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Maintenance or Refeed?


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Although I've been on LT for 9 weeks now, I haven't really posted anything. I've found all the answers I need just reading through the threads. I've never seen such a bunch of supportive and inspirational people, and your comments (although not directly at me) have really got me through some tough moments.

My time on LT is coming to an end and I've always said that i'll do it for 10 weeks. I'm on week 9 now and plan to do one more week. I'm nearly reaching my target (9.7) but still would like to lose about 5 more pounds which I don't think i'll hit by the time I finish and I can't stay on LT any longer.

The question I have is: Should I go onto maintenance for a week and then refeed, or just refeed? Which will help me lose the extra couple of pounds by the end of the month?

I'm really apprehensive about coming off LT and putting on the weight and would still like to continue through either one of the programmes until I achieve my target. I've spoken to my chemist who says that I won't lose anything on the maintenance. Is this true?

I thought rather than worrying about it, I should ask the experts. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think refeed might be best - having 1 or 2 shakes a day and then a very low carb but very healthy meal would be best if you had a few pounds left to lose. Still though, make sure you are drinking atleast 2 litres of water a day - water is vital :)
How come you cannot carry on LT any longer?


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Thanks, I'll bear it in mind.

I'm coming off as I always planned to do it for 10 weeks and I'm goin on holiday at the end of the month giving myself time to refeed properly.

I've already lost two stone and am much happier with the way I look but I still want my BMI to be 24 rather than 25 - which is what it is now. I've also found the last two weeks really hard and craving food to the point I just want to scream (think my husband's happy that I'm finishing soon!)

I will miss being in Ketosis but I'm ready to eat again - I already know what I'm going to have!


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Good :)
Aslong as you are now prepared to change your eating habbits for life then theres no reason why you cant maintain your loss :)

Good luck and have a nice holiday!!! :) where are you going?


Here we go again!
Some people have still lost on maintenance. It's obviously slower but it does still come off as long as you are sensible. Good luck with whatever you choose and well done on your weight loss so far, you have done really well.


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Thanks for your replies.

As for holidays, I'm off to India for two weeks and I can't wait! A well deserved treat I think!

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