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maintenance diary :)

i hope nobody minds be writting this diary, i just want to keep track of everything i'm eating and make sure i'm staying on the right road :)

i've just finished refeed and joined ww so following the propoints plan, my pharmacist told me I didn't need to do another week of refeed or need maintenance products and to just eat sensibly, so joining ww is what i decided to do, also my mother has recently become a ww leader so i have her to keep me in line:D can tell you she wasn't too pleased about me doing lipotrim but wanted to lose the bulk and then join ww and hopefully lose another 7lbs (any more would be great), plus i have a holiday in august so needed to shift weight fast and now i'm determined to keep this weight off

so basically just want to keep track on here aswel

b- oatso simple, skimmed milk, raisin 6pp
l- pitta, prawn and lf sauce, salad, 7pp
muller light, blueberries/raspbs 2pp
d- not sure yet, either chicken and veg and pots/ omelette, can't decide but have 14pp left
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Of course nobody minds you posting in here!! :p
Keeping a diary is a great way to help you maintain the loss. I fully believe its one of the main reasons why i've managed to keep the weight off and i'm sure others on here will agree.

Well done on your weight loss so far :) and good luck with pp x
thanks :) im keeping a diary aswel but i think my writting on here i always got it too look back on to double check and it cant dissapear

d- chicken in a red wine sauce 4pp,
portobella mushroom with lf philly on top, 1pp
potatoes 4pp
sprouts and mange tout

5pp left :) might have some strawberries later or ww jelly, fancy something sweet


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Welcome to the maintenance side, well done on your loss so far. Good luck with ww, with your mum as a leader u have the support :) x


maintaining since June'09
Welcome to maintenance :D Well done on your losses and I hope you find the pp plan suits you :)

Personally I tended to have the points simply because they were 'there' not because I needed anything else to eat/drink and therefore tended to just sts but that is just me. I'm sure you'll do great. Look forward to sharing your journey :) xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on your losses to date. Good luck with maintenance. Whatever plan you follow just make sure it suits your lifestyle. WW gets great reviews and a regular weigh in will help keep you motivated.
I try as well to adopt an 80/20 rule by allowing an occasional treat for just 20% of the time. I eat food as fresh and least processed as possible and rarely eat any of the old foods that put my weight on originally.
Enjoy your new figure. Keep posting to keep on track.


Back to reality!
Well done on getting this far! I guess having your Mum there will be a great support for both of you. Good luck! x
thanks for the support everyone
i'm gona try not use all the 29pp, they say to use most so im aiming for 25 at the mo and trying to steer away for the 49, tho i might use them for some drinks next weekend for my sisters birthday ;)
i'm going to try and eat as much fresh prepared meals as possible too :) im getting the hang of this cooking malarki now, and im enjoyin all this experimenting

b- oatso simple, banana, raisins, skimmed milk 6pp

went shopping and got peckish, think it was looking at all the chocolate i was buying for my dad for fathers day so had my first bottle of diet coke and was bloated, it tasted so sweet

l- 4 rye crackerbread 4pp, 2 laughin cow light 1pp, tomato and cucumber
strawbs and blueberries and mullerlight 2pp

13pp, 16pp left

dinner is, chicken stuffed with philadelphia wrapped in ww bacon, roasted butternut squash shallots pepper, green beans and little potatoes and a tomato and basil sauce that im gona make myself, havent pointed it but its roughly 10pp


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
menu looks good today :) x
had such a hectic day didn get to write on here yesterday,

yesterdays menu
b- 2ww bread, 2 ww bacon, 1 egg, tomatoes 8pp

went to the beach for the day with my baby cousin and knew it was gona be a long day so took with me 2 ww biscuits and a banana, and i was glad i did
first pit stop i had banana, ww biscuit 2pp and tea whilst everyone else had chips :(
then ended up on a 3mile walk in some nature reserve which was unplanned, think i power walked then sprinted the last mile as i was in desperate need of a pee, wasn't nice haha
whilst everyone enjoyed scones and cream and ice lollys, i refused and had my 2nd ww biscuit, 2pp which i wasn't planning on eating unless it was an emergency and this was

dinner when i got in (i was starvin)
salmon, potatoes and green beans 7pp
yoghurt and fruit 3pp

altogether 23pp (1pp for milk)
shouldn't really leave 6pp but one day shouldn hurt


b-porride, raisins, skimmed milk 6pp
l- 2ww bread, 1slice tesco light choices chicken, toms/lettuce/onion 5pp
ww yoghurt and fruit 1pp
d- chicken chasseur (ww recipe) and brown rice 9pp cauliflower/broccoli

il probably have ww rice pudding and maybe a hot choc later which would take me in total too 25pp
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on preparing for your day out and bringing your snacks with you. Planning is a key part of maintenance. Have a good week.
we were only meant to go out for a couple of hours but with the weather it ended up being all day other wise i would've probably taken some sandwichs' hahaha

ahh im glad i took my biccies, didn't give into temptation, those scones looked scrumptious tho x


maintaining since June'09
Well done for resisting the temptation and being prepared!

Blimey - is one slice of cooked meat enough for you?? I've just had a slice of turkey, a slice of roast beef, a slice of ham and a couple of slices of a spanish sausagey thing with salad ...... :eek: xx
i usually have 2 slices in my sandwich but i only had one slice left, will be having 2slices tomorrow :) x


maintaining since June'09
Ah that's all right then ;) Mine still looks a bit piggie in comparison though - but I was starving after a zumba class (that's today's excuse anyway) xx
noo mine was only for lunch, i just made up for it tho, the amount of stuff i had in my chasseur haha
ohh i bet, zumba can be real tiring and hardwork, especially with my co-ordination :( x


maintaining since June'09
Okay - that makes me feel better ;) x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yay another one who had a fab weekend :)
menus looking great and well done for going out prepared x
aww thanks, im so glad i did, those scones looked yummy :(

been so busy forgot to write yesterday but been trackin in my paper tracker :)

b-winter porridge, skimmed milk, raisins and banana 7pp
2tesco healthy ham 1pp
2 laughing cow 1pp
4rye bread 4pp
toms, onion and cucumber 0pp
muller light and blueberries 2pp

d- 8oz j.pot cooked 6pp, 4oz chick 3pp, broccoli

snack later on, ww oaty bar 2pp


b- winter porridge, skimmed milk, raisins and banana 7pp
l- ww wrap, tuna, tomato, cucumber and onion 5pp
muller light, blueberries and strawberries, 2pp

d- chinese chicken stir-fry and egg noodles 9pp
marinated the chicken in some spices and used asdas fresh stir fry with bamboo shoots and water chesnut

total so far today 23pp
might have a ww oaty bar/ ww rice pudding later
well its weigh in day and i've lost 1.5lbs :) yaaayy :D
so glad i lost something

b- porridge, skimmed milk, banana and raisin 6pp
l- 2ww bread, 2slices tesco light chicken, toms cucumber and onion 5pp
mullerlight and blueberries/strawberries 2pp

d- warburtons square (using it as a pizza) topped with bbq sauce, chicken, ww bacon, mushrooms, peppers, onion and butternut squash chips... 10pp ohh i cant wait :D

and i just had 2ww cookies with a cup of tea, gota banging headache and i fancied it so i had it haha


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