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A little of everything!
As for the maintenance part, you just have to keep what you have been doing.

I think it will be an easy for me.
I hope it is. It's not for many of us.:sigh:


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My maintenance is going to be a real test. I am due to move in with my fiance, away from my exercise shed, to a house that is going to be barely big enough to DVD in. I still plan on using the gym, running the town and walking a lot - but I dont think it will be the same.

I am going to push now to loose whatever else I can and then start to maintain once we have 'ours'.


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It certainly isn't 'easy' to maintain and anyone thinking it is going to be is in for a bit of a shock! I didn't think of reaching my goal as the end either but rather the beginning as when you no longer have goals and boundaries that's where it can all go wrong. I've been at my original goal (give or take a few lbs) now for about 6 months and I'm still very conscious of what I put in my mouth knowing just how easy weight gain is. Yes, it's nice being able to eat more (calories) but you're always aware of those inner demons!


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Nic do you mind if I ask about how you started maintenance? Did you phase out the amount of exercise you did gradually or did you take a suddenly leap? Did you eat the same amount while you did this or did you increase the calories too?

I plan to phase out gradually while eating the same amount, if not a tiny bit more. I think instead of doing an hour 15 a day I will work to doing an hour 15 four days and half hour gym sessions the other days. Once settled with this I will phase to 5 days a week or something like that.

Does it sound reasonable/sensible?


wants to get super fit!
Hi Shelz, I actually increased the amount of exercise AND food. I've never worked out for my than 5 days a week anyway as it's not good for you - you should have at least 1 or 2 rest days for optimum health. What I do on the other 5 is pretty intensive but with the exception of mountain climbing/hill walking the other activities never take up more than an hour. I don't want weight loss and exercise to take over my life - I want it to enhance it and most of all it has to be sustainable!
I can't wait to get to target and on maintenance coz I'll be able to increase my calories and I'll fit into all those clothes.

It won't be easy though, I have been at target and stayed there (within 5lbs) for 10 years. After so long I eased up last year and the weight crept back on - I didn't even feel I was overeating. I don't want to make that mistake again and the main thing I'll do is never stop the weekly weigh-in. I stopped that and that's when the weight crept up.


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