maintenance -advice?


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hi all, I have just reached goal and so looking now to maintain my weight. I am on 790 this week, moving to 1000 next wk, and then up through to 1500 for before xmas. Like most people I am worried about putting the weight on - especially as I've just read on this forum that only 5% keep it off - :eek: eeek!!

just wondered if anyone had recently just started maintenance and how it was going - any tips or advice etc. I am worried about being hungry when I start 1000 next wk as will be first time out of ketosis. My plan is to keep to the number of calories on each step and have really small portions.

would be good to hear from others

thanks :)
Well, I haven't exactly just started maintenance, but I do remember being on the 1,000 cals when I did my stint :)

I too was worried that coming out of ketosis would make me hungry, but for some reason, my biggest problem was getting through all the food :confused:

Can't say I have that problem now :p
Hi FingersX

Great that you've got to goal hun, well done! I'm not there just yet but I knwo that Demon is doing great on maintenance and she has a maintenance thread, she posts menus etc. She is fab inspiration and i know she wouldn't mind supporting you as you embark upon M!

Good luck!
Hi, I'm down to my last 2 lbs to lose and I habe been eating for a couple of weeks. I started doing the steps but they didn't suit me. I never had a problem with coming out of ketosis, although tbh I never seemed to have very deep ketosis anyway. I'd say the important thing now is to think ahead and plan how you are going to maintain your new low weight. Some people do GI, others do a permissable level of naughty days, some opt for low carb. Whatever you choose it is important that it suits you and your lifestyle, because this is going to be for life.
I also had problems with quantities, I still do, I think the stomach shrinks, and so do your expectations of large meals. Enjoy your food now, and congratulations on achieving your goal.
My hunger returned with a vengeance when I did 1000 cals. I found it VERY difficult, also 1500 which I am still doing.
I have to do it though - what's the alternative???? Putting all that weight back on again ? I don't THINK so!!

Great Advice Ann,

I too feel hungry, although I have been on 1000 for over a week and its only affected me over the past few days, maybe that coz Im not too good health wise.

The way I see it, my body coped on less than 500 cals per day, and if Im hungry on 1000 then Im not going to waste away if I dont stuff myself with food. Hunger to me doenst mean what it did before, ie, empty the cupboards with avengance and throw food down my neck at an amazing rate of knots!!!!!!!! I think now, Im hungry, so what, my tea is soon, or Ill have a drink of water!!!!!!!!