS), pot of sugar free jelly.

Sugar free jelly, pack of poppets (10 AND A HALF SYNS), 2 slices of bread (9 SYNS), olive oil spread(9 SYNS), 1/4 pack of pate(10 SYNS), 3 mentos sweets. Packet of crisps (6 AND A HALF SYNS), another two slices of bread (9 SYNS), olive oil spread(9 SYNS).

Pot of sugar free jelly(TOTAL 1 AND A HALF SYNS), cheese pasta n sauce (1/2 SYN), olive oil spread (3 SYNS), 4 mentos sweets (1st packet finished) 2nd packet of mentos (TOTAL 8 SYNS)

Whole tub of phish food ice cream. (65 SYNS i THINK)

In total

10 slices of bread
Half a tub of spread
Packet of pate
500g tub of phish food
packet of poppets
2 packets of mentos
2 packets of crisps
a milkybar yoghurt
a chocolate and peanut bar

This is entirely a guesstimation but I was eating roughly 222 syns a day, no healthy extras, and little to no free, or super free food. The food presented was an accurate representation on a typical day. The syns are not.
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Pre Diet Days

Cannot sleep so will write another couple of pre diet days (these are days I felt proud of myself for being "healthy"

5th December

1l of water

Baked potato
2 laughing cow cheese triangles
tin of tuna
5 tablespoons on salad cream

1/2L of water

pasta n sauce
2 laughinc cow cheese triangles

Bottle of water

1 Whole tub of phish food ice cream

Bottle of water

Rolo yoghurt
Milkybar yoghurt
Tin of tuna
5 tablespoons of salas cream
rolo yoghurt

One day I have written down I ate 2 entire pots of ben and jerrys in one day.

30th November - a particularly healthy day

Mullercorner yoghurt
small apple

weightwatchers chicken curry
mullercorner yoghurt

chicken noodle in a cup
2 tracker bars

sugar free jelly pot
tin of tuna
wholemeal pasta
salad cream
sugar free jelly pot
mullercorner yoghurt

3 tracker bars
pot of sugar free jelly

3 tracker bars
Breakfast - mullerlight, banana and 28g weetabix (HEXB)

Lunch - egg, bacon, a whole red onion, 28g cheese (HEXA)

Dinner - pasta n sauce, tuna, 20g cheese (4 AND A HALF SYNS), and salad

Snacks - 3 highlights (6 SYNS), some mandarins, mullerlights and bananas

Weighed tomorrow so feeling nervous. Also my star week so feel very very bad in general.
19th January 2010 - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Mullerlight, weetabix minis (HEXB) and a banana

Lunch - Egg, bacon, onion, 28g cheese (HEXA)

Dinner - Quorn mince, salad, dolmio sauce (4 AND A HALF SYNS)

Snacks - fruit, maybe my other mullerlight, and a highlight (2 SYNS).

I don't have any other syn things in except some 20g cheese blocks which are 4 and a half syns so I may have one of those as well.

I had the cheese and then finished the bacon and eggs. Poor day in general for superfree food.

I am now 12 stone 11andahalf lbs.

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Wednesday 20th January - EXTRA EASY

Breakfast - mullerlight, weetabix minis (HEXB) and a banana

Lunch - egg, ham, red onion and baked beans

Dinner - stir fry veg, egg noodles and chow mein sauce (5 AND A HALF SYNS)

Snacks - 7 pieces of ham, 2 mullerlights, a banana, 2 kiwis (love!), apple, 28g cheese (HEXA), 2 highlights (4 SYNS)

Struggling with the 1/3 rule. It's easy enough to add one third at meals, my banana for brekkie, the whole red onion for lunch, and the stir fry veg for dinner, but last week most of my snacks were fruit, and today it isn't because I have no clementines. I bought mandarins and they were gross. Apples just don't have that appeal right now. Clementines are what I want. But they are no longer on offer. Which is super annoying. I know if I bought apples I really really liked I would eat them, but they are a comparable price to my precious clementines, so I guess I will be buying clementines tomorrow.

Struggling with my water intake. I really wanna up my game with regards to water. I could easily drink 3l of sugar free squash but then that would be all I drank and I wouldn't bother with water. I always feel better when I drink water instead of squash but I do need to start drinking more.
21st January 2010 - EXTRA EASY

Breakfast - small, apple, mullerlight and weetabix minis (HEXB)

Lunch - cheese (HEXA) pasta n sauce, tuna and salad

dinner - chow mein sauce (5.5 SYNS), noodles and veg

Snacks - Highlights (4 SYNS), multiple mullerlights

Late night snack - pasta n sauce, tuna, cheese (4 and a half SYNS) salad

15 syns in total but my consultant says only 10. I'm really hungry and craving so I am gonna write off those 4 syns (the other half makes a full ten) and just keep trucking.

Good day, but again, little to no fruit during the day so haven't achieved 1/3 free food per day.
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22nd January 2010 - EXTRA EASY

Breakfast - mullerlight, apple and weetabix minis (HEXB)

Lunch - noodles, veg and chow mein sauce (5 AND A HALF SYNS)

Dinner - pasta n sauce, tuna and cheese (HEXA) with salad

Snacks - 3 mullerlights, 3 bananas, 2 highlights (4 SYNS)
23rd January 2010 - EXTRA EASY

Breakfast - mullerlight, banana and weetabix minis (HEXB)

Lunch - ham, egg, onion and beans

Supper - 1/2 tin of heinz tomato soup (6 SYNS)

Dinner - pasta n sauce, tuna, cheese (HEXA) and leftover salad

Snacks - bananas, mullerlights and highlights (4 SYNS)

An alright day as days go. Eating alot of bananas. Bought some squash today so have upped my liquid. Need to start doing some body magic. Gone for a walk daily but need to do more.

I am restricting my eating patterns. I struggle with sleep so I am forgoing all free food past 9pm and my syns (which are 2 highlights per night) to before 10pm. Hopefully I should sleep better.

Considering all I have is a microwave and a hob, this diet is actually going really well.

My skin is starting to feel soft, though it is still spotty. Got ulcers though (due to lack of sleep).

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