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  1. johnners

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    Hi. Am on week 4 of SS and although my initial goal was 10st, I am now around ten and a half and feel comfortable and healthy, so I want to start reintroducing food. Problem is, last week I only lost 1lb on 100 percent sole source (with 3-4ltr water a day) and due to this, I'm worried about piling weight on when I introduce food. Can anybody share experiences of maintenance, whether 'by the book' or their 'own version' of maintenance so I can make some decisions about how to continue? Thanks in advance!
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  3. Jessica Rabbit72

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    well done on your weight loss - I would go over to the maintenance forum for the best input for this one as they are all doing maintenance and you could get some good ideas there - not that we dont want you on here but we are mainly SSing so probably not the best people to ask

    Good luck
  4. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    I'm wondering if you are thinking that you wont lose on a higher plan, if SS only gave 1lbs this week?

    Please don't be concerned. It means nuffink. You may find you lose more the first week on a higher plan, as water will give a whoosh and the metabolism will get a little jump start.
  5. Lexie_dog


    I would have thought given your current BMI you wouldn't be allowed to continue on SS anyway? I would have thought at least 810? Although perhaps a CDC can advise?

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