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Maintainers challenge: Wins & sins! Loud & proud confessional

Maintenance getting you down? Good days fewer and farther between? Is that rebellious child’s chatterbox banging on and on and on until you give in? Feeling that (even though you know you are not really) that you are losing the plot?? OR just need a little push now and again?

Why not try our new maintenance challenge thread! It’s quick! It’s easy! It involves no scales! We don’t care how much you weigh on the day!!! :D

Simply SHOUT OUT, LOUD AND PROUD up to 3 positive things (or how every many you got!) that you have done today, towards maintaining your weight…..be it saying no to offered food, walking instead of taking the bus, water at the pub instead of a wine…..whatever!

And to keep a balance and to keep it real…..step on over to Confessional Corner, and confess a sin (or how every many you want!). If there are any…you might not have any! If you are virtuous, shout it loud, but if you had a wibble, wobble or bobble, confess it here to cleanse thy soul! This is not to ‘name and shame’ but to remind us we are human, and we will have slips now and again – but by shouting it here – it may help to keep you on that straight and narrow path the majority of the time. No one wants to live there permanently – but some of us might stay away too long…so confess away….it will help you, and may help someone else realize they are not alone on this narrow path.

And rule number one (and only):

Beating yourself up is NOT allowed. You must remember you are human. You are normal. And even naturally normal people have good days and naughty days. So never forget you are human – and just keep plodding along – one gorgeously slim foot in front of the other.

Have fun!
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OK, I will start, even thought the days not over, just to give an idea how this might work....


1. Ignored my chatterbox when it continuously told me it was OK to have a muffin or pack of crisps left over from yesterdays team meeting

2. Skipped my wheat roll at lunch, knowing I would be out for an italian meal tonight and there will be mroe then enough carbs in that.

3. To be determined later.


I ate 2 bananas instead of one, when lunch was only 30 minutes away - I could have waited, but after ignoring the desire for muffins and crisps I said 'sod it - will have that instead' so in the end, I did give in to my rebellious child, but at least in a more healthy way I suppose. Kind of a good thing, but really was completely unnecessary. I just had it cause I could.
excellent thread!!!

technically not really in maintenance at the moment... but here goes anyway

1. have drunk 2 L of water already today
2. had a tonic water in the pub - yuk!
3. waited an extra hour before having lunch pack even tho i was ready for it at 11am!

had a bar for lunch instead of a shake - only on day 3 - will it keep me from getting into ketosis???
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Happy in my own skin
What a brilliant idea for a thread BL, you are a star.

1. When I opened the fridge today a packet of malteesers fell out and I lifted them and put them straight back. I know in the past that would have been enough for me to decide to open them and munch.
2. Waited until I had done a few things on my to do list before having lunch at 3.20pm.
3. Took time to prepare a nice healthy lunch despite the fact I was starving by this time and it would have been easier to have something not so healthy.

1. Took a handful or two of sultanas out the packet and munched then while going about my business even though it was still early and I did not need them. Must keep that in check.
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I was at a work meeting. On the table were mini toffee muffins, mince pies,
snack a jacks, bananas, apples and clementines.

I turned my back on the naughties and just had fruit.
For dinner in my house they had spicy lamb chops, duck spring rolls and a stir fry with vegetables and egg noodles in a black bean sauce.
I had rice cakes, light philly, squeezy marmite and celery (all of which I love)

Downside - I had 2 extra in the kitchen while I was preparing dinner!
Old habits die hard.
So far so good ladies!

Today is Friday, and there will inevitably be piles of chocolate or baked things brought in by the manager. God how I would have loved her 2 years ago - but now - it is torture, and I am not always successful.

Hoping I can report at the end of the day that I said NO! :D

Happy Friday!!!


Making it all add up
Great thread B_L, will be interesting to monitor

Good news for Thursday:
- Networking lunch at Chinese Buffet (we hosted), had hot & sour soup, steamed fish & fruit - resisted all fried, battered, saucy and carb loveliness!
- also at lunch declined free wine & drank iced water
- evening no nibbles, and no dried fruit (a real habit these days)

Not so good - in evening, was 'persuaded' into 2 glasses of wine (and on a school night as well)

Ho hum, we're only human - lol
Hi peeps -

Just a mid day shout - So far, I have managed to not reach for any of the managers goodies - fairy cakes and flapjacks on offer today.

Every time I pass the tray of little squares of flapjacks, there is a little tug saying go on, have one. But I have managed to step passed them everytime.

And jut now thoguht - WHY eat one?? Sure it would taste nice. For a minute. ANd THEN what. It would park itself on my butt, or my tum, or some other unsightly place. For about 45 seconds of tasting something nice.

Must remeber this all the time: "It would taste nice - SO WHAT!?"

I'm liking this little challenge here - keeping me conscious.

I even went for a long walk at lunch, which I have not done for ages.

Lets rock it people - lets be the people we said we would be in RTM! We are hardly far off it - but lets just improve it!!



Happy in my own skin
Well done BL...:)

Today I've

1. Gone for a 20 minute run, would have been longer but had appointment with hairdresser.
2. Had a nice healthy green salad for lunch with smoked salmon.
3. Had a dessert of fruie compot and sugar free jelly.


Still tempted by the sultanas, had a handful or two this morning. Though that's them now finished so maybe I won't buy any more.
i'm nearly through day 4 and still no headaches!
1. made banana choc chip muffins and banana and walnut bread and haven't had any :-(
2. have drunk all my water
3. have made a gorgeous stir-fry meal for the family and not had any!

confessions: - had a bar again for lunch (if im not in ketosis tomorrow i will not have one again til i am!)

daisy x
Hey peeps. Good jobs today!

I had a good day!

I resisted the friday nosh at work - not a crumb! Really pleased with that because each Friday has seen one or two things pop in my mouth that did not need to. I won't say that "couldn't" because actually, they could if I wanted - however - need is amother matter! SO really happpy with that!

Went for a long, brisk walk during my lunch hour. Again, sometjhing I have been slacking on lately. I really need to get back to walking. My hips and other joints hurt, and I know walking will help. Or swimming.

Tonight, I took the time to prepare myself a very nice, healthy meal, and enjoyed some yogurt after. Tempted a few times to 'grab something' but didn;t.

SO very happy with those things! As for my sin....I really was good today, but I could have walked to work...it was dry in the morning. BUt I drove just cause I wanted to get home faster after work....took the lazy way out! lol


This 'challenge' is really making me think. About what and when I am eating. It also makes me more aware that I have been getting a wee bit complacent, but just a teeny bit at a time, so I never really noticed the accumulative effect....I need to remember to remain conscious, and this is going to help. :)
hi guys
1. stuck to the packs
2. sat round the table while in-laws here eating chinese takeaway eating 'hot and sour soup' (marigold stock)
3. drank all the water

confessions: nothing to declare!
daisy x

Had a lite salad for lunch in preperation of dinner with the inlaws

:( I am afraid the rest are all sins and I am not willing to divulge more then one!! :rotflmao: :D

I ate an extra roast potato.

Oh alright.

I also had pudding.


I put a LITTLE single cream on it.

:whoopass: Naughty naughty naughty!!
TOday will be back to normal.

Been for a walk already

Preparing a few fresh salads for lunches during the week along

Cut up some fresh pineapple and melon when I feel like picking.

SO far, no sins.

I still want to get a longer walk in later if the weather permits. If not, perhaps a DVD. I MSUT get better about exercise. I walk alot to work - most days that its dry I walk, but that is not proving to be enough. SO....gotta do the dreaded E word more often - and while I accept I must do it, and sometimes do really like it - it is not my favourite thing in the world to do so takes a great deal of mental push to get me to do it.

Wish me luck!!

For me today...

Good things:

Did all my food planning and shopping, and later will cook/prep my meals for Mon-Fri (I don't spend much time at home in the week).

Was tempted by a brownie in the coffee shop, but after seeing it had 350cals in it's tiny little self it went back and just a black americano was consumed.

Bad things:

Didn't eat anything 'til 5pm, which isn't a great habit to get into.

No exercise today, or yesterday, or Friday... have a head cold but that kind of feels like a bit of an excuse to not go running in the cold. But I have done 9hrs this week including 20 miles of running so not doing too bad overall.
Right - what a great day this has been. :)

1. Started off with a nice walk into town for a few grocery's, then came home as said above and cooked loads for the coming week. Fridge and freezer stocked with healthy, ready, good meals. All prepared.

2. Went for another long walk, about an hour, along the beach. (Bonus: caught a Veterans Parade in town on honour of Rememberance Day. Very sweet...poignant. )

3. Cooking a well planned, healthy fish dinner and am ready for it as I have not snacked on anything all day except for a very samll handful of nuts, and a very small handful of Wasabi Peas.

Sins: Realising how much money I have spent!!! DOH!!! One addictive behaviour to another. Oh well.....its a healthier one.

Other than that - sin free - and intend to be tonight having some fresh fruit and berries with on jelly and dollap of greek yogurt for pud.

Still a few hours to go though!! LOL

I wonder why I am so picky lately - I can feel I have put on weight. Not loads - but i can feel it. As if I am nibbling to put away for the cold winter nights. lol I do think its a combo of the weather, feeling cozy inside, and missing my OH.

Been a very nice weekend.

looking forward to you joining us Jezz - if it helps you now, jump on! No rules except the one rule mentioned. :D



Playing the Angel
Thanks hun, sounds like you had a pretty good day to me :) I know what you mean about the weather. I have not been hungry - the food I have had was fab and filling, but have felt snacky because it is the season for it. Probably not helped by leafing through plenty of mags and cookbooks planning Xmas meals. Will pop some bits on the cooking thread. Found some great recipes but now just working out low fat ways to do them. I want my whole family to enjoy the food and not realise it is "healthy" and yet still have it feel very celebratory.

Said no again to treats at work.

Been sticking to what I planned to have today - no extras.

Going to class/weigh in tonight - have not been for a few weeks.

No sins to divulge today! Yet!! LOL

Just want to comment on how strange it is, if you just let your mind and focus drift a tiny bit, those chatterboxes become very powerful, and can convince you so easily that you are hungry and must have something.

Then, when you are focused, a day is really pretty easy to get through without popping something in our mouths.

I like it here - in the conscious now best,. :D
hi there
1. stuck to packs
2. resisted the GORGEOUS food at the British Library - had a meeting there and at lunch everybody had delicious looking food including cakes/puddings - i had a cranberry bar :-(
3. drank all my water

had an extra bar - felt really hungry and sorry for myself, has been a long day on the train down to london - usually excuse for a treat and felt like ive missed out.
rebellious child mode.
at least it was just a bar i suppose, could have been much worse!

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